Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Last Melon...

HEY EVERYBODY! How is everybody doing? :) We are just going hambony in the paint here in Chile! Such a great week! Startin with the questions like always. :)

-This week we were veryyyy busy. It was great! Elder Harries and I only have had 4 hours in our sector this whole week. We have been traveling all around the mission capacitating and doing divisions. This week we also had our ¨trunky day¨ where we went to the temple to give accounting, went to lunch with President and the Hna Barreiros, and then we went to the airport to take pictures. Crazy!!
-We didnt go to the coast this week because we had to go visit a diferent zone. 
-I got over my allergies I think... :)

Well, as some of you may know... this is my last email I will send home from Chile as a representative of Jesus Christ. So I am going to tell a quick story.

I remember when I first got here to Chile. I didnt know spanish... I didnt even know the doctrine of Jesus Christ very well. Well, we were trained a little bit in the CCM (MTC) until the day came that it was time to leave. I remember feeling nervous because I had learned to love the teachers, companions, etc. I left the CCM (MTC), I remember that the AP´s of President came to pick us up. On the way to Presidents house I remember that one of the missionaries asked me if I wanted to contact someone on the subway. Hahaha i remembered thinking, ¨Are you crazy?¨ But I remembered some of my favorite verses from the Book of Mormon (Read Verse  4, then 3):
3 Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughtsthat any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.
 4 And thus did the Spirit of the Lord work upon them, for they were the very vilest of sinners. And the Lord saw fit in his infinite mercy to spare them; nevertheless they suffered much anguish of soul because of their iniquities,suffering much and fearing that they should be cast off forever.
I remembered that the sons of Mosiah were so hyped to share the gospel with everyone, that when they even thought of not doing it, it made them shake and tremble. So, what did I do? I opened my mouth with one of my companions Elder Brooks. I said, ¨Hola!¨ And this woman said, ¨Hola...¨ and nothing more. Well, with this response I was a little nervous and thought that she didnt want to talk. So what did I do? I stopped talking...
I have always thought about this experience in my mission... why did I not start talking again? That woman could have been a chosen one. What happened? Some of my favorite verses explain the following:
 12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.
 13 Behold, it was the faith of Alma and Amulek that caused the prison to tumble to the earth.
 14 Behold, it was the faith of Nephi and Lehi that wrought the change upon the Lamanites, that they were baptized with fire and with the Holy Ghost.
 15 Behold, it was the faith of Ammon and his brethren which wrought so great a miracle among the Lamanites.
I was scared. I did not have the faith to continue talking to that daughter of God. I love the words, ¨...until after their faith.¨ It is a great lesson. As children  of God we cannot see miracles until after the test of our faith. What is the faith? It is action. As we act, and as we are obedient the Lord can work miracles in our lives and in those around us. I know that. I love the mission. These past two years I have worked hard and I have been obedient to the commandments of the Lord (I dont say that to boast, but because I delight in following our Lord Jesus Christ.). And because of that... I have been able to see a miracle in my life. I have seen a conversion. I too can say that I love sharing the gospel with others. I love our Savior Jesus Christ. These have been the best two years of my life.
I appreciate everyones support and love. I love you all!
I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He loves us. I bear testimony that He is our Savior. That He suffered for our sins and that He has the power to forgive. I know that all of us have the same potential to become clean of sin, and go back home to live with our Heavenly Father. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. That the Restored Church of Jesus Christ is upon the earth. I know that anyone who is humble and has real intent, can kneel down and ask God directly, ¨Is this true? I promise that I will do my part, but please let me know.¨ can receive an answer that these things are true. I have seen it time after time here in Chile.
I love you all and will see you guys next week!  Literally hahah wow thats weird
Ya boy

Elder Brophy :)

SQUAD of the APs :) 

A quote I have said a 100 times to myself this week .....
"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We came in like a wrecking ball... and bapped Miley Cyrus

Hey everybody!! :) So great to hear from you all! I am of course going to start out this email answering the questions of my mom.

-This week was CRAZY but really great. It went by super fast. :/
-A lot of amazing things happened this week and I will tell a couple in the email.}
-I havent taken them out to lunch yet because we hardly see each other!
-Yes, there will be a despedida (good-bye meeting thingy..) for our whole group. The mission puts it on so all of the people we met and helped can come and say goodbye to us!

So, to start off this email this week I would like to talk about a couple things! :)

To kind of tell you about my week it went like this: :)
Monday... we had a taller de empleo... I am just going to leave that in spanish. We had a really long meeting about being self sufficient and we got to end it with a testimony meeting (it is only for the go-homers). Then after we rushed back to our sector to work in the afternoon. It was so amazing, we got to our sector and immediately started contacting everyone we could see, after an hour or so contacting and looking around our sector we were guided to a family of 5 that are so prepared! :) They accepted baptism and the invitation to come to church. :) What a miracle!
Tuesday... we had a meeting with President. Kind of talked about the mission then after Elder Harries and I got to go to SAN ANTONIO (the Coast)! It was so gorgeous.
Wednesday... on divisions with Elders from San Antonio (goin hard in the paint).
Thursday... getting done with divisions and traveling back and going to the sector to work hard.
Friday... yesterday we had all day to work in the sector. It was so great having time to work and find new people. :) We saw a lot of miracles yesterday. :)
Today... we have PDay and a meeting with President in the afternoon (i think he is taking us to lunch yum).

So pretty solid week. :)

I also wanted to talk about President Barreiros. He is a machine. He is such a great example to me and all the missionaries. His favorite sayings are, ¨Trabajar no más.¨ and ¨One plus one equals two baptisms.¨ hahahah he makes me laugh so hard. The vision the Lord has for the work, President also has. It is incredible. I know that leaders are called of God to guide and help us. President Barreiros is an excelent example of that.

Please dont send anything too trunky these next two weeks because if so I wont respond to you. :)

Love you guys!

Elder Brophy

ps i would send pics but my camera has a virus or something.

Sorry that title probably doesnt make ANY investigador in Amengual (my last sector) that Elder Mertz, Singson, and I all taught is getting baptized tonight and she looks like Miley Cyrus 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey everybody

Today i was doing something important so I really had no time to write anything. I just want to say that I love you all and that Christ lives and loves us!!!

Bapsquad this weekend. :)

Elder Brophy

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Results

Hey big email for once hahaha! :) It is going to be really short but I just want to tell everyone that I love you! :) i truly pray for each of you that you are safe!

Right now everything is going great! I am still here in Amengual (Zone 5 de Abril). I have 6 months here now! Time just flies! :) i am still with Elder Mertz and Elder Singson which is just great! hahah they are pretty good kiddos. 

This week I just wanted to talk a little bit about Christ our Saviour. I truly know that He lives and loves us. To take it onto a personal scale, I know that He suffered for my sins and understands everything I go through. I know that He makes it possible that I can overcome ever single test in this life. I know that ONLY though Him can I truly become a better disciple and reach the potential my Heavenly Father has in store for me. He allows me to repent. I have felt His atonement have an effect in my life. I love this gospel and being here in the mission! As Elder Holland stated: ¨Start fast, and run hard.¨ And Pres. Gordon B. Hinckly: ¨If you die... you die!¨ Gotta work hard. It is satisfying when you get home and your legs ache if you completed with your objective as a missionary. Help others come unto Christ. To truly come unto Christ one has to take part in ORDINANCES (Doctrine and Convenants 84:21). 

Pleaseeee pray for the following people that they can be baptized on the 29 of May. 
Jean Marie

i love you all! Have a great week and keep slayinnnnnn it!

elder Brophy

Monday, May 2, 2016

I will call the cops!

Heyyyyyyy everybody!!!!! holy cow estoy animado poder hablar con todos hoy día. Les quiero mucho y voy a empezar con las preguntas que mi mama me envió. 

-This week was awesome and pretty hilarious to be honest. How was your guys´ week?
- We are going to skype on Sunday. Does it work for you guys at 5 o clock (Chilean time... i think that would be like 2:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon for you guys).
- We are going to skype from the chapel
-i still have gotten the package with the scriptures in it... :/
-Rosa is getting bapped this weekend now. :)

So, this week was great. A lot of opposition but that is necessary in all things so all good poppy. Now that we already got the skype out of the picture i would like to talk about two things that happened this week that i think you guys will enjoy. :)

First.... i think i will start with the funny/creepy story. So this week we had planned on doing divisions with one of our district leaders Elder Arcos. Well, we decided that I was going to go to the other sector to work for the day. Long story short it was a REALLY long day. We contacted in the street all day and on top of that we were fasting. Well after looking all day for new people to teach, this lady finally let us into her house and as we are inviting her to baptism she confesses to us that she was already baptized in the church a really long time ago... i puked. We ended up quickly inviting her to attend church with us on Sunday. After we had left we were both just starving to get into a new persons house and help them come unto Christ, when out of nowhere some lady opens her door and starts swearing at me and calling me a gringo. I didnt know what to do because I didnt know this lady so i just started laughing a little bit and knocked her next door neighbor´s house. This lady continued yelling at me and telling me that she was going to call the cops if we didnt leave so percieving it was the best place to contact new people.. we left haha. WELL, like 30 minutes later and miles away from our house she shows up behind us and keeps yelling at us like there is no tomorrow. Hahahahahah i dont know what was going on with that lady.... So that was pretty cool. My companion got a kick out of it because he is from Spain.

Anyways... this week the Lord did bless us with a miracle. While contacting late at night we found a part member family where only the mom is a member. She hasnt been to church for over 20 years but somehow still has a burning testimony inside of her that the church is true. unfortunately the husband doesnt want anything to do with us but her 3 children listened to us and after the lesson said they wanted to be baptized. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and i know that the spirit is the real teacher. We just have to as Elder Bednar says ¨GET OUTTA THE WAY¨ from the spirit truly teaching. i know that comes by obedience and diligence to the commandments of God.

 I know Christ lives with all my heart. I love serving Him here in Chile.


Monday, April 18, 2016

The Big Email hahah

Startin off with the big ole Q´s. :)

-I didnt get transfered! And neither did my other 2 companions! Hahah we are todether again! (My 4th change with Elder Mertz!) Yes, we are still in good old ghetto Amengual!
-The week has been GREAT! We saw so many miracles this week. :)
-On saturday... i did not stay dry at all hahaha it was so funny i got soaked walking around all day. :) But yesterday i left more prepared. :)
-We have water to drink dont worry! Everything should be alright!
-I am a 10 1/2 or 11

Anyways! So I wanted to talk a little bit about this week! :) Solid week my friends.! Well, firstly... none of us had changes so thats great! I am officially ¨killing¨ my companion Elder Mertz (he goes home in 6 weeks). We are super happy to still be together and to just take out the freaking trash bappin the wurld. :)

This week was pretty crazy. The last week of changes is always pretty crazy. My companions and I had to run all around the zone doing inspections of the pensions, divisions with the Elders, and random meetings as a mission. Long story short... today we are pretty tired! But really excited for the new missionaries that just got to the zone. :) Even with working alot outside of the sector, the Lord blessed us a ton in our sector. 

This weekend as missionaries it was pretty rough because of the downpour of rain haahha. BUT, with the Lord on our side, nothing is impossible. We left Sunday morning to go find people to take to church and everybody had flaked out because of the rain. Well, we continued looking and inviting people to church until we went to a progressing investigator Rosa. When we invited her she first said no but changed her mind and came with us! After the meetings, we sat her down and asked how she felt during church. She expressed that she had never felt something so incredible in any other church she had gone to. MIRACLE! But get this... then after an active member walks up to us and expresses his gratitud of having brought Rosa to church. He told us that he had been inviting her to church for the past 22 years with the missionaries and she had never come. Rosa now has a baptismal date for the 30th of April.

The greatest part... we didnt do anything! The Lord does His work. I know that when we are obedient with exactness and work with all diligence putting our trust in our Savior Jesus Christ... The Lord blesses us and can bless those around us. Rosa is a miracle. I love this gospel. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I know that in the spring of 1820.. he saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I invite all those reading to ask of God to know that these things are true. I testify that they are and I promise that those who really ask, will receive because God loves us so much.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

With love killas

Elder Brophy

ps the computer wont let me attach pictures today... sorry!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Connor FINALLY sent a regular email for everyone :) yay!

Hey everybody! Of course starting off with the questions from my motherr!

-I didnt forget but I ran out of time on the computer haha :/ Sorry!
-We saw all the sessions besides priesthood because it is too late at night. But we are going to watch it this week.
-Yes I am.
-I got the easter package! Thankyou so much! hahaha both of my companions were like your family really loves you hahaha. Love you guys so much.
-Havent gotten that package yet
-No... we havent felt any earthquakes lately. :(

So this week was great! We all know that it was the week of General Conference which is always GREAT. Some of the cool things that happened this week started on Tuesday of this last week. The leaders of the West Mission had the opportunity to meet with Elder Allen (President of the Mission Work Board hahahah i dont know how to say it in English). He met with the mission to ask simple questions about the mission and its immense growth in converts in these past two years. Not going to lie, one of the coolest experiences ever to be able to talk and discuss points of the mission work with a general authority. I felt very humbled to be in his presence and for the notable success in the mission.

Also, last night the Lord showed us His tender mercy as we ran back to the sector to work for the one little hour we had before we had to go into the pension to plan and sleep. Well, one of the FIRST doors we knock on, the Family Diaz Paredes comes out and immediately lets us in. (Let it be known that this whole last weeek it was very hard for us to find new people who had sincere desires to come unto Christ) They are a family of three and have been looking for the gospel of Jesus Christ for some years now. Well, when we presented the message of the Restoration and invited them to baptism they accepted immediately! The spirit was felt very strongly during that lesson and walking out the door as a companionship, we gave thanks to God for having led us to this incredible family.

Miracles exist. The Lord loves us so much. I truly know and testify with all my heart that Christ lives. His resurrection brings hope to all of us. The knowledge of His atonement must be spread across the earth to help others have this same hope and accept His TRUE gospel. That is the invitation today, GO FIND SOMEONE AND SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THEM!

Elder Brophy