Monday, February 29, 2016


I loveeee you all so much. And thats my email for the week haha. 

Christ lives and loves us! HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.

Elder Brophy

Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey everybody!!! :) This weeks email is also going to be kinda short for the fact of the time. hahah my english is horrible.

-My week was awesome. :)
-Funny experience...... watching Elder Mertz trying to take a selfie with a haitain that didnt speak english or spanish hahaha
-Something special that happened in a lesson.. well this week we literally were so blessed to find people that all wanted to be baptized. The spirit was felt very strong this week while ministering to the people.
-The pups is so cuteeee
-I couldnt open the video
-We finally moved into the apartment... it is soooo nice. The 22nd floor with a view of the mountains. We have a balcony as well so we take the nightly calls out there.... its cuico. :)

Buttttt. The coolest thing that happened this week was the opportunity to help Ricardo (picture above) be baptized! he is a MACHINE. He got baptized in 3 weeks! The lord had been preparing him for 3 YEARS through His neighbors who are active members of the church. I would like to testify the power of God. I know that angels are preparing the way for all to have the opportunity to receive the gospel. i love this gospel so much. It is incredible.!

I hope everyone has a great week! Keep staying safe!


Elder Brophy

Monday, February 8, 2016

Forgotten Email :(

Connor forgot to send an email again this!  I think he gets carried away with talking back and forth to us, and forgets. I’m always surprised when he says “mom gotta go, talk to you next week”, and I’m wondering where the email is :)

This is a little something he wrote to me this morning before he “had to go” and I thought it was really sweet :)

"Mom, I just feel so much joy knowing that the gospel is true. I cant explain it. But I really have experienced and FELT the atonement in my daily life. Sorry it took so long but it arrived haha.”

What a great kid!!! Here’s hoping for an email next week :)

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Trio of Unfairness

Hey Everybodyyyyy hahahah.

-I got the package!!!!! Wooooohooo I already ate all the girlscout cookies! :)
-I already took some pictures for you and I will send them to ya!
-Some REALLY excited things happened in our area this last week holy cow.
-My new companion is Elder Singson... he is also from Utah hahahah! So dope! He is also from my same group! He is super dope and I will tell you a little bit more about it and why the title is what it is.
-We havent moved into the apartment yet... we dont know when hahah. 

Anyways, so I dont forget, I am going to straight start off with the weekly email haha. :) This week was freaking crazyyyyy. We (Elder Mertz and I) received Elder Singson so we are now in a trio. I cannot express the love I have for being in a trio. It has so many pro´s, BUT, I would say the best pro is being able to enter into any house we desire! Hahahah while we are contacting we are just like ¨Hello, we are representatives of Jesus Christ... we are going to enter your door and share a message of Christ, excuse me¨ *enter door*. Its the bomb. :)

But seriously, this week has been incredible. As a matter of fact, last monday in the afternoon we had a family home evening with a family from the ward and a young adult that is their neighbor. Well, we shared with him our objective as missionaries and an introduction to the Restoration of the Gospel and of course... baptism. :)))) Well, after the lesson we set up a follow up appointment which was on Wednesday. Well, when we arrived Ricardo (thats his name) was super excited because he had read the pamphlet of the Restoration and prayed and had received an answer that it was 100% true. I puked. We immediatly invited him to be baptized and he accepted willingly. I know that God prepared His children to receive the Gospel. 

What a miracle! Miracles do not produce faith, faith is produced through obedience... and through our obedience God can bring to pass a miracle which is a reaffirmation (i think thats a word) of our faith. I know Christ lives and has paid for our sins. May we be obedient to His gospel. :) That is my humble prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love ya all!

Elder Brophy