Monday, March 23, 2015

All White Errywhere Killas

Holyyyyyyy flemmish wassup slayas. Alright. I finna hit the Q´s. 

-Everything is chill here in Melipilla and with Elder Arriagada. :)
-I try to remember to put on sunscreen everyday... but sometimes I forget as you can tell in my pictures hahah
-My feet a little better.... i still have blisters but what can ya do?

Yeah, so we are just going to hop right into this one. How the fetch is everybody? I hope everything is chill at home and everybody is happy. :) This week in Melipilla went by really fast! We had a lot of cool/spiritual/funny moments this week.

For example: Every morning we all wake up and try to do exercises really early in the morning... well this morning we all just wake up and instead of exercising we just start free-style rapping (missionary version). It was completely ill. That was random but ya know we have fun. :)

This week I have been studying alot in Preach my Gospel  about the attributes of Christ. It has been really interesting and fulfilling to be studying all these attributes that we should ALL develop as sinners here in this earth. I recommend to anybody who has a Preach my Gospel to study Chapter 6.

I also just wanted to throw a quick random shoutout everybody at home. I can definitely feel your prayers. This week especially. It hasnt even been a hard week but I could just feel the prayers and love from home. I dunno... its awesome. YOU GUYS ARE DA BEST. #DJKHALED

Sooooo... yeah. Pretty short email but its still sick. Here are a couple cool pictures from this week for you guys. Switch one and 2 hahaha

These are some awesome people that me and my companion take care of sometimes.

A HUGE 1 Kilo Empanada that I ate today..YUM!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bap Squad


-I am doing good mom. How are you?:)
-I do have an AWESOME story this week for you guys. :)
-The Ecco shoes are awesome and I have been wearing them more.
-I do still have blisters.... and yes I feel like it is because I went from biking for so long to walking A TON every day.
-What happened with Jesus last week you ask? He got baptized. :) SWAG.
-I didnt hear about the Sister that died.... that is so sad. :(

Okay so this week was CRAZY! Hahaha it was awesome. :) So, something funny that happened was during the baptism of Jesus, the presidency called on me to lead the music....... and I CHOKED. Hahahahah i dont know why but I just like got up there and thought the song was in 2-4 time but it was really 3-4 time. ÑHahahahahah it was super funny and I got alot of people to laugh.... so call me funny. :)

Something AMAZING that happened this last week was Jesus obviously got baptized. Last PDay after we wrote, we went and visited him and just put a baptismal date for this Saturday. And EVERYTHING worked out. It was absolutely amazing. I am so happy for him and his family. They already have the plans to be sealed as a family in 1 year from now. Incredible right? So that was amazing and I will have pictures in this email. I just really quick wanted to say a couple things about baptism. 
1. Baptism is freaking awesome and essential in life.
2. It is the opportunity to be forgiven for all your sins.
3. Shortly after, you will recieve a guide (Holy Ghost), that will guide you throughout the rest of your life. 
Pretty freaking cool right?:) So, the invitation is... get baptized killas. Hahahahah :)

I love ALL you guys. Be safe okay? I will keep ya´ll updated from here in the Jungles of Chile.

Elder Brophy


Monday, March 9, 2015

Ayeee whatcha got there bruh?

Wasssssssssup killllllas of Utah and of other states hahahaha:) Isssss ya boi Elder Brophy comin atcha with some more answers to my moms questions. :)
-Your favorite Elder is doing pretty good. :)
-I did know that Elder Warrick came home early.... so weird!
-Melipilla is awesomeeeee and we have found a couple new investigators this last week!
-I started wearing my Ecco shoes because i just have a ton of blisters on my feet hahaha
-Our area is city like. It is the in the center of Melipilla (which isnt huge but it isnt too small either). The people here are really actually nice and its fun to be in the city. The members here are BEASTS. This branch that I am in right now is sooooo cool, I love it.
-We get lunch everyday.... and the lunches here are HUGE. WAY too huge hahahah.
-I dont need anything right now mom, but thanks!:)

OKAY SLAYERS. So this week was pretty funny and weird and had a couple cool weird things happen!:) I am gonna start doing what my mom is telling me to do because I dont tell stories very often hahaha so here comes a quick story from this week. :)
Funny one first, well. Me and Elder Arriagada, Elder McLaws, and Elder Cannon get along reallyyyy well hahaha they are hilarious. So me and Elder McLaws decided to have a gangster photo shoot (photos below). So that was pretty funny. That wasnt even a story... lame. But this morning when I went to go shut my window that we had left open during the night so that we didnt burn alive in our house was FILLED with wasps.... and I didnt know that until i freaking tried to close it and 10 wasps fall on top of me hahahahah i ran down the stairs SO fast. So this morning I spent like 20 minutes finding and killing wasps with my notebook.... it was awesome hahahaa:)
This week was also the branch activity..... we played so much soccer. It was on saturday and I am still super sore hahahah but it was so awesome. :) Oh, and the other day I bought a new G shock watch cuz it looked SICK.... :) 

So something cool that happened was in a lesson with an investigator named Jesus... ironic right... and he told us that he wants to be baptized.... AWESOME. So we are going to his house tonight to put a date for his baptism i think and it is going to be AWESOME. I cant wait. It is amazing to see a change in people when they truly have a desire to follow Christ more fully. I honestly testify that throught the Gospel of Christ, we can all change for the good. SO LETS DO IT PEEPS. :) Read the scriptures, pray, and have enough faith to repent because we are sinners!

I love you all soooooo much. HONESTLY. :) Be safe okay errrrrybody. SWAGGGGG.

Elder Brophy

Monday, March 2, 2015

Slayer....? Yes, Killer? :D

Alrighhhhhhhhty. This week was crazzzzzzzzy. Actually it was pretty freaking sweet. BUT, like always we finna start with the questions from my mom. :)
-I am good mom. :)
-Last week we got off really fast so we could go to the pension really fast to go to work. 
-The new area that we are in is awesome! So our sector is the city part of Melipilla (Meli-pee-ya) and it is pretty freaking huge for walking (so no we dont have bikes.)
-The missionaries havent been in this sector for like 4 changes.... like 6 months.
-My companion Elder Arriagada (Ar-e-a-gada) is pretty sick! We get along well and work really hard together which is always good. 
-I listened to the recordings in the USB and they are sooooo good and funny hahahah i loved them. :)

So it sounds like everything is plugging away at home which is awesome!:) I love to hear that. This last week has been pretty interesting but good. We showed up and didnt even know the limits of our sector and kinda just left for the street and starting talking to people. We loved it. I honestly love just talking to people about the gospel. We have seen A TON of miracles this week through our contacts... people who actually want to listen to this message that we are going to pass by for this week. SO TIGHT.

Also, this branch that I am in right now is SO different than my last one. Holy... the attendance every week is around 230 people. THAT IS A TON. One of the biggest in all of the mission. The members are like gringos and go ham in the paint. So i Loveeeeeeee the new branch that I am in.

We also live with the Zone Leaders Elder Cannon and Elder McLaws. They are literally the sickest missionaries on the planet and a huge example to me. We go hard in the paint. :)

This next week I promiseeeeeee there will be a funny moment, and a spiritual moment. This week i wasnt thinking and didnt write anything down but for the next week for sure. :)

Also, I cant go without leaving you guys some homework. STUDY 3 Nephi Chapter 11. Really pay attention to the details about Christ. :)

I love you ALL! BE SAFE!


And if I am not mistaken this picture was us today hitting up the city pulling the typical white girl selfie.... so much swag.