Monday, March 9, 2015

Ayeee whatcha got there bruh?

Wasssssssssup killllllas of Utah and of other states hahahaha:) Isssss ya boi Elder Brophy comin atcha with some more answers to my moms questions. :)
-Your favorite Elder is doing pretty good. :)
-I did know that Elder Warrick came home early.... so weird!
-Melipilla is awesomeeeee and we have found a couple new investigators this last week!
-I started wearing my Ecco shoes because i just have a ton of blisters on my feet hahaha
-Our area is city like. It is the in the center of Melipilla (which isnt huge but it isnt too small either). The people here are really actually nice and its fun to be in the city. The members here are BEASTS. This branch that I am in right now is sooooo cool, I love it.
-We get lunch everyday.... and the lunches here are HUGE. WAY too huge hahahah.
-I dont need anything right now mom, but thanks!:)

OKAY SLAYERS. So this week was pretty funny and weird and had a couple cool weird things happen!:) I am gonna start doing what my mom is telling me to do because I dont tell stories very often hahaha so here comes a quick story from this week. :)
Funny one first, well. Me and Elder Arriagada, Elder McLaws, and Elder Cannon get along reallyyyy well hahaha they are hilarious. So me and Elder McLaws decided to have a gangster photo shoot (photos below). So that was pretty funny. That wasnt even a story... lame. But this morning when I went to go shut my window that we had left open during the night so that we didnt burn alive in our house was FILLED with wasps.... and I didnt know that until i freaking tried to close it and 10 wasps fall on top of me hahahahah i ran down the stairs SO fast. So this morning I spent like 20 minutes finding and killing wasps with my notebook.... it was awesome hahahaa:)
This week was also the branch activity..... we played so much soccer. It was on saturday and I am still super sore hahahah but it was so awesome. :) Oh, and the other day I bought a new G shock watch cuz it looked SICK.... :) 

So something cool that happened was in a lesson with an investigator named Jesus... ironic right... and he told us that he wants to be baptized.... AWESOME. So we are going to his house tonight to put a date for his baptism i think and it is going to be AWESOME. I cant wait. It is amazing to see a change in people when they truly have a desire to follow Christ more fully. I honestly testify that throught the Gospel of Christ, we can all change for the good. SO LETS DO IT PEEPS. :) Read the scriptures, pray, and have enough faith to repent because we are sinners!

I love you all soooooo much. HONESTLY. :) Be safe okay errrrrybody. SWAGGGGG.

Elder Brophy

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