Monday, July 27, 2015


Alrightyyyy so this week was sickkkk but we gonna kick it off with the Q´s of the week . :)

-I have not gotten my hump day package yet! this wednesday I am sure. :)
-I havent taken a TON of pictures this week.... i actually only took a selfie in the bathroom...... dang it.
-My area is pretty city.... its awesome! There are always people walking around outside!
-I dont have my duty to god coin with me... i think I left it at home!
-I dooooo have something for you guys to study this week!:) Study 3 Nephi 11. SICKEST chapter ever. I love it and have recently been studying it. :) Mom, maybe read it before then make up some questions or show a video about Jesus Christ after. Pretty sweet message. :)

Alrighty. So this week a couple cool things have happened. I have a CRAZY story then a pretty spiritual story. :)

So the crazy storrrrry. I was in divisions with another missionary for 2 days this week (Elder Goode from Syracuse, Utah). And it was like 6:30 at night and we were walking pretty calm just hanging out and contacting when all of a sudden a 14 year old came across the road RIGHT IN FRONT of us and got nailed my a car. Literally like 10 feet in front of us. He got hit and the kid flew like 15 feet and his bike like 20.... the impact literally knocked the kids shoes off. He landed on the ground and was concious (idk if I spelled that right or not...) but wasnt moving a bunch. So Elder Goode ran and got his bike out of the road and like 50 people (that dont usually answer the door for us) come running out of the houses around us and make a huge circle around the kid. *Spoiler... the kid is fine and will be okay dont worry kiddos* But when I walked over there were two things I immediately noticed...
1. His leg was DEFINITELY broken and out of place and
2. ALL the ribs on the left side were also broken.
It was pretty crazy and nasty to see. We tried to offer a blessing but the people wouldnt let us get near him. Pretty crazy!

Look both ways before crossing the street.

Lastly, this week my companion and I have been striving to love all those that we see. We have been striving to talk to everyone and the Lord has blessed us! This Saturday we talked with one of our investigators and put a date of when they are going to get married and baptized. The first and second week of September. When we did, our investigator asked us... so what do I need to do to be 100% ready to be baptized.... I think I puked. SO SICK. We made goals and set out the plan of what we are going to teach to help Him be baptized but he commited to read the Book of Mormon and pray of the things we will teach Him. He is awesome. God truly touches the hearts of the people. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our perfect example in this life. If the people we talk to can understand the purpose and importance of our Savior, what He did for us... they will understand the importance of following His example and His commandments. :) I know our Savior lives and loves us. May we strive to be more and more like Him, so we can be found clean in the last day. If we are far from the path, there is still time. Repent and change! He is all merciful and desires that all His children can come unto Him.

I love this gospel and all of you. Be safe killas.

Elder Brophy

Monday, July 20, 2015

Penguin Sliding Down Lions Back

Hey everybody! Its ya boi Elder Brophyyyyy. :) Got some questions today so I am pretty stoked. :)

-I have a quick story I will share today about some investigators that we are teaching. :)
-The screws in my collarbone dont really bother me with my backpack. Only sometimes but almost never.
-I have been taking pictures... i will confess.... not as many as i should. I promise this week I will take..... 15. :)
-I live with Elder Cummings and Elder Parker
-Most of the Elders live in a house of 4. Sometimes 2 and very rarely 6
-Its too cold sometimes to hang clothes outside so with a heated fan sometimes I just hold my clothes close to it to dry them off hahaha
-I received the postcards from Europe... they are SICK

Anyways, this week was pretty intense! We had a very good time and saw the hand of God in the work. :) 

Anyways a pretty cool story this week happened with our investigator Felipe and his girlfriend Andrea. We had planned a quick lesson for them before we went over this week so that we could really be ready to just drop a spiritual bomb up in there. So we went, taught the lesson (which by the way.... my companion being new and learning the lessons just has the most powerful testimony i have ever heard... when he testifies... its like being upper-cutted by the spirit, I learn alot from my companion Elder Lozano) and really focused on Christ and what He has done for us. At the end of the lesson we invited them to come to church, get married, and be baptized. They looked at each other for a moment then Felipe said... (along the lines of this) ¨we have actually been talking about this very thing, we know that we have been receiving blessings that we honestly dont deserve... we want to have an eternal family and live with God again.¨ I literally vomitted right then and there on the floor. So sick! (I didnt really vomit bro... its an expression). So they committed to being married and baptized in the next couple months. Pretty crazy right?

We were very happy. I am so glad and grateful that God can touch the hearts of people that we teach through the Spirit. He is all powerful. He is the one who can make people change. Not us... we are simply instruments in his hands (as I hope we all can become through obedience, desire, diligence, and love). May we be obedient and love Him over all other things. PLEASE, make time for the spiritual things before the worldly things. 

Love you all. Be safe!

Elder Brophy

Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding New People!:)

Hey everybody! How the heck is everyone?:) I am doing SO good today and it was an awesome week!:) A couple questions this week....

Training is AWESOME. My companion is a beast so it really isnt training hahaha. :)
It is pretty chill. Its more challenging in the side of having patience but besides that not really. :)
I got the cookies and letters a while ago and I LOVED them. :) THANKYOU so much mom. :)
I am still in his ward. :)
Elder Lozano is awesome. He is pretty funny and reallyyyy awkward hahah it keeps it interesting.
The area we are in is VERY small so we have been contacting a TON to find a lot of new people to baptize. 
Its awesome. :)
I am very warm because I have been using my sleeping bag. Its the BOMB. :)-Yes Mom, I do have swag...
-Last I checked I benched like 340.... something like that
-Yeah when I stubbed my toe this week I only cried for 20 minutes. nbd

So anyways. This week was pretty awesome! During the week my companion and I had a great time. We saw a TON of miracles and the hand of God in everything that we did. It was pretty incredible. (PS.... yes those questions are a joke ha... ha.. hahah) We ended up finding a lot of new investigators this week but a couple were a little hesitant to accept a baptismal invitation. Kinda a bummer but with more faith and obedience on our part, I know that they will accept this next time. It has rained a little bit this week which makes things a little complicated... the Chileans are SO funny... when it rains it is like everybody just dies. THEY DONT LEAVE THEIR HOUSES. It is almost like they are obligated to stay in their houses because the rain is cold/dangerous/uncomfortable hahah i dunno. But I love them anyways. 

Another quick cool little thing that happened this week was when me and Elder Cummings had to go into Santiago for a doctors appointment for the back of Elder Cummings (also, please pray for him that his back can get better so that he can start working again), and when we started getting into the really rich part of Santiago we started seeing some SWEET cars haha. I have officially seen a Volkswagon Golf gtR. It was soooooo cool looking I would say myself.. If i behave myself maybe my parents will help me get one one day...... (hint). Hahaha naw thats pretty worldly. 

But yeah. I am gonna dip out real quick but I know Christ lives. The best recorded fact in history is the story of the birth and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ on earth. I know that He suffered for each and every one of us. And I know that through Him, we can overcome sin and obtain an eternal family. That is what I want and I know that is what He wants from me. 

May we all continue down the path and endure to the end. He will carry us through the hard times in our lives when we are His faithful disciples.

I love you all. Be safe!

Elder Brophy

Here is a quick picture that didnt turn out very well but whatever hahaha

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week of Legends

Hey everybody! We just straight chillin it here in Chile kinda being cold and such! Todayyyy there are no questions for anybody so thats chill. I am going to hop right into it.

This week has been pretty awesome! I was in Santiago for Monday and almost all of Tuesday picking up Elder Lozano which was awesome! We got home on Tuesday at like 6:30 and started working really hard until 10:00 at night (because we had permission to stay out a little bit later! We kinda got to our new sector and kinda realized that it was kinda.... dead hahaha. There wasnt a lot of investigators and not a ton of less active members either. SO, this week we have just been out in the street allll the time. It is pretty awesome!

It has definitely been hard on me and I am sure on my comp being out walking around and kinda being rejected this week but we have definitely seen the blessings. I know that we, as missionaries, only have 2 years of our entire life to wear the plaque and be able to invite other children of God to be baptized. How short of a time that is!! I have really come to the realization of how much I need to use this short amount of time to learn and put everything I have to the Lord. The mission... honestly has never been a sacrifice to me. But a priveledge and a grand opportunity. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary. Please! Continue praying for us that we can have a lot of success and miracles here in Melipilla with my companion. I know that when we put in our part... God will do the rest. The Savior lives and loves us. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Gods kingdom here in this earth.

Every be SUPER freaking safe this week. I love you all and pray that we all might endure to the end.

PS... also the 4th of July was on Saturday (the same day as the soccer game of Chile, so we had to stay inside almost all day) and we celebrated a little bit with cookies, cake, pizza, and a good ole talk of american baseball. Hahahah it was awesome. GO USA!

With Love

Elder Brophy

I feel sooo... Old.

Heyyyyy everybody! Real quick before we get into the meat of the conversation, we straight going to hit up the questions from my momma.

-I havent gotten the Bday Package yet! It still hasnt made it!:(
-The transfersssss. Well I left my last sector and now I am going into another sector whitewash (kinda) training! Haaha pretty cool so now I have a little kid in the mission. He arrives tomorrow!
-I havent made a cake yet because I havent had time but tonight I think I will!
-I havent had contact with Bro. Ortega yet but I think I will see him tomorrow!:)
-I have opened the Bday card that I brought with me. Thankyou sooooo much!
-I have seen a HUGEEEEE spider once but besides that... nothing.
-Its pretty safe where I live! Its not too gangster so everythings chill. I am not worried about it to be honest. I know the Lord protects his missionaries.
-I would definitely say that yes I am more thankful for the USA being here but yes I do LOVE it here.

SOOOOO, today I turned 19...... I am sooo old. hahahah but thats tight! Right now I am with Elder Clegg who is also going to be training and we are staying in Santiago today because tomorrow we have to go pick up our kids in Maipu. Its going to be awesome. I am pretty excited to see who my companion will be!

Anyways, this last week has been amazing. I honestly have loved and enjoyed every moment of it. (Oh, and to clarify reallyyyy fast, yes i am still in Melipilla and in the same ward but different sector again!) I love the people here. I love the mission and I love Chile. When I said goodbye to everyone yesterday it was really hard but fulfilling. It was hard because I love them... but I also left feeling okay because I did everything that I could to help them. I know that Christ lives. I know he is our Savior and that he directs missionary work. May we allllllll focus a little bit more on how we can become more like Him. I know that when we do, we will see changes in our lives and we will come closer to God.

Everyone be safe this week. I send my love to all. The Gospel has been restored... Let us be happy killas!


Elder Brophy