Monday, July 20, 2015

Penguin Sliding Down Lions Back

Hey everybody! Its ya boi Elder Brophyyyyy. :) Got some questions today so I am pretty stoked. :)

-I have a quick story I will share today about some investigators that we are teaching. :)
-The screws in my collarbone dont really bother me with my backpack. Only sometimes but almost never.
-I have been taking pictures... i will confess.... not as many as i should. I promise this week I will take..... 15. :)
-I live with Elder Cummings and Elder Parker
-Most of the Elders live in a house of 4. Sometimes 2 and very rarely 6
-Its too cold sometimes to hang clothes outside so with a heated fan sometimes I just hold my clothes close to it to dry them off hahaha
-I received the postcards from Europe... they are SICK

Anyways, this week was pretty intense! We had a very good time and saw the hand of God in the work. :) 

Anyways a pretty cool story this week happened with our investigator Felipe and his girlfriend Andrea. We had planned a quick lesson for them before we went over this week so that we could really be ready to just drop a spiritual bomb up in there. So we went, taught the lesson (which by the way.... my companion being new and learning the lessons just has the most powerful testimony i have ever heard... when he testifies... its like being upper-cutted by the spirit, I learn alot from my companion Elder Lozano) and really focused on Christ and what He has done for us. At the end of the lesson we invited them to come to church, get married, and be baptized. They looked at each other for a moment then Felipe said... (along the lines of this) ¨we have actually been talking about this very thing, we know that we have been receiving blessings that we honestly dont deserve... we want to have an eternal family and live with God again.¨ I literally vomitted right then and there on the floor. So sick! (I didnt really vomit bro... its an expression). So they committed to being married and baptized in the next couple months. Pretty crazy right?

We were very happy. I am so glad and grateful that God can touch the hearts of people that we teach through the Spirit. He is all powerful. He is the one who can make people change. Not us... we are simply instruments in his hands (as I hope we all can become through obedience, desire, diligence, and love). May we be obedient and love Him over all other things. PLEASE, make time for the spiritual things before the worldly things. 

Love you all. Be safe!

Elder Brophy

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