Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guess Who´s Back

Heyyyyy everybody! :) We starting out the email straight answering the questions from mah Mom.

-Yes, I am back in Talagante AGAIN. Holy cow. So much time here hahaha but pretty cool!:) My companion is Elder Mendoza from Chile! (Another Chilean!)
-It was pretty funny/cool being called as ZL because the whole zone of Talagante did the typical ¨Ooooooohh¨ hahahah.
-Its pretty much the same as DL but you are in charge of more missionaries and give classes to the whole zone.
-I am going to be able to watch the conference here in Talagante! ALL of the sessions except Priesthood because it starts too late at night. :(
-My new apartment is in an apartment complex. 2 rooms. A bathroom (my comp. destroys it every morning...) and a kitchen! Pretty simple. :) We live us 2 no más.
-I havent felt an aftershock for a while now so I think everything is good. haha
-I read Nate´s email. So funny. Shout out to Elder Carr in Canada for taking out the trash with the BoM and being hilarious. hahaha

Well, this week really started on Wednesday after the changes meeting. I brought all my bags to the new pension, then we left right away to start working. My new sector is awesome! It´s in the city of Talagante and there are a ton of people to teach!

My new companion is going home in November so this is His last change! I am going to ¨kill¨ another companion! He is super funny and a good kid. We get along pretty well! We had a zone meeting (there are 30 missionaries in the zone) that was very edifying. We spoke about Diligence, Obedience, and Planning Effeciently (I can´t spell in English). The missionaries here are amazing and take out the TRASH! We are really excited for this month and for the month of October to work really hard and see the Lord´s hand in everything we do.

Anyways... its the end of the month so I have no money so I am going to eat granola bars for breakfast this week.

There are so many dogs here that just want to bite the missionaries its disgusting.

I love you all. Christ lives and loves us. May we follow His perfect example. I know the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the Gospel. ANYONE that reads it, ponders, and asks of God if it is true with faith and real intent, will come to know that Christ lives and has His church here on the earth. 


Elder Brophy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Earth wont let me sleep

Hahahahah buenaaaaaa. Como están? Alrighty, I am going to start out with the questions first.

-After the earthquake, i have felt literally like 100 aftershocks hahahah. It has been REALLY weird here lately... it has shaken hard a lot lately. Pretty weird eh? As a matter of fact, thats why the title is the earth wont let me sleep because I am always waking up in the middle of the night shaking because there are aftershocks or little earthquakes hahaha. Geez man.
-It feels like the ground just starts moving in every single direction... its weird to explain... you just have to feel it. It didnt do any damage to our house which is really good. :)
-When it happened, we were in the street contacting people hahah so we walking to a field so nothing would fall on us.
-Even though it always happens here, the people freaked out more than I did... i dont know why but they were very preoccupied.
-I finally have transfers.... :( :) I do the both faces because i have mixed feelings. SO, tomorrow we will know where I am going!!... well, I will know where I am going hahaha. Please pray for my future companion and investigators!
-As of this moment I am still a DL.
-Elder Lozano doesnt have transfers so he is holding down the fort here taking out the trash! Crazy!

Anyways, this week was amazing! My final week in Melipilla. :( It was a great week because we worked really hard this last week to end the transfer and because it was the 18 and 19 of September which is the HUGE holiday here in Chile. Wow,... I have NEVER eaten so much meat and empanadas in my life. Honestly, these days were a little rough as missionaries because almost nobody wants to listen to you... but it is cool because the members here are really nice and invite the missionaries to their house to eat and teach some relatives or friends. (Good time eh). So thats what we did! 

Besides that, I am just so grateful to have served here in Melipilla. I love this place. I will miss it but I am ready to meet the others that i need to find! I know that Christ lives and loves us. Families can be eternal. I know that when we are obedient, God will bless us. 

Sigan siendo fieles y siga sacando la mugre! 

Les quiero mucho!

Con cariño 

Elder Brophy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Killas. :) 

-I am doing good Mom. How are you all doing?
-I am not sure where they are going to go after the mission but I THINK Florida!
-Anything fun this last week of Transfer.... I am going to work A LOT! Annnnnd this week we have the 18 and 19 (its like the 4th of July but for Chile) which is going to be super cool!
-We are going to know if we get transfered on Monday.... pretty crazy! I think I am heading out of here.
-Today we played soccer at the church (my team didnt lose killas), then we went to this little town named Pomaire and ate HUGE empanadas. We went as a zone!
-The best thing I have made for dinner... nothing hahahaha. In Chile people dont eat dinner here.
-The missionary that cooks the most is Elder Lozano because he is kinda a chef. And he cooks really well!
-I havent made chocolate chip cookes hahahah... i should this week!

Well, this week was awesome! We gave a lot of service this week. On Friday we helped paint one of our converts house in the morning and on Saturday we went and dug a huge ditch in Talagante for a member or something like that... it was a good time! :) 

Here in Melipilla everything is going well... we have a lot of people that are listening to us in these moments and that want to get baptized... they just need (like the rest of the people here in Chile) to get married hahahah! But thats chill. :) It has been super hot here in Chile lately and I am not diggin it too much... I love the cold i have decided. 

This week we were able to visit one of our baptismal dates and help them plan there wedding! They are getting married in October and he is going to get baptized the next weekend! SO SICK!. He is a machine and thats why I put this picture.

Anyways.. everything is normal! The distirct meetings are super fun to teach and help others. Melipilla is amazingggggggggg but I am kinda sorta ready to head out. I guess we will see next week!

I love you all. I know this gospel is true. Be faithful and pray always. Christ lives and loves us.


Elder Brophy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

USA, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico...

Hahaha the titles of my emails are so weird.
Starting with the questions from my best bud. :)

-Correct. We have changes on the 23rd. We will know them on Monday the 21st... Crazy! I am thinking my time in Melipilla has ended... but you may never know!
-Alvaro is doing great. He hasn´t come to church yet. :( But we have a lesson with him tonight and we are going to be very direct and pray that the spirit touches his heart. I would ask if you all could do the same please.
-Today has been chillie. But i am nice and warm. Walking around in a shirt no más because I love the cold here hahah. :)
-We eat at members homes everyday except Pday. (We cook ourselves... today we made Lasagna)
-The youth in the ward are super awesome. There are probably like 15 in total. We dont work a ton with them besides when they want to leave and help us with our appointments which is always awesome!
-We go door to door talking to people here in Chile. We dont get a TON of referrals but igual... they are nice!
-We live 4 in our apartment. It is actually pretty freaking clean. I love it hahaha. 
-I have been really lazy this last week with my exercises but I am going to wake up earlier to exercise more. :)

WE have a great time here in the pension. There are 4 people from 4 different countries which makes it kinda funny. I have to be really fast this week because I didnt plan very well of how i was going to write. 

But, we are having a great time and working hard. We are hoping for a baptism this weekend and praying a ton that everything works out. I love you all so much and know this gospel is true. There is nothing that makes me more happy than share the Gospel. I know Christ lives. I know that He loves us. I know that He knows each and everyone of us and has a plan for us. I know that He is a resurrected being and is our perfect example of obedience and diligence. I know that as we strive to become more like Him, we will feel the Holy spirit in our lives and be able to help others come unto Him as well. I love this gospel and the mission. It has been the greatest decision I have ever made.

Elder Bello and I pretending that we need glasses hahahaha. Killin it :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Killa Plz...

Alrighty... so an awesome email today but we are going to start off with the questions like usual!:)

-A couple cool/interesting things happened this week hahaha i will explain in the email.
-The wife and kid got baptized this last Friday!:) WOOOHOOOO the photo is at the bottom!:)
-okay... i didnt get hit by a car really... it just bumped me and knocked me over and it was like 6 months ago...
-No there arent any other interesting things that have happened to me that I am hiding from you guys.... hahahah:)
-I havent used my bigcoat... its not very cold here... now its SO HOT.
-The SD cards you sent me arent blank. They have recordings on them!
-My favorite thing to eat in Chile.... probably a BBQ that they do or a completo. (hot dog but better than a hot dog)
-I almost never drink soda. I drink juice (fruit) every single day of my life here though.

ALSO, HUGE SHOUTOUT to my little sister for her birthday this last week. SHE IS A BEAST and I love her so much. Everybody give this girl a huge shoutout for being the big birthday girl. :)

Soooooo. This week was amazing. Literally SO SICK. We visited a TON of people and were able to see the Lords hand in everything we do as missionaries. One of the cooooolest things that happened this week was that Teresa and Axel got baptized! (totally drowned them). Friday night, a TON of the ward came and Elder Lozano and I were both able to baptize! I baptized Axel and Elder Lozano baptized Teresa. It was a moment I will never forget. The spirit was felt so strong and after the baptism they really expressed their thanks. It just gave me so much joy that we were able to be instruments in the Lords hands to bring others unto Him. A year from now they will all be sealed in the temple as a family:)

Another COOL thing that happened was on Sunday when they were to be confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Well, usually the bishop always confirms the people in this ward. Well, when Axel sat down he whispered something to the Bishop and the bishop pointed at me and told me to come up to the stand. So I walked up and he tells me.... ¨Hey, you are going to confirm him.¨ Hahahahah I was like HUH? But it was such an experience to be able to confirm Axel and give him a blessing after. The spirit was present.

The mission is amazing. Literally. I love it so much. It has never been a sacrifice,but a priveledge. Incredible to be able to share the Gospel in every moment not needed to worry about the things of the world. I dont want it to end. May (talking to the missionaries serving right now) we use every single day... minute.... second to our advantage and be obedient to the Lords will. Let us cast out our will and do as Nephi did... follow the will of the Lord. I love you all so much you guys are all beasts. :)