Monday, January 26, 2015

Hotter than Satan´s armpit

Holyyyyyy flemish ladies and gentlemen this weeks emails were freaking awesome hahaha. A lot seemed to happen! BUT, as always, the questions from the most awesome lady everrrrr.
-My week has been really good mom. Thankyou.
-Everything is solid with Elder Leyva.
-I didnt recieve the package this week. :(
-YES, I am hyped for this other package that you have now sent me. You are a machine mom. I love you hahaha:)
-I tracked my package and I dont know if this is true or the website is jacked up buuuuut, it said that my package got to Correos Chile the 21st of January.... wut? Hahahah but it also says that it arrived in the US yesterday! SO, thats awesome hopefully it will get to the house sometime soon hahaha. :)
-I have been roasting in the heat yes. :)
-I did go to Mitzi´s house yesterday but didnt make a video because it was Niko´s birthday:(
-I am feeling pretty solid. I think I am getting a little sick... :(

YEAH. So a couple eventful things happened this week which I would freaking love to tell the people of a different country about. We finally recieved a bed frame! Hahaha we got it on Friday so I am not sleeping on the floor anymore!:) Its pretty nice if I do say so myself. This week I also got to see my pops of the mission Elder Warrick because we had a meeting in MaipĂș. He is doing good and everything which is awesome! He tells me he looks out for my packages that I recieve. :) Me and my companion also are just killing it in Calera de Tango which is pretty sweet! 

But alwaysss when there is good there is bad because satan doesnt like people knowing the truth. So, our investigator with a baptismal date... fell through. It was actually really sad. We were going to baptize her yesterday. But we went to her house and she told us that her family had been talking to her about the mormons and that she cant get baptized.... so she told us that we can never come back in more.... IT WAS SO CLOSE. Honestly, broke my heart. But everything happens for a reason. God is ALWAYS preparing people to teach. With that being said, literally an hour later, we found a man that is about 30 years old and we put a baptismal date with him and hopefully later, with his whole family! SICK!:) BLESSINGS PEOPLE. But really, whenever there is tribulation, according to our obedience and diligence, there is a blessing. 

That being said, my challenge for everyone this week is to read Doctine and Covenants 122. :) HAGALO! (DO IT!)

Thats about it peeps. I love you all so freaking much. Dont let your meat loaf and keep slaying it. :)

Elder Brophy

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sonnnn of a Hamster

Hahahahha i am going to start my email off with haha because I just like to laugh and be happy. WHAT IS UP KILLASSSSS. I cant even freaking believe we have technology to send a message anywhere in the world in -44 seconds. Wowzahs. Literally blows my noggin. As always, I am going to start with the questions from the lady who brought me to this world hahaha.

-Elder Leyva is from Peru!
-He has been out for 18 months too! Almost the same as E. Warrick.
-It is pronounced how it looks. Lay-va.
-He doesnt work out with me because I havent worked out this week hahahahaha.
-I dont eat very much bread anymore but yes, it is 20 times better than USA. :)
The strangest thing I have eaten...... I dunno it isnt strange but clams. I didnt like them much... I kept on accidentally eating parts of the shell. Hahahahaha
-We sometimes recieve the Ensign and it is in spanish and english. :)

Yeah, so for some odd reason I didnt write a single thing down in my little book of notes of things I did during the week... so I dont even know where to start. This week went by pretty fast! We really just worked out butts off which was awesome!:) It was hotter than Satan´s armpit here so that didnt help but we made it through no problem! We did set a new baptismal date AND she came to church with us which was sickkkkk as flemmish. I about puked. :) Also, today with like 16 Elders, we played Americans vs. Latinos in soccer. I am so grieved to say that we lost... us Americans... but we did it with swag. Not bragging but I did score all 4 goals for the team..... #StepOffKilla

So... yeah. :) Thats about it really! hahaha tonight I have divisions with the new Elders in our district which should be fun!

This week I have been studying A TON. And what I have noticed and read is that knowledge is power. Obviously there are other components which are equally or more important that you need, but what you know will give you power. Mainly, I have been focusing my studies within the Book of Mormon.. holy cow this book is SICK. I love the thing. If anyone has a doubt about any topic in this world, you can find the answer within this book. I challenge everyone to read the Book of Mormon. Not just read it, but STUDY it. Really focus. Try to read 5 minutes everyday for this week. If you do it, email me and tell me! :) I will give you a cookie through the computer.

ILYSM to everybody. Please stay safe and ridiculously swaggy. Cant wait to hear from all ya´ll next week. Chao killas.

Elder Brophy

Monday, January 12, 2015

Holy Stars for the Love of Liza

Wasssssup killas. This week was reallyyyyy interesting! BUT, of course my moms questions. :)
-My week was interesting and good hahaha
-I finally got my last freaking shot so I am not going to die from rabies. :)
-Elson is doing better. Elder Parker (different Elder that I went on splits with) and I taught him the first lesson again (Restoration) and it was very spiritual and amazing. He said he is going to pray on his knees for help. So yeah, we are going to go by his house tomorrow!
-I got my new scriptures whooooooooo! I am hyped. Yeah, we went by the temple to get them on the way to the doctor for Elder Warricks foot!
-I am worried about the package. :(
-I dont think I need anything from home. :) But thanks!
-The pension is superrrr clean and I clean my bathroom at least once a week!
-I havent gotten the package yet sadly... :(
-I am taking my SD card to this guy who supposedly knows how to take off viruses! Sooooo, yeha. :)

So, this week was normal hahaha. Something cool that we did was have a little family night with an active family and an investigator. We played a quick game, shared a message and then had dessert. Well the dessert was this:
-Condensed Milk
It was an avocado milkshake hahahahahaha. And i was really kinda hesitant to try it but it ended up being REALLY good. So if you wanna make it at home, use a whole avocado, a can of condensed milk and a bunch of ice! its pretty good. :)
Besides that... Elder Warrick left! It was the biggest shock ever. I was literally like 100% sure that he was staying here in Calera de Tango but he had changes! So right now I am with my new companion Elder Leyva. Yes, he is latino so I am only going to be speaking in Spanish now!  Pretty cool. He seems like a pretty cool kid so that is good. It is sad that Elder Warrick left because we had a TON of fun but yeahhh. :(

Besides that, I wanted to share a spiritual thought. Along with the spiritual thought of Hayden Smith MY DUDE, obedience is KEY. I shave every day too, i dont need to, but it is a rule (although I have noticed a difference that my hairs are getting darker and thicker so one day I hope i can grow a RATCHET mustache so that when I go down the mountain on a powder day and take off my helmet and goggles, there is just a little frost hanging off of my mustache, random thought) and really we NEED to follow every rule. Especially here in the mission. EXACT obedience is key and we all need to strive to keep EVERY single rule.

Its ya boy C Broph


Elder Brophy

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Freaking 2015 Slayers

Wasssssup killas. Its ya boi Elder Brophy coming atcha with some swaggy news. This week we did practically nothing hahahaha. So this email is going to be a little shorter (everybody breaths a sign of relief that they dont have to read another long email hahahah). But yeah... BUT FIRST. QUESTIONSSSS KILLAS.

-I cannot believe it is a new year hahah
-Elder Warrick and I didnt do really anything... we made milkshakes and after midnight we went to sleep hahhaha #Swag
-The Chileans to celebrate the new year do fireworks here and get drunk.... so thats fun.
-My dog bite is feeling good. I went to get my last rabies shot and the hospital didnt put in that I got my 4th one so I had to get my 4th one AGAIN and now I am getting my 5th (really my 6th) on Wednesday. SUPER IMMUNE!
-Pouch or letters. I love them both mom. :)
-I get mail this week on Wednesday so hopefully it is there. If not we have changes on Monday so I will check then too. :)

SO, this week. Last monday and Tuesday were normal days. THEN, E. Warrick just started feeling like trash (sick.) So it got worse on Wednesday until he couldnt feel like he could leave his bed. So, we stayed in the house since Wednesday until Sunday. Yeah... it was SO boring. Hahahahah I studied alot and studied the bible alot as a matter of fact. But yeah.... I also made a homeade red-card so when we play soccer I can kick people out for fun hahahaha. :) But thats really about it!

I do however have a spiritual moment of the week. I dont remember where I was reading but I read this quote. 
¨You cannot convert someone beyond your own conversion.¨ 
This phrase really hit me. First, I need to be converted to convert someone else. That is obvious. But I believe there are different levels of conversion. I want to be 100% converted just like the rest of you I hope. That is one of my goals of 2015. To study conversion, to become converted. I challenge the rest of you to do the same!


Elder Brophy