Monday, January 12, 2015

Holy Stars for the Love of Liza

Wasssssup killas. This week was reallyyyyy interesting! BUT, of course my moms questions. :)
-My week was interesting and good hahaha
-I finally got my last freaking shot so I am not going to die from rabies. :)
-Elson is doing better. Elder Parker (different Elder that I went on splits with) and I taught him the first lesson again (Restoration) and it was very spiritual and amazing. He said he is going to pray on his knees for help. So yeah, we are going to go by his house tomorrow!
-I got my new scriptures whooooooooo! I am hyped. Yeah, we went by the temple to get them on the way to the doctor for Elder Warricks foot!
-I am worried about the package. :(
-I dont think I need anything from home. :) But thanks!
-The pension is superrrr clean and I clean my bathroom at least once a week!
-I havent gotten the package yet sadly... :(
-I am taking my SD card to this guy who supposedly knows how to take off viruses! Sooooo, yeha. :)

So, this week was normal hahaha. Something cool that we did was have a little family night with an active family and an investigator. We played a quick game, shared a message and then had dessert. Well the dessert was this:
-Condensed Milk
It was an avocado milkshake hahahahahaha. And i was really kinda hesitant to try it but it ended up being REALLY good. So if you wanna make it at home, use a whole avocado, a can of condensed milk and a bunch of ice! its pretty good. :)
Besides that... Elder Warrick left! It was the biggest shock ever. I was literally like 100% sure that he was staying here in Calera de Tango but he had changes! So right now I am with my new companion Elder Leyva. Yes, he is latino so I am only going to be speaking in Spanish now!  Pretty cool. He seems like a pretty cool kid so that is good. It is sad that Elder Warrick left because we had a TON of fun but yeahhh. :(

Besides that, I wanted to share a spiritual thought. Along with the spiritual thought of Hayden Smith MY DUDE, obedience is KEY. I shave every day too, i dont need to, but it is a rule (although I have noticed a difference that my hairs are getting darker and thicker so one day I hope i can grow a RATCHET mustache so that when I go down the mountain on a powder day and take off my helmet and goggles, there is just a little frost hanging off of my mustache, random thought) and really we NEED to follow every rule. Especially here in the mission. EXACT obedience is key and we all need to strive to keep EVERY single rule.

Its ya boy C Broph


Elder Brophy

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