Monday, December 29, 2014

Call me the Bowling King

SUP KILLAS. Holy fletcher its ya boi Elder B in the Chile. First of course, answerin the questionssssss.
-Your Elder is doing splendid mother.
-I was alright after skyping hahaha :)
-After skyping we went and visited one other family and i have a story with that, that will come later in this email.
-The people who fed us gave us meat, rice, tomatoes. It was freaking delicious. I puked it was so good.
-Lots of people actually gave me presents! It was very nice of them.
-On new years eve we have to be in the house by 8 o clock... so we arent doing anything hahahah
-I am getting my final rabies shot tomorrow! Whoooohoooo

Awesome. So this last week was pretty crazy! It was really fun. :) We skyped and opened presents on Christmas which was amazing. After I felt a little trunky but Im good now hahah. After skyping, like I said, we visited one more family that lives far away from us to we had to take bus. Well, on the way back home there was a TON of traffic. It took us 1 hour to go 2 miles. Sooooo, with that people started to get frustrated in the bus and the next thing we know it EVERYBODY is chucking up combos and knocking people out. Literally a huge fight just randomly started in the bus. So the bus driver opens the door and everyone piles out fighting and such. Little kids crying on the sidewalk... it was pretty intense hahahahah but luckily me and my companion got out without getting hurt and such. :) Pretty fun. :) Besides that not much else so intense happened hahah.

Today we went bowling as a zone which was incredibly fun and I DESTROYED hahahah. I palmed this ball that was like the lightest they had and pretty much shot-put that trash into the pins hahahaha. :) I will attach a picture here soon. :)

But this week also was really difficult with some of our strongest less active members. This week we visited one of our less actives who was on point of reactivation. He has 17 years and is honestly a beast. Well, we started teaching one of the commandments to him and he pretty much freaked out at us randomly and kicked us out of his house. It was one of the hardest things to see from him.... But I know that through the Lord, through prayer and repentence that everyone can come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praying for him everyday and I ask of you all that you can keep Elson in your prayers. Thankyo. :)

But thats about it killas. Keep is swaggy as fetccccchhhhh and I am going to continue to just baptize the world.

Chao. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas fever Killazzzz

I am just going to hop straight into this stinking email and answer the wonderful questions of my momma. :)
-This week was pretty solid. Nothing huge happened.... just been chillin and doing the Lords work!
-The dog bite is good. All scabbed over and such.
-The shots are good, I have to get my fourth one today, then my fifth on Wednesday i think and then I am done!
-I am not sure if the dog had rabies or not.... But i have felt fine so far so i think I am good. :)
-They didnt give me antibiotics...
-I havent heard of a ton of missionaries getting bit but I dont thinki it is a huge deal here. 
-We finna skype in a server.
-The Christmas party was tigggggght! We had a lot of fun looking at all the pictures and eating good food. :)
-I said goodbye to Elder Brady and he is in Hawaii right now I think hahahah.
-I am still in Calera de Tango... de hecho (as a matter of fact) I think I am going to be here until April now. Holy cow, alot of time right? But some pretty cool things are happening here in Calera de Tango that I cant say quite yet and Presidente needs me and Elder Warrick here right now!

So this week was pretty normal. It was really fun too! I am loving Calera de Tango, all the shots I am getting from a weird hospital.... and thats it hahahha. :) Thisweek I went on divisions with my district leader Elder Parker. And this kid is a beast hahaha i love his guts. We busted out 8 lessons in one day and bought pizza to celebrate. It was awesome. I am really looking forward to this week beiing that it is Christmas and all. I even bought myself a cool little gift today. Here is a picture! :)

But anyways, I am going to keep this short. I love you all soooooo much. Stay swaggy in the hood and YA BOY C BROOPH is ouuuuut. Cant wait for skype too... holy fetch that is going to be weird! CHAO!:)

Monday, December 15, 2014


Honestly... I dont know what the fetch to think right now hahahah. Looking at all the pictures of my incredible sister returning from her mission. My best friend chilling in my house..... Que trunky hahaha! (How homesick... something like that). From the pictures I saw from Madison returning home it looks to me like an overwhelmed missionary hahah! I am sure I am going to be the same... just with more style. :) Its a jokeeeeeeeeeeee. Chill madi I love you hahahaha. Wow, I almost forget, my Mothers questions! :)

-My week was really good actually. This week me and Elder Warrick went ham in the paint. We set 7 baptism fechas (dates) and found 13 more new investigators! You could say we took out the trash hahaha. :)
-I wasnt feeling trunky until today... but I still dont feel too trunky to be honest... its just weird to see my sister come home and my best friend go on a mission.....
-I did recieve one hand written pouch letter which I loved. :)

Okayyyyy. So this week Hayden freaking Smith went to the CCM... wait its the MTC in Estados Unidos right? Anyways, that is SO sick. I am so excited for the kid and he is in for a good time. :)

Hahahah something that REALLY sucked this week that I really didnt want to happen is I finally got bit by a dog... yes... it happened. I was contacting a house standing outside the gate... and out of NOWHERE a dog reaches through the gate and grabs my finger and starts yanking that trash. It finally let go and it just starts gushing blood. Hahaha when I first saw it I actually thought I might need stitches but I cleaned it up and it didnt look too deep so I let it be. Well, since it was a street dog I need my rabies shots so that wednesday I got my first one and this morning I got my second one (there are 5 in total), so I will be heading back to the hospital on Wednesday to get my third. HAhaha funny story, the first shot they gave me, the needle was literally bent a little bit.... AND THEY STILL USED IT! I laughed afterwards but it hurt while it was going in to say the least hahahaha. :) So yeah...

Something else that was cool was we had a baptism! Its a longggg story but pretty much Elder Warrick found this guy named Louis a month before I got to my sector with him and taught him pretty much everything (I think I helped teach 2 or 3 lessons with him too) and he told us that he wants to be baptized. Well, he doesnt live in our sector but his girlfriend does (that is how he found him) so he couldnt get baptized in our sector. Long story short, he got baptized in Santiago and we got permission to go and help with the service. It was pretty incredible. :)

That is about it this week folks. Keep staying ridiculous swaggy (Palmer you rockin all my clothes and such you cant help being swaggy) and I will talk to you all next week! I LOVE YOU.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Que Trunky.

Well.... thats it ladies and gentlemen. My sister is dying in the mission field and I am here just a seasoned greenie.... hmmmmmmmmm. You could say it makes me a bit trunky hahahaha. Of course, the questions from my momma first. :)

-I am doing good mom. How are you?:)

Thats all of them for today folks. Hahahaahahah. :) Yeah, so this week was pretty tight I guess. Hahaha:) To be honest, it was a REALLY good week because of the diligence that me and Elder Warrick had. It was awesome. We found TONS of new investigators and put a fecha for this month. :) This week we also made 300 empanadas for an hermana for service. Hahahah it was crazy and she let us eat some after which was SO rico (good). (Carne and Queso y Shrimp y Queso). Also, since transfers were this last week the zone is completely new and everyone is honestly too sick.  I am excited to see all the stuff that goes down because supposedly we are ¨stacked.¨

Something super tight that happened this week was that a flight attendant that we know brought us Captain Crunch, Reeses Puffs, Pancakes, Syrup, AND MT DEW. HOLY FETCH MONKEY. You could say that when I drank the Mt. Dew I felt like I was with my besty Hayden up at Farmington Pond skipping rocks across the lake chilling.... (By the way he is in the CCM today hahaha woohoooo). It was a good feeling to say the least. We also recieved a Christmas Tree and decorations for it so we set that up downstairs and I have to say it looks swaggy as fetch. Giddy up kiillas. Oh, and I finished the New Testament the other day no biggie. :)

So in total. It was a pretty solid week. I am grateful for everyone that writes me andthat is in my life. Today I really wanted to focus on one thing.
Step One - Go to
Step Two - Type ¨He is the Gift¨
Step Three - Let the Holy Ghost punch you in the face.

I think it is called He is the Gift because I only know the title in spanish. But it is a video from about Christmas. No matter how many times I watch this video I can feel the spirit SO strong and it really reminds me WHY we have Christmas. Please go watch it. RIGHT NOW. Then email me about how you felt when you watched it. That is my challenge for the week. :)

Anyways, thats it today peeps. I love you all. My sister again is a walking suitcase right now just chillin in belgium getting ready to head out.

I seriously love you all. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and pray for you daily. Stay safe and swaggy. Its ya boi C Broph checkin out.


 Standing in front of their little church :)
 Homemade empanadas...yum!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Ha the title is really anti-climatic because neither I or my companion Elder Warrick have changes!!!!! Siiiiiccckkkkk I am just straight chillin in Calera until FEB. 23rd I am thinking. Because Presidente Barreiros pretty much told Elder Warrick that this is his last change with me here in Calera and he is leaving soooo... I am going to have 4 changes in Calera (6 months)! Pretty crazy! I am excitedddd.

-My week has been pretty solid. Not a ton happened this week... either I forgot what happened or I just didnt write anything down on my ¨email list¨ I make every week... Hmmm....
-I haven´t recieved any handwritten letters in pouch yet... Next Wednesday maybe!
-Every other week I get around 3-4 letters. :) Its the bomb.
-YES, I am so glad you finally got that letter!! I am going to send a big huge package to you guys this week so get ready!:)
-This Thursday me and Elder Warrick forgot it was thanksgiving so we literally didnt do anything... pretty lame right? hahahaha

Yeah, sooooo the few things that I DID write down are the following:

This week I witnessed the death of a dog. :( It was so sad. It didnt get run over or anything like that... just of old age. We went over to a menos-activa´s house (Gloria) and they were all outside surrounded their dog. It was breathing really heavy and couldnt stand up. They had the vet come over and she gave them a shot to give the dog... Well, long story short the dog started to bleed from the mouth and died. It was really sad and everybody was crying and I just kind of felt awkward. So that was interesting! It actually brought up a good question if we could give the dog a priesthood blessing but we came to the conclusion that we cant hahahahaha.

Something SICK that happened this week was that me and Elder Warrick met a flight attendant. She flies to the United States 4 different times in December and she told us to make her a list of things that they dont have here, that we want from the United States and she will bring it to us for free!!! HOW SICK IS THAT. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I ASKED FOR CAPTAIN CRUNCH. So, we will see if that works out or not hahaha. :)

Besides that, nothing else really happened!!! I am super excited to stay here in Calera with Elder Warrick and pass Christmas together!!! I cant freaking wait for Christmas. :)

I love you all. Everybody stay swaggy. My sister is trunky as fetch right now and coming home in a week so that makes me trunky. I love you all!




Monday, November 24, 2014


HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOO CHICKIOS! :) Elder Brophy coming atcha with a freaking sweet email. Hahahaha not really because not a ton happened this week BUT, I will try to make it worth reading. :) FIRST, as always, the questions of my mother.
-The Thanksgiving celebration was sick as fetch. HOLY sickness. I will explain more after the questions.
-I have eaten all the cereal you have sent me and I am now working on the granola hahah it is freaking so good.
-Yes, me and Elder Warrick have a potential baptism for the first week of December. :) His name is Dario.
-I would loveeee a CD of madisons mission. Holy trunky she is so close to coming home.
-I wasnt able to go to the temple but it was still fun because I went on divisions with Elder Walker. :)

Yeah, so this week was pretty abnormally normal. For two days this week, Elder Warrick was reallllyyyy really sick so we stayed in the house alot. He slept... and I studied. Hahahah I studied allllooot. It was kind of nice but I really wanted to get out of the house. Luckily he got better for Friday (his birthday) and the actividad de Accion de Gracias (Thanksgiving). 

The WHOLE day Friday Elder Warrick and I, and two other Elders cooked. Holy fetch monkey it was stressful. I know why moms are so freaking stressed and jacked (strong) after stirring mashed potatoes for an hour hahahah. In total we made:
-7 Pies
-3 whole pans of mashed potatoes
-2 HUGE bowls of stuffing
-A whole turkey
... I might be missing a couple things but it was to say the least.... CRAZY. Everything turned out REALLY good and we had a really amazing time. It was held at a Parcela (A fancy house pretty much) so there was a pool and a soccer field and a tramp and stuff for the little kids to play with while the parents talked with investigadores and other miembros! :) It was super bakan. We even taught all the kids to play American Football. I got a huge grass stain on my shirt from getting tackled by E. Warrick but dont worry mom, it came all the way out. :)

Besides that nothing really else happened. Last night Elder Brown and Walker came over to the house to stay over night because me and Elder Warrick had left a couple of things in La Islita (far from our sector) from Church so they brought them to us and stay the night last night. It was freaking awesome because we drank a lot of Mate and shared cool stories. :)

Besides that..... nothing else really happened hahaha:) It was a really slow week for me but a good one igual. OH, and this next week we have changes! SO, by next monday you will all know if I am staying in Calera (I hope so) or going somewhere else and the same with my companion!!:) Pretty freaking crazy... Cant believe I am not in training anymore... Pretty cool. :)

During the time that Elder Warrick was sick, I listened to a couple general conference talks. And one of my favorites was from Elder Holland when he talked about the poor. He talked about how we need to help the poor. We need to give to the poor. He said (something along these lines)- ¨Yes, sometimes the poor put themselves into their own bad situations... But arent we ALL beggars? Dont we ALL ask for forgiveness?¨ We cannot ask anything of God if we do not give of ourselves to those who ask us for things right? When I heard that it hit me really hard. Yes, sometimes it is hard to give to someone asking for money on the street... (Wondering where the money will go) but we could at least offer to buy him/her food or a bus ticket or something of the sort. That was my thought this week. I know that through the Lord´s mercy we are saved. I know that when we are in the service of others, we are in the service of God. My challenge to all of you reading this today is to try to help someone throughout this next week.

Anyways, everybody stay safe in the 801 and I love you all.
Elder Brophy

Monday, November 17, 2014


AYEEEE DUGGGGGIE WASSUP KILLAS. This week was pretty freaking crazy and good. :) Hahahha mom you hoooooooked me up with packages. Wowzahs. But legit not a TON happened this week becauses we had a lot of meetings in Maipu and Talagante so I wasnt in Calera de Tango (our sector) very much. BUT, I finna answer my moms questions first. :)

-My week was good. :)
-We finally got the fetching fan so we arent roasting as bad anymore.
-I opened my packages.... but not the presents inside (as instructed because swag)
-We have SICK plans for Thanksgiving this Friday. We organized a huge ward party at this members house (its higante (huge)) and we are teaching the meaning behind thanksgiving and then eating a lot of american thanksgiving food.... and guess what? 4 Gringos (Elders) are cooking ALL the food for over 60 people... it is going to get messy ladies and gentlemen ahhahaha:)
-Pohl is doing reallyyyy well but it is almost the end of school here so he has had a lot of tests so we havent been able to visit him very much. :/
-I havent recieved any handwriting pouch letters...
-I did recieve several letters this last week which was really nice. :) Thankyou. :)
-Laundry is good hahaha. :)
-My shoes are still looking almost new because I shine them alot. :)
-I told Elder Bartagna that you wanted to be friends so yeah. :) It is pronounced like lasagna but Bartagna. :)
-He is from Atlanta, Georgia and doenst speak any spanish. :)

YEAH. So for this week I had a couple funny experiences. 
1. I HUGE German Shepard (probably the biggest I have seen here) started chasing me on my bike... Never have they ever tried to bite me... they just bark alot and chase. But this guy was out for freaking blood and it was like running away from a horse. So it starts to like nip at my ankle and so I am kicking the duggie in the face multiple times. Hahahha after kicking it for a good 10 seconds it stopped and I didnt get bit luckily but I will honestly say I was kind of scared for my life hahahah. :) But it was a cool experience.

-Also this week I ran over a cat on my bike hahahaha. We were riding home for the day because it was like 9:20 and a little kitten runs out of an almacen (a small store that are little houses that sell various items) and I ran it over with my back wheel while going no-handed... So I look back and it is literally having a seizure on the ground and it head is all crooked... then the next thing I know I am on the fetching ground because I wasnt paying attention to where the fetch I was going hahahha. So yeah... it ran away after that but its head was still crooked so I hope it died but I dunno exactly hahaha.

And thats about it really....

BUT, spiritual moment of the week really quick.

Yes, a mission is hard. I realized that once I got here. But during one of the reunions in Maipu we watched a quick video about the Expiacion (Atonement). And Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, ¨Why would it be easy to preach the gospel for you, if it wasnt easy for Jesus Christ, our Redeemer? To be a disciple of Christ and try to walk in his path we will feel at least something of what he felt (to a very small degree). But when we are yelled at, and spit upon is when we are shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ.¨ I dunno, I just really liked that and it really put alot into perspective. To be a Latter-Day Saint is NOT easy. Yeah, there are restrictions, but to follow the footsteps of Christ and to qualify for eternal life, it shouldnt be easy.

Just thought I would leave that with you all. :) EVERYBODY be safe. Hahah dont forget ya boy C Broph. :)





Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Bruh

Thisssssss weeeeeeek ladies and gentlemen was freaking crazy and awesome hahahah. :) It went by superrrrr fast and I loved it. :) BUT FIRST, my freaking amazing mom´s questions. :)
-I did do something a little diferrent this week. The whole mission Oeste and Sur had the opportunity to listen to Elder Nelson from the quorem of the Doce Apostoles. It was literally the most mind-blowing spiritual thing on this planet. More of this at the end. :)
-Hmmmmm... my favorite thing I have eaten here so far has got to be Chorillana. It is the most un healthy thing on the planet... and thats why it is good. It is french fries on the bottom, onions and meat on top, then on top of that cheese (alot), then on top of that a bunch of eggs. Yeah it was freaking good and I felt like trash after. :)
-I got my haircut by someone who actually knows whats good. :) I think it looks okay.... i dunno. I dont need one for a while because she cut it way too short but I aint trying to impress anyone right now hahahah. :)
-Pohl is absolutely amazing. Buuuuut, this week we havent passed by because school here is on the downhill so he has SO many tests... but next wweek. :)
-We havent gotten a fan for our house yet, but this wednesday we should recieve one. :) I am hoping because it is hotter than the devils bum right now.
-I have a scripture cover now. :) But not nice scriptures because we havent gone to the temple yet. Hopefully soon. :)

Yeah, but another thing that was reallyyyyyy weird this week was something our neighbor Niko did. Hahahah every morning he comes to our windows and tells us that he wants to play soccer or just talk with us.... well, we are studying so we always have to tell him no we can´t. This time, it was almost time to end studying so we decided that we could practice teaching him the Law of Chastity. We taught it, everything went well, but then we had to tell him to leave (because we have a little gate in front of our house that locks so we told him to go home). And he said no. So we kept telling him to leave because we needed to finish studying and he FLIPPED A FISH. No joke, he ran home and got eggs and starting throwing them at us, and our house. Luckily E. Warrick dodged the fetch out of an egg but our house wasnt so lucky. So we were trying to tell him to calm down and clean our windows or we are going to tell his mom.... and he SPIT in our faces. Literally I got a lugey in my face........ You could say my patience was tested hahaha. :) All is well though. So yeah, in the end we figured out that he is bi-polar and forgot to take his medications.. he cleaned our windows and even said sorry. And you wont even believe what happened next. He accompanied us the rest of the day. hahahahah he was literally a missionary for a day with us. :) He is an investigator too and he told us ¨This has been the best day ever, and I want to be a missionary someday too.¨ HOW SICK IS THAT? He listened throughout all of the lessons and even learned how to pray. Wassssssup clutch? Turning a bad situation to a REALLY good one. :))))) So that was awesome. :)

ALSO, this week at the Meeting of Elder Nelson I sawwwww..... wait for it..... JOE WHITING... Elder Whiting I guess. Hahahahh he is in the Mision Sur and I saw him and we both freaked out. Talked a little about home and then had to part our ways. But he is doing amazing and it was cool to see him. :)


So, I shook Elder Nelsons hand. At 9:07 in the morning of November 8th. It was an amazing experience. After he gave a talk about the Abrahamic Covenant that literally blew my mind. It was amazing. When that man walked into the room, there was no doubt in my mind that he is a man of God. The power I felt when he came in the room and gave his talk is undescribable. Through his talk... he literally explained to me my patriarchal blessing. He pieced everything together for me and I look at my blessing a WHOLE different way. Talk about some personal revelation. One of the coolest things that happened also was at the end Elder Nelson literally just randomly recieved the gift of tongues and starting speaking in spanish for his testimony. It was amazing. :) I just want to say that I know that Elder Nelson and all the apostoles and councilors and our President Thomas S. Monson are men of God and bring happiness to our lives because they guide us in the way we should be living. 

That is all. :)

Also, if anyone is reading this who is thinking of going on a mission think about this:
Missionaries are the link to eternal life. We are the people who bring the gospel to other people so they can bring it to their posterity. And through the temple they can bring it to their worthy ancestors. I know this is true. I know that this work is hastening and without the temple... none of it is possible. :)


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween was Pretty Awesome

What is up killaaaaaaaa´s of the best country in the world. This week was freakinggggg normal hahahaha but still super sick. :) As always, starting with the most beautiful women in the world´s questions. (My mom dummy)

My week was good. :) This is how it kind of went:
I went on divisions with a different Elder (E. Walker) and he has the same amount of time as me. He is awesome and definitely one of my really good friends. :) And to say the least... we got freaking blasted hahahaha. We contacted like 3 Jehova Witnesses and they yelled at us and said some really mean things hahahah. Then we went to a Less Active members house thinking we were just going to teach the ordinary, easy lesson and we ended up teaching that we dont believe in reincarnation and other really complicated things... in spanish hahahah. 
My bike tire broke twice this week so it has been a real pain to try to buy new tires with literally zero money hahaha. :) It was pretty funny but everything worked out. :)
We also did a family night with two menos activo families and when it came for the lesson E Warrick straight looked over at me and said, ¨My companion has the lesson for tonight.¨ I had no freaking clue what to do hahahah it was pretty great and I got pretty nervous but I taught a nice little mini lesson and everything worked out. :)
For Halloween we did the same thing we always do BUT when some kids came to the door to ask for candy we gave out books of mormon. Hahahaha we placed 3. :) There will be a picture at the end of this email about halloween. :) Its not the same here...... United States just does everything a little (lot) better hahaha. :)

Yes, it is gettting really hot here. Our house needs a fan to keep us cool in the mornings and I put on sunscreen everyday. :)

I drink a lot of water and I think it is safe here..... hahahahah i actually dont know

I didnt get ANY mail in pouch this week. :( So I am hoping not this wednesday, but next wednesday. :)))))) I really hope. :) 

The mission office is like 2 hours from me and E Warricks house. :)

Theres all the qeustions. :) i am doing really good here. :) I dont know where else I would be really... Getting alot of work done here. This week me and E Warrick found like 20 menos activos!!! So pretty much we are gonna reactivate like crazy. :) Its pretty ghetto here, I get alot of people who try to speak english to me but all they really know is ¨hello¨ ¨very good¨ and yes hahaahahah. :) I laugh alot to say the least.

Spiritual Moment of the Weeeeeeeek:
We have an investigator named Pohl. He is absolutley amazing. Right now he is looking for his answer. He is reading and praying every day. :) He told me that he feels closer to god when he is with us. :) I am really hoping to set a baptismal date with him so please keep Pohl in your prayers!:)

Anyways, I hope everything is good at home! I have heard alooooot about the Howl. Sounds pretty cool......... but being in Chile is that much cooler. :) Hahaha just kiddin but legit.

Love you all. Special shout out to my dude Hayden Smith because I miss the kid.

Please enjoy this photo of me and E Warrick on Halloween :)

Monday, October 27, 2014


E. Warrick wanted me to put Colt (A small horse) as the title today. SICK! What is up my killa´s in the UT. Yeah, this week was pretty solid. It flewwwww by. Holy monkey. Naw but we are going to hop straighhhhht into this week with my momma´s questions. :)

1. My week was pretty good. Me and E Warrick are working really hard. :) The family of 6 is superrrrr awesome.... but they didnt assist church this week... :( But its okay. NEXT week. :)
2. Yes we have 8 new investigators. :) (Fanny, Waldo, Mari, Maria and others:) )
3. I did what you told me and went and bought myself something good. :) hahahaha you are seriously the best mom. :) I went and got Black Shoe Shining stuff because I am almost out, a bag of these little cookies, ice cream, and nutella. :) WOOHOOOOO NUTELLA. Literally nutella gives me life. I also found duct tape which is awesome:)
4. I havent tried the doughnuts here.... but they dont have homeade doughnuts here.... sooooooo prettty much they havent lived.
5. The language is slow but coming along. E. Warrick says I talk in my sleep every single night in spanish so yes I am dreaming in spanish ahahaha:)
6. I use my sleeping bag like every other week so yes I am storing it properly hahaha:)
7. I am so jealous that you made caramels last night.... I want some:)
8. I havent gotten a scripture cover yet, I am going to buy one right before the end of my mission so it stays nice. :) Because they are really expensive.
9. I havent gone on splits with ma boi E Brady yet but today was his birthday so we celebrated with pizza!!!:)

Y ESO. :) (Thats it)

But this week was pretty solid. Some of the cool things that happened areeee:
During a lesson with Gloria, a menos activo (less active), she invited her kids down to come listen... well, they arent members so we were teaching them and after, Gloria testified of the truthfulness of the gospel WITH us to her kids. It was so awesome. So pretty much we are gonna get wet.
Also, our amazing investigator Pohl told us that he wants to get baptized. :) So cool. Soooo he just needs to come to church now. It is so hard for us to get investigators to church because it is 45 minutes away! But its all goooooood killas. :) So we are going to continue to teach him. He is such a good friend to us. he feeds us lunch all the time and next pday we are going mt. biking with him hahaha he is the bees knees. :)

Not a lot really happened this week... hahahah the days blend so its hard to remember plus everything was just normal this week so I am going to kind of just give everyone a run down of the schedule so you know what normal is.

6:30 Wake up
8 Personal Study
9 Companion study
11 Idioma Study (Language)
12 Leave the House
2ish Almuerzo with a Family (Lunch)
3-9:30 Teach and Preach and Freaking Do Work :) It is super bakan.

Anyways... kind of a slow week. Mainly because Friday and Saturday and Sunday ALL of our appointments fell through so we just walked around and contacted people... Sorry peeps!:) But keep in tuned because I about ready to bust a baptism cap. :)

Well, since it is really close to Halloween... (which i am so jealous I am not in the states for this because it is such a freaking sweet holiday) I am going to leave ya´ll with a sweet picture of what me and E. Warrick are this year (Yes E Warrick wore that mask on the way home on his bike and scared people... yes it was awesome) HAHAHAHA JK because I just looked and the computer I have doesnt have a port for my camera.... all the suspense for nothing.... Next week chicos!:) 


Monday, October 20, 2014


YO WASSUP ALL YOU KILLAS AROUND THE FETCHING WORLDDDDD.... Just kidding more like Utah... hahaha but sick! Yeah this week was pretty normal but super sick! This week was changes soooooo......... I stayed in Calera de Tango with E. Warrick!:) SICKKKKKKK. AND, we didnt lose E. Brady either which is sick as all fetch because the kid is a legend. Yeah, as always, I am going to start with my mommies questions because she is the bee´s knee´s.

1. I am good Mom. How are you?:) Hahahaha
2. I didnt get on divisions with E. Brady this week... hopefully soon. :)
3. The next time I meet with Pres. Barreiros... I dont know... I was with him today so I couldnt tell yaaa. Why?:)

This week was pretty interesting actually... It kind of went like this.

First.... Last monday night we went to our vecino house (neighbor) because we had contacted them and they said we could come over. Well, it is 3 people. The mom, and 2 boys. One of them is 8 and the other is 11. The 11 year olds name is Niko! Well...... Niko is awesome hahahah he has more energy than a 468 volt battery. Well, after having juice and teaching Niko decides to plant a big fat kiss on my cheek..... I was straight like ¨What the fetch was that?!¨ I was straight gonna punch a churo. Hahahah so yeah that was straight ratchet...

Also, this week E. Warrick biffed twice on his bike. Hahahah and HARD. The first time he ran into a cement pole going 235 mph and the second time his front wheel came off so he did a front flip into gravel..... I didnt laugh............ Hahahaha just kidding I was dying afterwards.

This week we also went on a hike up a pretty decent sized mountain for a youth activity and taught a lesson. It was AWESOME. I will attach pictures at the bottom. :)

I also was extremely inspired by the words of E. Brady this week the night before a baptism at the church. Hahahahahaha this kid man tells me ¨Yeahhhh buddy we finna get wet.¨ ¨White errrrywhere.¨ ¨Doin it wit no handssss.¨ Hahahahahaha i diedddddd. Those are my new slogans.

Probably the most interesting thing I have done in my lifetime is deliver the sacrament to a contracting women... Yes... This happened. We walk in this house to give a Hermana the sacrament and she be straight sweatin bullets errywhere and was in a lot of pain. I told E. Warrick I was about to strap on the helmet and just take the baby like a snap if I had to. Hahahahahha it was awesome. Luckily she didnt give birth right at that moment but I am pretty sure she had the baby last night. :)


Yeah. So during our lesson with Niko and his mom, a random man (like 22 years old) named Pohl walks in the house and in English says ¨Hey, why havent you come to my house to talk in english and teach me about Jesus?¨ Me and E. Warrick kind of just looked at each other for a second hahahaha. So, we set up a cita with him the next day. Well, long story short we have gone to his house 4 days in a row and he is progressing super fast and really well. We are going to his house tonight after writing! He just keeps on inviting us back!!! Its SO cool and I get to teach in English so that is sick as fetch.

Soooooooo, yeah. Thats about it for this week. But look forward to this next week because it is gonna get real awesome here soon I can feel it. I am going to have a RATCHET SICK story next week for all the slayas in the UT.

Hopefully I will have some news with Pohl and our other progressing family of 6 about baptismal dates. ¨We finna get wet.¨

Stay swaaggy. Dont eat clams (Yes i had to choke down clams this week... It was like trying to eat battery acid).
I love you all. Seriously stay safe at home!:)


Monday, October 13, 2014


Yeah. I just did that in the title. Try to translate it. YA CAN´T. Welcome to CHILE where words dont mean anything.

Yeah, so anyways. This week was wicked fetching fast but it felt like last P-Day was 45 years ago. Weird. Hahahah.

As always, my Mom´s Questions first because she is the bomb.

-My week was psyco as fetch. It was pretty solid week. Hard and busy but good. :) I didnt get to go on divisions with E. Brady this week because he is literally dying of Bronchitis and Pnuemonia:/ Entonces please pray for him! But, I did stay at his house for a night and got to talk to him alot. He is sooooooo sick hahahaha i freaking love that kid. We both like the same music and he even plays some CoD hahahaha. We joked around a lot and I am definitely glad to have met him. Hopefully this next week I will go on splits with him! Also, besides that me and E. Warrick made some chanta (literally means false, or doesnt work but it also means bad or ratchet) cookies. Hahaha we had a ward activity ¨Noche de Postres¨ (The night of deserts) and so we had to make cookies. Hahahahah we burnt those cookies. I was almost tempted to scratch them off and make a crumble for a yogurt parfè. Hahaha i dunno.
E. Warrick and I also made friends with the flightays (Gangsters) here in Calera de Tango. hahaha they are so ratchet but they love us because we played them in soccer. Me and E. Warrick literally stayed on the court (yes a court because its on cement) for an hour straight because they couldnt run because everyone was as high as a kite smoking. Soooooo... I am pretty sure I am safe here because Titi (Yes that is a name.... I shook my head too) knows everyone around here and loves us. Hahaha.
-Yes, I am aware that transfer week is this next week. I almost have 2 changes under my belt. You could pretty much call my a seasoned greenie. Or a Chilean. Either or. A Chilean that still can´t speak fluent Spanish. SICK. hahahah

So, yeah, this week was pretty normal.... as usual ya know.... hahah


So, me and E. Warrick found a Menos Activo (Less Active Member... REALLY less active) that hasn´t been to church in over 20 years. She got baptized and went for 3 weeks then stopped. And we visited her on Saturday and taught her a lesson and asked her to come to church... and she said YES. Booyahhhh. So, she came to church with us and in church we had a lesson about being sealed as a family for eternity. Well, Pilar (the name of the menos activo) had lost her husband 2 years back and during this lesson the spirit obviously really touched her heart because afterwards she set up an interview with the Bishop to ask him the requirements to go to the temple and be sealed. HOLY COW MONKEY. I was/am SO happy. So, she says that she wants to continue to come to church and many other things. Pretty awesome and I cant wait to continue to teach her and help her towards the temple. :) We will see what happens!

So yeah, thats this week ladies and gents. Before I finna dip I am just going to throw out a wicked shout out to my family. I seriously have the greatest family on this earth. I couldnt ask for anything more. I am faulta (short) 21 1/2 months, but I can´t wait to hangout with my family when I get home. Especially the swagiest kid on the entire planet, my brother Palmer (Hahaha he is probably reading this and thinking ¨nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo¨ hahahahaha). Brutha, we are going to go snowboarding together when I get home and this time I wont yell at you hahahahaha. :) Naw but seriously, I seriously cant wait to hangout with my older sister madi and tell mission stories, take my little brother and sister out to lunch every week while they are in school. :) And, I cant wait to give my parents the BIGGEST freaking hug on the planet when I get back and help my dad mow the lawn some more and cook dinner for my mom. (Save this email mom.... its your receipt:))) ) But yeah. I just love them hahaha. :)


I love you all. Literally. You are all so amazing. Stay swaggy. Karate Chop a freaking mosquito.

Oh speaking of... I guess there is a spider in Chile that if you get bit, it causes death or necrosis to your limbs............................... What the flem.

CHAO! :)

Monday, October 6, 2014


Don´t try to translate that because it wont make sense because it is some wicked slang here in the country of buses who dont like to pick up missionaries. Hahahah yeah... so that ¨po¨ word is the weirdest word on the planet and I didnt know what the freak people were talking about the first week I was in the field. The closest thing I can think of to it is eh in Canada. Po is put at the end of whatever word you feel and it doesnt mean anything... I almost puked everywhere when I figured out it didnt mean anything and it is used so much. AHahhaa but its chill... i. If you get that I love you.

My mommas questions firsssssst because she is ¨the man¨
-Did I listen to conference? Naw mom I ditched at went to Taco Bell. Hahaha noooo of course I watched it!!! It was freaking awesome and I am going to talk about it later.
-I watched it in English thank goodness but my last one I am going to watch in Spanish.
-Conference in the Mission Field is the equivalent to the World Cup or March Madness at home. Hahaha it is really different. In a really good way and I love it so much.
-Elder Warrick has been in the field for 13 months now.

Yeah, so here is how my week went:
On Tuesday me and Elder Warrick played futbol with a bunch of high guys and contacted them shortly after. It was awesome and they said next time we play they will let us teach a whole lesson because we wrecked them.
I also recieved my pictures my mom sent me on Tuesday and holy cow I couldn´t stop smiling at them. They have pictures of my family (extended tambien), friends, my dog, me playing minecraft, and swag. I laughed and got really trunky looking at them but absolutely love them. I think I look at them every single day. I literally asked my mom for a couple pictures and she makes me a scrapbook type thing with so much work put into it. Wow.... She is amazing and my hero (Shout out to Moms around the world #BapSquad #RaiseTheRoof)
Then on Wednesday I went on Divisions with Elder Walker. Divisions is leaving your companion and going with another missionary for the day and night. Plot twist... Elder Walker has the exact same time as me hahahahhaah so we both were walking around speaking broken spanish and understanding -43% of what everyone was saying. Hahahaha it was super bakan and I loved it. 
I also got to see all the newbies again and me and Elder Brooks and Elder Johnson just talkedddd and talkedddd and talkeddddd. They are awesome and I cant wait to see them again in 2.

By far my favorite conference. It is different on the mission.... I dunno know how to describe it but its awesome. I really really really enjoyed Henry B Eyring´s talks. He is amazing and definitely my favorite. Specifically I loved his talk about his story about his mom and profets. Haha he talked about how when he came home at night he would always try to sneak past his moms door and make it downstairs but she would always be awake. When he said that I really honestly starting laughing inside because it is the exact same with me hahahah. I dont think I have come home at night and my mom or dad arent awake. It really hit me on how much they care and that decision they made to stay up affected me. I hated it to be honest but it taught me a good lesson. Talk about the best parents ever.

Tambien (also) when something is repeated it usually means that its really important and there were 3 phrases that were repeated and I think they describe the whole conference.
1. If you love me, keep my commandments. (Cheryl Esplin, Dallin H. Oaks, Jorg Klebinjit)
The whole conference every person seemed to be talking about commandments and the prophet. It is SO important that we keep the commandments. Not even the slightest degree of sin is acceptable in the sight of God. Also, something that really hit me and that I am probably going to use alot here is A god who has low standards is a God who doesnt exist.
2. Decisions Determine Destiny (Quentin L. Cook, President Thomas S. Monson)
Alot in this conferencia was about AGENCY tambien. We have the free will to choose. This reminds me of a couple menos activos (ugh my spanglish hora, Less actives) said that church takes up too much time. People work on this earth correct? Why? To live of course... we need the money to live. Why do we go to church and keep the commandments? To live... in the next life. We are reserving a spot in the celestial kingdom. Dont mess up.
3. Lift up the hands that hang down. (Eduardo Gauarret, President Thomas S. Monson)
Alot was also about the poor and afflicted. We need to give what we can to them because we have been given much, therefore we must give.

I know these things are true and I love this gospel. We can stay close to the Lord through listening to the words on the Prophet and the 12 Apostoles (Spanish I forgot how to spell i in english haha).


Funny moment tambien is I wanted to tell my mom how much freaking veggies and fruit I am eating here. Like, times what I used to eat at home in fruits and veggies by 10 and that is whaat I am eating. So like 10 a day hahaha. Love you all CHAOOOOOOO.

Monday, September 29, 2014


YEET. ITS YA BOY C DIDDY B COMIN ATCHA WITH ANOTHER WEEK!!!... only like 90 leftttt wassuppppp. 

Yeah, so this week has been pretty freaking soliddd. First, I finally had the guts to go up and talk to Elder Brady (He is a Zone Leader so its kinda a big deal hahah) and it was the end of the meeting so I simply said ¨Chao Swag Master¨ and he kinda laughed and said ¨Swag Dadddddy¨ hahaha I dont think I have laughed harder before. It was great. So I freaking love Elder Brady. He is such a cool kid and an amazing District Leader.

A couple cool and kinda weird things happened this week soooo...

1. I contacted this Chilean dude that happened to be an English teacher here so he pretty much speaks fluent (yes I just slaughtered the poo out of that word judge me) English. It was awesome to actually be able to connect with someone and say what I want to say haha so I have a cita (I forgot the word in English for it...) with him this week and I am so excited!
2. The Gonzalez family is notorious for feeding us soooooo much food so this week they offered us to come over for a birthday. I ate 3 Completos and a huge piece of cake the size of a small horse. It was nice and I wanted to puke hahaha.
3. Me and Elder Warrick got kicked out of a house which was awesome. We got invited in by the son, then the mom got really mad at us and pretty much threw us into the street. I laughed pretty hard. 
4. Elder Warrick and I finally got our bikes too! And they are BRAND SPANKIN NEW. Wooooohoooo. I love mine and we definitely get a workout riding around all day. :)
5. I am now reading: The New Testament, el Libro de Mormon, AND Our Search For Happiness at the same time... Dont ask me how because I dont know but I am making progress in all of them and I love reading them. :)
6. For the Chilean Independence Day, yes, the church did have a party on Saturday (27). There were lots of Chilean traditional dances which were superrrr awesome to watch and yes... there was a sack race and yes.... I biffed it pretty hard BUT it was worth it because I came in 2nd. Hahahaha.... It was a pretty sweet roll out if I do say so myself hahaha.

This week Elder Warrick and I made a lot of progress. We have 7 new investigadores. :) I cant wait to continue to teach them and see what happens!!! We also found a 17 year old inactivo and he came to church with us yesterday which is awesome and is already recieving a calling in the church. BOOYAAAAAAAAA MAKIN IT RAIN H2O BECAUSE #BAPSQUAD. 

I really need to calm down.

Spiritual Moment of the Week Ladies and Gents.

So, I love music. ALOT. So I really love listening to the Church music I brought with me on my mission. Well, the other day I was listening to a song, I dont remember the name but I do remember some lyrics that I would like to share with all of you.

They go:

¨He (Jesus Christ) was just one voice, but one voice that changed the earth¨....¨I am just one voice, but one voice that will be heard, I have made the choice to seal my witness with my words.¨

Those few words really hit me hard that night sitting there. I reall am just one voice. As a matter of fact, I am an 18 year old voice. I am definitely not saying I am going to change the world, but I will be heard. Even just by only one person. I know this gospel is true and that is why I am here in Chile. I love these people and this gospel so much. I am ready to work and I cant wait to see what happens this next coming week. 

I love you all. Be safe back in the UT or anywhere else you all might be. I am C Broph. CALERA DE TANGO, YA BOY IS COMIN.

Chilean Independence Day Celebration:)
Looks like fun!

 Elder Brophy taking quite the fall! He says he is just fine :)

Monday, September 22, 2014


If you haven´t noticed I literally have the most random words in the titles of my emails. It is because I usually just put the first thing that pops in my head or i ask my companion soooo... yeah hahaha. Bakan.

Yeah so this week was tight. Super freaking sick. Better than last week. The time is speeding up. Chile is SO amazing and I love it here. It is weird........ as fetch but its pretty cool. hahaha. Anyways... I have to start my email the right way off and say that this week i had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go to TACO BELL. Yes... I know I pee´d too. I spent 6 mil and got a shnickey ton of food. I taped the receipt in my journal... is that weird? Hahaha. I got Taco Bell because E. Warrick had to go into the center of Santiago because his foot is all jacked up and he had to see the Doctor... but I think everything is good. When I saw the Taco Bell we had to go and so we both divulged and ate 45 tacos.
This week we also had Chile`s Independence Day (More like a week). It is 9-18 and it is super sweet. Festivals and drunk people everywhere. It reminded me of The 4th of July (except the 4th of July is so much more swag) .... AMERICA. During the festivals I got to eat a Churro filled with caramel... I almost fainted. It was emaculate. My vocabulary is so on point right now. Anywayssss... Yeah super cool. My spanish is coming along... slowly but surely. I can definitely hold a conversation with someone when I can understand them (Chileans talk at the speed of Mach5).

I also finished the Pearl of Great Price today. I loved it. I am starting the New Testament tomorrow. Super stoked. Anyways, this last week me and E. Warrick have recieved aloooot of rejection. It has kind of been hard and kind of been funny because of the excuses some people come up with. E. Warrick gets pretty ticked but I laugh hahaha.

Anyways, I love all of you at home SO much and I pray for you all every day. Keep safe in Utah and continue to have an abundance of swag and steeze. I love this gospel with all my heart and I will continue to work and give people the opportunity to live with their families forever and be happy because they know their purpose in life. This gospel is incredible and I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers.

C Brophy (Thug-Nasty) OUT.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ladieeeeeeeeeeees and Gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnn,

Elder Brophy has made it through his first week of the Mission Field. Hahaha if you all didn´t know. I got called to the sector La Islita 2. It is cool because me and my companion (Elder Warrick) are the first Elders to ever live in this sector. Pretty cool... the reason that no Elders have lived here before because it is soooooo far away from everything. So yeah, I am in the CAMPO ladies and gents. Wassssssup slaya. Also, what comes with the campo is a driveby that happened by our house. Pretty sketchy.

Okay, so... it is really hard to wrap my mind around this whole week and recall all the things that have happened but pretty much what has happened is-
-I got my second companion, Elder Warrick. He is SUPER chill and I love him to death. Bakan (bakan is equal to swag here in Chile)
-I pretend to understand the people and laugh and smile sometimes but really I dont know ANYTHING and I kinda feel alone haha.
-We haven´t had a house this whole week also because the pensionistas haven´t bought our house yet and so we have been living with two other Elders in the smallest house on the planet. Woohoo. BUT, we moved into our new house this morning and it is BAKAN. SUCH A NICE HOUSE. It is honestly too big for us hahaha.
-We have had a lot of investigadores and one of them told us that he is ready to be baptized so that is cool!
-Hmmm... Not sure really what else. Alot of lessons and a lot of taking the bus and a lot of hard work definitely.
-I guess I will just describe where I live. 
1. Mostly dirt roads. Some paved here and there.
2. Super super poor. But really amazing people.
3. DOGS EVERYWHERE that want to eat me alive.
4. Our sector is like the biggest in the mission so we have bikes which is cool.
5. Anddddd yeah. So it is pretty much ratchet in a good way.

Yes, this week has been a very hard week for me and I have felt really homesick. It is hard not to feel discouraged and to think about home when you walk around all day, not knowing where you are and not being able to talk to anyone except your comp. SWEET. Haha BUT, it has also been an amazing week. I just try to take it day by day and make the best out of every moment. I feel the spirit a lot and me and my companion get along really well. I love the people here already. They are amazing and I can´t wait until I can really talk and connect with them. I NEED THE GIFT OF TONGUES. Hahaha, I know it will come. :)

Well, I love you all, and I cant wait to email all of you next week. It will probably be around the same time as today, maybe a bit earlier.

Stay safe in Utah and I will stay safe in Chile. #BAPSQUAD

Peebles, keep up with the Seniors and you will be aight. Don´t do anything tooooo stupid unless you have my permission (that means you have to email me).

Emmalou, keep having fun at home and dance your cute freaking little heart out. Make lots of friends and keep emailing me. I love you:)

Dad and Mom, continue to have so much swag. Also, go have some Cafe Rio for me. I AM CRAVING THAT ALWAYS. Please send me pictures as well. :)))) I REALLY want pics.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Talagante here he comes!

We finally heard from President Barreiros! 

Presidente Jose A. Barreiros
Correos, Casilla 149
Pajaritos 1921
Maipú, Chile
Fono: 56-2-531-2258
10 September 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Brophy,

Sister Barreiros and I were pleased to welcome your son, Elder Brophy, to one of the finest missions in the world, the Chile Santiago West Mission.  He is well and happy, and we are impressed with his enthusiasm for the work.  After greeting him at the MTC and a brief tour of the beautiful city of Santiago, we arrived at our mission Office. I interviewed your son.  My Assistants and office missionaries then gave him a brief orientation to the mission.  We had a delicious lunch together, he met his new companion, and that afternoon he left the mission home and departed for his first area of labor.

Elder Brophy has been assigned to work with Elder Warrick, who will serve as his training companion.  Trainers are chosen for their competence, patience and dedication, and are selected after prayerful consideration.  With this letter we are including a photograph taken of your son and his new companion with Sister Barreiros and myself.

Please accept our deep appreciation for raising such a fine son.  We feel a genuine fellowship with you in supporting and providing him this opportunity to grow spiritually as he labors to bring souls unto Christ.  It is my prayer that the Lord will inspire us all to sustain him in this challenging assignment.  Please write him frequently, weekly if possible.  Express your love, support, and confidence in him.  You will witness miraculous changes in his life as he engages fully in the service of others.

Connor will be serving in Talagante with Elder Warrick.

President Barreiros scanned a letter from Connor:
He is excited AND nervous to get out into the field. He had a couple cool experiences...
He was talking to a lady who wasn't interested in another visit, but  he had given her a pass along card and the Book of Mormon. Connor challenged her to read the Book of Mormon and she looked him right in the eyes and said, "I promise I will read" in perfect english. Connor felt the spirit rush through him and thought his heart would burst.

As Connor and his companion were walking back from contacting they found a man and started teaching him. After about 7-8 minutes the man said he wanted to get baptized THAT SUNDAY! So he referred him to the missionaries in the area.

I think he's ready to go....
Cant wait to hear about it next week!

Connor with President and Sister Barreiros along with Elder Warrick.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


ALRIGHT. WEEK FIVE LADIES AND GENTLEMENNNNNNN. I am no officially in a veteran in the CCM buuuuuut I am only a seasoned greenie. Hahaha it is awesome. So the next time you all hear from me I will be in el campo. Hahaha i did not just realize I typed that. (In the Field). The next P-day is actually going to be really weird and I dont know if I will even be able to write home so if you dont hear from me I am not dead I promise. Okay, so first things first, questions!!!!

-Idk if Pres. picks me up or not. I dont think so.
-I will probably be able to tell you who my companion is but I am not sure.
-I did recieve another letter from you mom on 8/30 (THANKYOU).
-It has been raining the past two days and today but besides that it is really nice here.
-I am like 85 pages away from finishing the Book of Mormon!
-I have been using the water bottle and the water in the city is perfectly fine, but in Oeste its not hahaha.
-E. Pedersen is from California and just made me stop writing my email to take a dump. Yay.

I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS THAT I COULDNT COME TO PC. I have been talking about it and thinking about it a lot this week. We need to go when I get home okay?
My prayers were answered and we got moved back into a room with Elder Brooks and Johnson and it is SUPER fun as always. We also had a mix up with Districts and Elder Harries who  was our district leader had to move to another district so Elder Brooks became District Leader.
I also recieved my first haircut in Chile!!...... from Elder Brooks. Hahahahah I was SOOO scared but it turned out pretty decent even though he cut it wayyyy too short for my liking... but its grown on me. I also taught a couple Brazilians some English this week for example: "Where is your chill?" and "You have swag."

MOM, I neeeeeeeeed pictures. Like of home and of the family and ANYTHING so I can look at them every night. PLEASE:) Mom will you tell palmer to check FaZe channel and tell me how they are doing?:) Thanks. :))

Okey dokey. Funny and Spiritual moments of the week. :)

First funny. So Elder Johnson had a RATCHET HUGE in-grown hair on his back and wanted us to pop it. None of us wanted to touch it with our hands so he gave us his leatherman and we popped it with that. It was awesome and I almost puked when it exploded everywhere hahahahaha. I also traded 10 ties in one night and ended up with the steeziest tie EVER. So i am a legit capitalist. Wassup Santiago, Im coming.

Not really spiritual but Palmer I opened a note that you wrote me and it got me SO jacked. It has been my motivation these last couple days/week. Its the best and I just wanted to say thankyou so much for it. I want to hear from you and Emma all about school and life and how much swag you both obtain.

Okay, so nothing huge spiritual but this week has just been a solid week. I have felt the spirit teaching my investigators and I can really see the language coming along. I can carry on a conversation with someone and teach a full lesson. It is pretty cool. :) I am going to hurry write a quick testimony in spanish for you all.

Yo sé qué la iglesia is verdadero.
y yo sé qué necisito aqui en Chile porqué me investigadores necisita mi.
Estoy agredecido por mi familia y por la oportunidad a servir en Chile.
Yo sé qué Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial.

Short but sweet. Too lazy to write out a lesson. Maybe another time. 




Tuesday, August 26, 2014


WHAT IS UP PEOPLE OF THE 801 and possibly other places of the world like Belgium. ANYWAYS. This week was actually superrrrr sweet. hahaha in really small ways but it was fun. The old guys just left and now new ones are coming in tomorrow and I can't wait to haze them... KIDDING. Hahah anyways, just got back from P-Day and you guessed it, I bought some sick socks. 

First things first, I am going to answer my mommas questions. :)
-Yes, I felt that earthquake (6.6) and it was SO weird. Hahah i was in the basement of the CCM and it just felt like the whole world was shaking and it was soooooo weird and I got way jacked after that because it was so sick.
-The language is coming. We will say that. I have learned ALOT since i have gotten here but it will be difficult out in the field for sure. But, I can get by for sure.
-My schedule is: Wake up, Exercise, Classes, Sleep. Hahah thats about it.
-They literally eat mexican food but the meat looks like dog. Haha freaking weird and they have this caramel stuff on EVERYTHING.
-They had chicken alfredo once since i have been here and that has been my favorite.
-Yes, I really gained 8 lbs but since my bowels have started working I am back to normal. :)
-I play soccer everrrrrrry morning and Pedersen plays frisbee. Speaking of the kiddo, funny story for the day:
So I was trying to throw a pamphlet over to Elder Brooks and I accidentally skimmed his head when I threw it so he grabbed one and threw it at my eye out of rage. Never have I ever wanted to punch someone in the face so bad before. But yeah ahahaha it was funny too.

Alrighty now I will throw down what I did this week. :)

I traded 3 ties in one night and ended up with a dopeeeee tie at the end. It is DHS colors. :) I also got two teachers to follow me on instagram on twitter hahahaha so success. I have also been trippin while I sleep and have been having THE WEIRDEST DREAMS. Like with the most random people too hahah. I wrestled with Elder Brooks one night and he shoved me into the bunk bed and I knocked a wheel off the bottom of one corner so the bed is lop-sided now. It is also getting close to Chile's independence day soon (which I have heard is CRAZY) and so on the way to class one night there was a crazy naked guy dancing around in the street smashing bottles hahaha it was awesome. So, really not a whole lot happened but it was fun. LAST THING AND THE MOST IMPORTANT MOM. I NEEEEEED MORE MUSIC. (Total i told you so moment) But our mission president allows like instrumental music sooooo you should send me popular instrumental (only piano) music like Already Home -A Great Big World and (ask palmer about this) but Minecraft night time music. I NEED THE MINECRAFT MUSIC.

WARNING: Spiritual moment of the day. ;)
Alright so I actually had a couple thoughts/things happen to me this week spiritually.
First, I felt the spirit the first time speaking in spanish to an investigator. It was the best feeling ever and the investigator told us she could feel it too. :))))) Also, on Sunday we watched a devotional from Elder Oaks about missionary work and a couple things really stood out to me and I would like to share them with you guys.
(This is where some people might shake their head and say "He is only a month in and has already gone crazy" hahaha) But Elder Oaks wife said "You as missionaries promised your investigators in the pre-existence that you would find them" and that hit me like a ton of bricks and got me soooo motivated. I know that I am here to find and teach people who need this gospel. I am not here for a thank you. I am here to give everything to these people so that hopefully some day they can be happy and live with there families forever. It reminds me of a quote, "If I have to leave my family for 2 years, it is worth it if I can give a family the opportunity to live with each other for eternity." So, I thought that was kind of cool and I can't wait to further the work!

Last but not least, I love you all SO much and think about you a ton. I look forward to hearing from ALL of you every week. Be safe at home and I am praying for you. With SO much love,

Elder Brophy
The Chilean Slaya
PS- I finna hit something