Monday, October 6, 2014


Don´t try to translate that because it wont make sense because it is some wicked slang here in the country of buses who dont like to pick up missionaries. Hahahah yeah... so that ¨po¨ word is the weirdest word on the planet and I didnt know what the freak people were talking about the first week I was in the field. The closest thing I can think of to it is eh in Canada. Po is put at the end of whatever word you feel and it doesnt mean anything... I almost puked everywhere when I figured out it didnt mean anything and it is used so much. AHahhaa but its chill... i. If you get that I love you.

My mommas questions firsssssst because she is ¨the man¨
-Did I listen to conference? Naw mom I ditched at went to Taco Bell. Hahaha noooo of course I watched it!!! It was freaking awesome and I am going to talk about it later.
-I watched it in English thank goodness but my last one I am going to watch in Spanish.
-Conference in the Mission Field is the equivalent to the World Cup or March Madness at home. Hahaha it is really different. In a really good way and I love it so much.
-Elder Warrick has been in the field for 13 months now.

Yeah, so here is how my week went:
On Tuesday me and Elder Warrick played futbol with a bunch of high guys and contacted them shortly after. It was awesome and they said next time we play they will let us teach a whole lesson because we wrecked them.
I also recieved my pictures my mom sent me on Tuesday and holy cow I couldn´t stop smiling at them. They have pictures of my family (extended tambien), friends, my dog, me playing minecraft, and swag. I laughed and got really trunky looking at them but absolutely love them. I think I look at them every single day. I literally asked my mom for a couple pictures and she makes me a scrapbook type thing with so much work put into it. Wow.... She is amazing and my hero (Shout out to Moms around the world #BapSquad #RaiseTheRoof)
Then on Wednesday I went on Divisions with Elder Walker. Divisions is leaving your companion and going with another missionary for the day and night. Plot twist... Elder Walker has the exact same time as me hahahahhaah so we both were walking around speaking broken spanish and understanding -43% of what everyone was saying. Hahahaha it was super bakan and I loved it. 
I also got to see all the newbies again and me and Elder Brooks and Elder Johnson just talkedddd and talkedddd and talkeddddd. They are awesome and I cant wait to see them again in 2.

By far my favorite conference. It is different on the mission.... I dunno know how to describe it but its awesome. I really really really enjoyed Henry B Eyring´s talks. He is amazing and definitely my favorite. Specifically I loved his talk about his story about his mom and profets. Haha he talked about how when he came home at night he would always try to sneak past his moms door and make it downstairs but she would always be awake. When he said that I really honestly starting laughing inside because it is the exact same with me hahahah. I dont think I have come home at night and my mom or dad arent awake. It really hit me on how much they care and that decision they made to stay up affected me. I hated it to be honest but it taught me a good lesson. Talk about the best parents ever.

Tambien (also) when something is repeated it usually means that its really important and there were 3 phrases that were repeated and I think they describe the whole conference.
1. If you love me, keep my commandments. (Cheryl Esplin, Dallin H. Oaks, Jorg Klebinjit)
The whole conference every person seemed to be talking about commandments and the prophet. It is SO important that we keep the commandments. Not even the slightest degree of sin is acceptable in the sight of God. Also, something that really hit me and that I am probably going to use alot here is A god who has low standards is a God who doesnt exist.
2. Decisions Determine Destiny (Quentin L. Cook, President Thomas S. Monson)
Alot in this conferencia was about AGENCY tambien. We have the free will to choose. This reminds me of a couple menos activos (ugh my spanglish hora, Less actives) said that church takes up too much time. People work on this earth correct? Why? To live of course... we need the money to live. Why do we go to church and keep the commandments? To live... in the next life. We are reserving a spot in the celestial kingdom. Dont mess up.
3. Lift up the hands that hang down. (Eduardo Gauarret, President Thomas S. Monson)
Alot was also about the poor and afflicted. We need to give what we can to them because we have been given much, therefore we must give.

I know these things are true and I love this gospel. We can stay close to the Lord through listening to the words on the Prophet and the 12 Apostoles (Spanish I forgot how to spell i in english haha).


Funny moment tambien is I wanted to tell my mom how much freaking veggies and fruit I am eating here. Like, times what I used to eat at home in fruits and veggies by 10 and that is whaat I am eating. So like 10 a day hahaha. Love you all CHAOOOOOOO.

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