Monday, September 29, 2014


YEET. ITS YA BOY C DIDDY B COMIN ATCHA WITH ANOTHER WEEK!!!... only like 90 leftttt wassuppppp. 

Yeah, so this week has been pretty freaking soliddd. First, I finally had the guts to go up and talk to Elder Brady (He is a Zone Leader so its kinda a big deal hahah) and it was the end of the meeting so I simply said ¨Chao Swag Master¨ and he kinda laughed and said ¨Swag Dadddddy¨ hahaha I dont think I have laughed harder before. It was great. So I freaking love Elder Brady. He is such a cool kid and an amazing District Leader.

A couple cool and kinda weird things happened this week soooo...

1. I contacted this Chilean dude that happened to be an English teacher here so he pretty much speaks fluent (yes I just slaughtered the poo out of that word judge me) English. It was awesome to actually be able to connect with someone and say what I want to say haha so I have a cita (I forgot the word in English for it...) with him this week and I am so excited!
2. The Gonzalez family is notorious for feeding us soooooo much food so this week they offered us to come over for a birthday. I ate 3 Completos and a huge piece of cake the size of a small horse. It was nice and I wanted to puke hahaha.
3. Me and Elder Warrick got kicked out of a house which was awesome. We got invited in by the son, then the mom got really mad at us and pretty much threw us into the street. I laughed pretty hard. 
4. Elder Warrick and I finally got our bikes too! And they are BRAND SPANKIN NEW. Wooooohoooo. I love mine and we definitely get a workout riding around all day. :)
5. I am now reading: The New Testament, el Libro de Mormon, AND Our Search For Happiness at the same time... Dont ask me how because I dont know but I am making progress in all of them and I love reading them. :)
6. For the Chilean Independence Day, yes, the church did have a party on Saturday (27). There were lots of Chilean traditional dances which were superrrr awesome to watch and yes... there was a sack race and yes.... I biffed it pretty hard BUT it was worth it because I came in 2nd. Hahahaha.... It was a pretty sweet roll out if I do say so myself hahaha.

This week Elder Warrick and I made a lot of progress. We have 7 new investigadores. :) I cant wait to continue to teach them and see what happens!!! We also found a 17 year old inactivo and he came to church with us yesterday which is awesome and is already recieving a calling in the church. BOOYAAAAAAAAA MAKIN IT RAIN H2O BECAUSE #BAPSQUAD. 

I really need to calm down.

Spiritual Moment of the Week Ladies and Gents.

So, I love music. ALOT. So I really love listening to the Church music I brought with me on my mission. Well, the other day I was listening to a song, I dont remember the name but I do remember some lyrics that I would like to share with all of you.

They go:

¨He (Jesus Christ) was just one voice, but one voice that changed the earth¨....¨I am just one voice, but one voice that will be heard, I have made the choice to seal my witness with my words.¨

Those few words really hit me hard that night sitting there. I reall am just one voice. As a matter of fact, I am an 18 year old voice. I am definitely not saying I am going to change the world, but I will be heard. Even just by only one person. I know this gospel is true and that is why I am here in Chile. I love these people and this gospel so much. I am ready to work and I cant wait to see what happens this next coming week. 

I love you all. Be safe back in the UT or anywhere else you all might be. I am C Broph. CALERA DE TANGO, YA BOY IS COMIN.

Chilean Independence Day Celebration:)
Looks like fun!

 Elder Brophy taking quite the fall! He says he is just fine :)

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