Monday, December 29, 2014

Call me the Bowling King

SUP KILLAS. Holy fletcher its ya boi Elder B in the Chile. First of course, answerin the questionssssss.
-Your Elder is doing splendid mother.
-I was alright after skyping hahaha :)
-After skyping we went and visited one other family and i have a story with that, that will come later in this email.
-The people who fed us gave us meat, rice, tomatoes. It was freaking delicious. I puked it was so good.
-Lots of people actually gave me presents! It was very nice of them.
-On new years eve we have to be in the house by 8 o clock... so we arent doing anything hahahah
-I am getting my final rabies shot tomorrow! Whoooohoooo

Awesome. So this last week was pretty crazy! It was really fun. :) We skyped and opened presents on Christmas which was amazing. After I felt a little trunky but Im good now hahah. After skyping, like I said, we visited one more family that lives far away from us to we had to take bus. Well, on the way back home there was a TON of traffic. It took us 1 hour to go 2 miles. Sooooo, with that people started to get frustrated in the bus and the next thing we know it EVERYBODY is chucking up combos and knocking people out. Literally a huge fight just randomly started in the bus. So the bus driver opens the door and everyone piles out fighting and such. Little kids crying on the sidewalk... it was pretty intense hahahahah but luckily me and my companion got out without getting hurt and such. :) Pretty fun. :) Besides that not much else so intense happened hahah.

Today we went bowling as a zone which was incredibly fun and I DESTROYED hahahah. I palmed this ball that was like the lightest they had and pretty much shot-put that trash into the pins hahahaha. :) I will attach a picture here soon. :)

But this week also was really difficult with some of our strongest less active members. This week we visited one of our less actives who was on point of reactivation. He has 17 years and is honestly a beast. Well, we started teaching one of the commandments to him and he pretty much freaked out at us randomly and kicked us out of his house. It was one of the hardest things to see from him.... But I know that through the Lord, through prayer and repentence that everyone can come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praying for him everyday and I ask of you all that you can keep Elson in your prayers. Thankyo. :)

But thats about it killas. Keep is swaggy as fetccccchhhhh and I am going to continue to just baptize the world.

Chao. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas fever Killazzzz

I am just going to hop straight into this stinking email and answer the wonderful questions of my momma. :)
-This week was pretty solid. Nothing huge happened.... just been chillin and doing the Lords work!
-The dog bite is good. All scabbed over and such.
-The shots are good, I have to get my fourth one today, then my fifth on Wednesday i think and then I am done!
-I am not sure if the dog had rabies or not.... But i have felt fine so far so i think I am good. :)
-They didnt give me antibiotics...
-I havent heard of a ton of missionaries getting bit but I dont thinki it is a huge deal here. 
-We finna skype in a server.
-The Christmas party was tigggggght! We had a lot of fun looking at all the pictures and eating good food. :)
-I said goodbye to Elder Brady and he is in Hawaii right now I think hahahah.
-I am still in Calera de Tango... de hecho (as a matter of fact) I think I am going to be here until April now. Holy cow, alot of time right? But some pretty cool things are happening here in Calera de Tango that I cant say quite yet and Presidente needs me and Elder Warrick here right now!

So this week was pretty normal. It was really fun too! I am loving Calera de Tango, all the shots I am getting from a weird hospital.... and thats it hahahha. :) Thisweek I went on divisions with my district leader Elder Parker. And this kid is a beast hahaha i love his guts. We busted out 8 lessons in one day and bought pizza to celebrate. It was awesome. I am really looking forward to this week beiing that it is Christmas and all. I even bought myself a cool little gift today. Here is a picture! :)

But anyways, I am going to keep this short. I love you all soooooo much. Stay swaggy in the hood and YA BOY C BROOPH is ouuuuut. Cant wait for skype too... holy fetch that is going to be weird! CHAO!:)

Monday, December 15, 2014


Honestly... I dont know what the fetch to think right now hahahah. Looking at all the pictures of my incredible sister returning from her mission. My best friend chilling in my house..... Que trunky hahaha! (How homesick... something like that). From the pictures I saw from Madison returning home it looks to me like an overwhelmed missionary hahah! I am sure I am going to be the same... just with more style. :) Its a jokeeeeeeeeeeee. Chill madi I love you hahahaha. Wow, I almost forget, my Mothers questions! :)

-My week was really good actually. This week me and Elder Warrick went ham in the paint. We set 7 baptism fechas (dates) and found 13 more new investigators! You could say we took out the trash hahaha. :)
-I wasnt feeling trunky until today... but I still dont feel too trunky to be honest... its just weird to see my sister come home and my best friend go on a mission.....
-I did recieve one hand written pouch letter which I loved. :)

Okayyyyy. So this week Hayden freaking Smith went to the CCM... wait its the MTC in Estados Unidos right? Anyways, that is SO sick. I am so excited for the kid and he is in for a good time. :)

Hahahah something that REALLY sucked this week that I really didnt want to happen is I finally got bit by a dog... yes... it happened. I was contacting a house standing outside the gate... and out of NOWHERE a dog reaches through the gate and grabs my finger and starts yanking that trash. It finally let go and it just starts gushing blood. Hahaha when I first saw it I actually thought I might need stitches but I cleaned it up and it didnt look too deep so I let it be. Well, since it was a street dog I need my rabies shots so that wednesday I got my first one and this morning I got my second one (there are 5 in total), so I will be heading back to the hospital on Wednesday to get my third. HAhaha funny story, the first shot they gave me, the needle was literally bent a little bit.... AND THEY STILL USED IT! I laughed afterwards but it hurt while it was going in to say the least hahahaha. :) So yeah...

Something else that was cool was we had a baptism! Its a longggg story but pretty much Elder Warrick found this guy named Louis a month before I got to my sector with him and taught him pretty much everything (I think I helped teach 2 or 3 lessons with him too) and he told us that he wants to be baptized. Well, he doesnt live in our sector but his girlfriend does (that is how he found him) so he couldnt get baptized in our sector. Long story short, he got baptized in Santiago and we got permission to go and help with the service. It was pretty incredible. :)

That is about it this week folks. Keep staying ridiculous swaggy (Palmer you rockin all my clothes and such you cant help being swaggy) and I will talk to you all next week! I LOVE YOU.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Que Trunky.

Well.... thats it ladies and gentlemen. My sister is dying in the mission field and I am here just a seasoned greenie.... hmmmmmmmmm. You could say it makes me a bit trunky hahahaha. Of course, the questions from my momma first. :)

-I am doing good mom. How are you?:)

Thats all of them for today folks. Hahahaahahah. :) Yeah, so this week was pretty tight I guess. Hahaha:) To be honest, it was a REALLY good week because of the diligence that me and Elder Warrick had. It was awesome. We found TONS of new investigators and put a fecha for this month. :) This week we also made 300 empanadas for an hermana for service. Hahahah it was crazy and she let us eat some after which was SO rico (good). (Carne and Queso y Shrimp y Queso). Also, since transfers were this last week the zone is completely new and everyone is honestly too sick.  I am excited to see all the stuff that goes down because supposedly we are ¨stacked.¨

Something super tight that happened this week was that a flight attendant that we know brought us Captain Crunch, Reeses Puffs, Pancakes, Syrup, AND MT DEW. HOLY FETCH MONKEY. You could say that when I drank the Mt. Dew I felt like I was with my besty Hayden up at Farmington Pond skipping rocks across the lake chilling.... (By the way he is in the CCM today hahaha woohoooo). It was a good feeling to say the least. We also recieved a Christmas Tree and decorations for it so we set that up downstairs and I have to say it looks swaggy as fetch. Giddy up kiillas. Oh, and I finished the New Testament the other day no biggie. :)

So in total. It was a pretty solid week. I am grateful for everyone that writes me andthat is in my life. Today I really wanted to focus on one thing.
Step One - Go to
Step Two - Type ¨He is the Gift¨
Step Three - Let the Holy Ghost punch you in the face.

I think it is called He is the Gift because I only know the title in spanish. But it is a video from about Christmas. No matter how many times I watch this video I can feel the spirit SO strong and it really reminds me WHY we have Christmas. Please go watch it. RIGHT NOW. Then email me about how you felt when you watched it. That is my challenge for the week. :)

Anyways, thats it today peeps. I love you all. My sister again is a walking suitcase right now just chillin in belgium getting ready to head out.

I seriously love you all. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and pray for you daily. Stay safe and swaggy. Its ya boi C Broph checkin out.


 Standing in front of their little church :)
 Homemade empanadas...yum!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Ha the title is really anti-climatic because neither I or my companion Elder Warrick have changes!!!!! Siiiiiccckkkkk I am just straight chillin in Calera until FEB. 23rd I am thinking. Because Presidente Barreiros pretty much told Elder Warrick that this is his last change with me here in Calera and he is leaving soooo... I am going to have 4 changes in Calera (6 months)! Pretty crazy! I am excitedddd.

-My week has been pretty solid. Not a ton happened this week... either I forgot what happened or I just didnt write anything down on my ¨email list¨ I make every week... Hmmm....
-I haven´t recieved any handwritten letters in pouch yet... Next Wednesday maybe!
-Every other week I get around 3-4 letters. :) Its the bomb.
-YES, I am so glad you finally got that letter!! I am going to send a big huge package to you guys this week so get ready!:)
-This Thursday me and Elder Warrick forgot it was thanksgiving so we literally didnt do anything... pretty lame right? hahahaha

Yeah, sooooo the few things that I DID write down are the following:

This week I witnessed the death of a dog. :( It was so sad. It didnt get run over or anything like that... just of old age. We went over to a menos-activa´s house (Gloria) and they were all outside surrounded their dog. It was breathing really heavy and couldnt stand up. They had the vet come over and she gave them a shot to give the dog... Well, long story short the dog started to bleed from the mouth and died. It was really sad and everybody was crying and I just kind of felt awkward. So that was interesting! It actually brought up a good question if we could give the dog a priesthood blessing but we came to the conclusion that we cant hahahahaha.

Something SICK that happened this week was that me and Elder Warrick met a flight attendant. She flies to the United States 4 different times in December and she told us to make her a list of things that they dont have here, that we want from the United States and she will bring it to us for free!!! HOW SICK IS THAT. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I ASKED FOR CAPTAIN CRUNCH. So, we will see if that works out or not hahaha. :)

Besides that, nothing else really happened!!! I am super excited to stay here in Calera with Elder Warrick and pass Christmas together!!! I cant freaking wait for Christmas. :)

I love you all. Everybody stay swaggy. My sister is trunky as fetch right now and coming home in a week so that makes me trunky. I love you all!