Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas fever Killazzzz

I am just going to hop straight into this stinking email and answer the wonderful questions of my momma. :)
-This week was pretty solid. Nothing huge happened.... just been chillin and doing the Lords work!
-The dog bite is good. All scabbed over and such.
-The shots are good, I have to get my fourth one today, then my fifth on Wednesday i think and then I am done!
-I am not sure if the dog had rabies or not.... But i have felt fine so far so i think I am good. :)
-They didnt give me antibiotics...
-I havent heard of a ton of missionaries getting bit but I dont thinki it is a huge deal here. 
-We finna skype in a server.
-The Christmas party was tigggggght! We had a lot of fun looking at all the pictures and eating good food. :)
-I said goodbye to Elder Brady and he is in Hawaii right now I think hahahah.
-I am still in Calera de Tango... de hecho (as a matter of fact) I think I am going to be here until April now. Holy cow, alot of time right? But some pretty cool things are happening here in Calera de Tango that I cant say quite yet and Presidente needs me and Elder Warrick here right now!

So this week was pretty normal. It was really fun too! I am loving Calera de Tango, all the shots I am getting from a weird hospital.... and thats it hahahha. :) Thisweek I went on divisions with my district leader Elder Parker. And this kid is a beast hahaha i love his guts. We busted out 8 lessons in one day and bought pizza to celebrate. It was awesome. I am really looking forward to this week beiing that it is Christmas and all. I even bought myself a cool little gift today. Here is a picture! :)

But anyways, I am going to keep this short. I love you all soooooo much. Stay swaggy in the hood and YA BOY C BROOPH is ouuuuut. Cant wait for skype too... holy fetch that is going to be weird! CHAO!:)

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