Monday, February 23, 2015

Transferssss killas hahaha.

Yeahhhhhhhh. So before we get into this mess, I am going to answer the questions. :)
-My week was realllllyyyy good. We brought 13 people to church with us for my last sunday in Calera de Tango!
-THE NEWS: I got transfered to Melipilla (it is just like Calera de Tango... super country side hahaah) I am serving in a sector that me and my companion Elder Arriagada are OPENING up.... yes, I am opening my second sector in the mission and yes that means ANOTHER white wash hahahah:) My companion is from Chile and he actually goes home next change... so I hope he isnt too trunky hahaha
-I got the valentines day package! THANKYOU:) I freaking lovedddd it and I use all the pins:)
-My bike is all fixed up for the next person in Calera!
-My scriptures are ALL tabbed up and swaggin. 

YEAH, so this last week was pretty solid. I said goodbye to everybody that I knew which was prettty hard but I know that I need to be here in Melipilla. It is going to be AMAZING and today I think me and my companion are just going to walk around and knock on doors.... hahaha we dont even know where our sector is:)

But yeah. It was amazing in Calera de Tango but i am excited for a new sector and new people! I am going to ¨kill¨ my companion this change which will be interesting hahaha. But really i have just been studying the book of mormon a TON lately. If we EVER have a question literally about ANYTHING, we can find our answer in this book. I love this book so much and it has changed my life. I challenge EVERYBODY to read it, ponder its message, and pray about it to see if it is true.

I love you all SO much. Pray for me and my companion Elder Arriagada that we can slay it here and be guided by the spirit. CHAO!

Ya boiii
Elder Brophy

Monday, February 16, 2015

FannyPack Swaaaaaag

Holy stars for the love of lizaaaa wasssup killas. THE Qs...
-I am feeling a little bit better this week which is pretty solid hahaha
-I havent gone to the doctor... should I?
-I havent recieved my package from you yet, but elder warrick told me that it is there so I will get it on Wednesday!:)
-If I get transfered... I think I will still be able to email you guys haha. I am like 99% sure that I can. :)
-I will find out transfers saturday night.
-I am going to start taking a tonnnn of pictures this week. 
-How do I feel about transfers... yes, I am thinking that I am going to get transfered but I am not a 100% sure... we will see!
-I will tell you about my investigators hahah 1 sec :)

Yeah, so this is kinda weird.... next week I might be in a different sector emailing you guys! Wowzahhhss time flies right? But yeah. :)

Hahah I am gonna jump right into it by saying WOW. We have seen a tonnn of miracles here in the sector this last week. Hahaha it has been amazing really. One of our investigators attended church this last week so we are thinking she will get baptized this next sunday! PRAY for Jenny (thats her name). This week I also had to buy a new backpack and I saw a sick fannypack and thought.... ya know what... that is pure swag so I bought that trash and I keep my pass-along cards in it hahah:) Here is a pic!

But really, I am just so grateful for all of you guys at home and in missions. You are the bommmmmb. I have felt and seen all the prayers this week and the Lord truly does listen to us! Keep absolutely killing it at home. I loveeee you guys.

Its ya boy Elder B

SLAYA #FannyPackSwag

Monday, February 9, 2015

Brokennnnn bikessss. :(

Hahahahah wassssssssssssup killaaaaas. I be straight launchin straight up from Chile with a sickkkk message this week ahhaha.:) Naw, but of course my moms questions first.
-Hahahahhah yes I fell of my bike (like forever ago... like 3 1/2 months ago) and ripped my suit pants and didnt tell you in email hahahah BUT, everything is good now. I had this lady sew them up and they look decently normal hahaha.:)
-I will try to get this recipe from that lady. :)
-Yes, I am almost positive that I am going to have transfers the 23rd.
-I will start taking a ton of pictures of my everyday places so that I can send them home!
-I am still sick... butI am a little bit better this week haha
-It took literally 5 1/2 months for me to get a bed. :)
-I got 1 of your packages with all the chocolate in it hahah some of them exploded.:)
-We have our own washer, and we hang dry everything in our house. Pretty swaggy right?

YEAH, okayyyyso this week was interesting. Hahahah it was pretty solid but interesting. First, my bike like broke down completely... so I have been walking around my sector for a couple days... until a member lended (idk if that is a word in ingles anymore....) me here bike so now I am cruising around with a girl bike and I am making it look AMAZING. hahahah so thats that. 

This week I had a pretty funny experience. We were contacting (knocking on doors) and a man left who was SO excited for some reason. Haha first he offers us fruit and we gladly take it because fruit is amazing, then he starts telling us that he wouldLOVE it if we passed by his house because he loves to learn about God. So after this conversation, we ask him when we can pass by his house and he literally says this:
¨Shooooot, I am busy right this second, but pass by in June and we can talk then!¨ I was soooo confused hahahah I actually started laughing. Then this guy just tells us, Oh man, keep going with your mission type thingy. And runs inside hahahahaaha. I died. It was a great contact.

Anyways, This week has really taught me a lot about faith. WOW, faith is so freaking important in missionary work. For example in Moroni 7:33 it talks about that if you have faith that something will happen, and it is convenient for the Lord, it will be given to you. So, this week I have just been trying to always hope for the best. When I contact people I try to see them all in white in their baptismal clothes. #WeFinnaGetWet

I love you all. BE SAFE AND SWAGGY. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever let your meat loaf. Chao!

Elder Brophy


Monday, February 2, 2015

Holy Frootloops

WHAT IS UP KILLAS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Its ya boy comin atcha this week with a quick short email. :) But firrrrrst, the Q´s. :)

-My week has been pretty solid. Thanks. How has yours been mom?:)
-Last week I was sick and this week I am still sick hahaha
-I hope that this package comes for Wednesday because that would be awesome.
-I fixed my SD card, now I am just nervous to plug it back in... but I am going to try anyways.
-You are in the freaking relief society presidency because you are a machine mom.
-This week we had to make our own food 3 of the days... but this week I think only one day. :)
-I am now doing my own laundry and my clothes smell clean as ever. :)

YEAH. So, I dont really have a ton to share about this weeks experiences because it was a REALLY amazing week... and a really difficult week for me. BUT, I can testify this week to all of you that we have trials to learn and to put more faith in God. For example, this week it was BLAZING HOT. Me and my companion were fasting so that we could see a miracle in this sector of Calera de Tango. After being in the street for a solid 2-3 hours... literally I wanted to sit in the shade for a couple minutes and think of what we can do next... who we can teach... we knocked on a random door. We found a family of 4, we taught the first lesson, and they want to be baptized. WOW. There is always someone out there being prepared by God to recieve the restored gospel. I honestly can testify that the Book of Mormon is true. If you truly read it, ponder the message in your heart, then later ask God if it is true.... you will recieve an answer. Like fetch, I get excited when people ask me about the Book of Mormon because it is so freaking awesome and I invite everyone reading this to read it, ponder, and pray. HAGALO! (DO IT). Hahahah but yeah. Thats about it ladies and gentlemen. There are always trials... but shortly after, according to our patience, obedience, and diligence throughout the trial, there is a blessing.

Be safe everybody. Thankyou to everyone who has been praying for me. I love you all. :) 

Elder Brophy

Leader of the Rice and Beans Band