Monday, February 2, 2015

Holy Frootloops

WHAT IS UP KILLAS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Its ya boy comin atcha this week with a quick short email. :) But firrrrrst, the Q´s. :)

-My week has been pretty solid. Thanks. How has yours been mom?:)
-Last week I was sick and this week I am still sick hahaha
-I hope that this package comes for Wednesday because that would be awesome.
-I fixed my SD card, now I am just nervous to plug it back in... but I am going to try anyways.
-You are in the freaking relief society presidency because you are a machine mom.
-This week we had to make our own food 3 of the days... but this week I think only one day. :)
-I am now doing my own laundry and my clothes smell clean as ever. :)

YEAH. So, I dont really have a ton to share about this weeks experiences because it was a REALLY amazing week... and a really difficult week for me. BUT, I can testify this week to all of you that we have trials to learn and to put more faith in God. For example, this week it was BLAZING HOT. Me and my companion were fasting so that we could see a miracle in this sector of Calera de Tango. After being in the street for a solid 2-3 hours... literally I wanted to sit in the shade for a couple minutes and think of what we can do next... who we can teach... we knocked on a random door. We found a family of 4, we taught the first lesson, and they want to be baptized. WOW. There is always someone out there being prepared by God to recieve the restored gospel. I honestly can testify that the Book of Mormon is true. If you truly read it, ponder the message in your heart, then later ask God if it is true.... you will recieve an answer. Like fetch, I get excited when people ask me about the Book of Mormon because it is so freaking awesome and I invite everyone reading this to read it, ponder, and pray. HAGALO! (DO IT). Hahahah but yeah. Thats about it ladies and gentlemen. There are always trials... but shortly after, according to our patience, obedience, and diligence throughout the trial, there is a blessing.

Be safe everybody. Thankyou to everyone who has been praying for me. I love you all. :) 

Elder Brophy

Leader of the Rice and Beans Band

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