Monday, February 23, 2015

Transferssss killas hahaha.

Yeahhhhhhhh. So before we get into this mess, I am going to answer the questions. :)
-My week was realllllyyyy good. We brought 13 people to church with us for my last sunday in Calera de Tango!
-THE NEWS: I got transfered to Melipilla (it is just like Calera de Tango... super country side hahaah) I am serving in a sector that me and my companion Elder Arriagada are OPENING up.... yes, I am opening my second sector in the mission and yes that means ANOTHER white wash hahahah:) My companion is from Chile and he actually goes home next change... so I hope he isnt too trunky hahaha
-I got the valentines day package! THANKYOU:) I freaking lovedddd it and I use all the pins:)
-My bike is all fixed up for the next person in Calera!
-My scriptures are ALL tabbed up and swaggin. 

YEAH, so this last week was pretty solid. I said goodbye to everybody that I knew which was prettty hard but I know that I need to be here in Melipilla. It is going to be AMAZING and today I think me and my companion are just going to walk around and knock on doors.... hahaha we dont even know where our sector is:)

But yeah. It was amazing in Calera de Tango but i am excited for a new sector and new people! I am going to ¨kill¨ my companion this change which will be interesting hahaha. But really i have just been studying the book of mormon a TON lately. If we EVER have a question literally about ANYTHING, we can find our answer in this book. I love this book so much and it has changed my life. I challenge EVERYBODY to read it, ponder its message, and pray about it to see if it is true.

I love you all SO much. Pray for me and my companion Elder Arriagada that we can slay it here and be guided by the spirit. CHAO!

Ya boiii
Elder Brophy

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