Monday, February 16, 2015

FannyPack Swaaaaaag

Holy stars for the love of lizaaaa wasssup killas. THE Qs...
-I am feeling a little bit better this week which is pretty solid hahaha
-I havent gone to the doctor... should I?
-I havent recieved my package from you yet, but elder warrick told me that it is there so I will get it on Wednesday!:)
-If I get transfered... I think I will still be able to email you guys haha. I am like 99% sure that I can. :)
-I will find out transfers saturday night.
-I am going to start taking a tonnnn of pictures this week. 
-How do I feel about transfers... yes, I am thinking that I am going to get transfered but I am not a 100% sure... we will see!
-I will tell you about my investigators hahah 1 sec :)

Yeah, so this is kinda weird.... next week I might be in a different sector emailing you guys! Wowzahhhss time flies right? But yeah. :)

Hahah I am gonna jump right into it by saying WOW. We have seen a tonnn of miracles here in the sector this last week. Hahaha it has been amazing really. One of our investigators attended church this last week so we are thinking she will get baptized this next sunday! PRAY for Jenny (thats her name). This week I also had to buy a new backpack and I saw a sick fannypack and thought.... ya know what... that is pure swag so I bought that trash and I keep my pass-along cards in it hahah:) Here is a pic!

But really, I am just so grateful for all of you guys at home and in missions. You are the bommmmmb. I have felt and seen all the prayers this week and the Lord truly does listen to us! Keep absolutely killing it at home. I loveeee you guys.

Its ya boy Elder B

SLAYA #FannyPackSwag

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