Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Brothers and Sister! Killas and Killers.

My week was amazing. Thanks. :)
I got the packages holy cow they are HUGE. You guys spoil me!
I have listened to a couple recordings. Not all of them yet but they are awesome!
I think we are going to find a new family to baptize on Thursday and that will be our Thanksgiving dinner hahha!

SO, I am super hyped right now! Honeslty, this week has been great! I was able to do divisions with the Elders of my first sector (Calera de Tango). We visited a couple families that I visited while I was there. It was amazing to see the people again and to see how much they had changed! A couple of them even got baptized!!! :)

We also celebrated Elder Harries birthday yesterday and today with cake, ice cream, and some good old soccer as a zone. :)

Anyways, to make this a short and sweet one. I would just love to take the opportunity to testify of the Atonement of Christ. I have felt its effect in my life here on the mission. My desires have changed since the day I arrived at the CCM to today. I am here because I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ. I know they live and love us so much. I know without a DOUBT, that when we are obedient to the commandments of the Lord, we are blessed. Obedience is a celestial law. May we evaluate ourselves and ask God ¨What Lack I Yet?.¨ I know that if we asked humbly and with real intent, we can use the Atonement to continue to improve.

I leave this with you all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.


Elder Brophy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spin-Move Fade-Away Baptism

Hey everybody!! :) I hope everyone is doing great. :) We are going to start right with it answering the Q´s of my best buds!

-My packages are here! WOOO
-I think I will be emailing Tuesday in the mornings from now on (like right now). But if anything changes I will surely let you guys know!
-I havent gotten a leather scripture cover yet because I am going to buy it towards the end of my mission to use at home.
-I got my priesthood line of authority! thanks so much for that mom! :) Tell Bishop Bovee that I freaking love him and to write me!
-I am not 100% what we are going to do yet for Thanksgiving. Probably work!!!
-I am over my sickness now! so thats awesome. :)

Sounds like everything is just crazy (as usual) at home so I am going to be focusing my email today on what the heck is going on here in Chile!

Well, this week was amazing. Elder Harries and I are working hard here in Talagante having a great time Well, this week I was able to do divisions with one of the missionaries here in the zone that is in Melipilla! SO, i was able to go back to one of my favorite sectors and work hard with him. We had an amazing time. As a matter of fact, since this missionary was new in his sector he didnt know a ton of what to do. So, after contacting ALL day and not having a ton of success we decided to say a prayer and ask for the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Well, after doing so, we knocked on a door and found a 19 year old kid that had talked to missionaries before. We taught the Restoration and invited him to come to church and told us he would!! I know miracles exist like that, that God prepares the way for all things to come to pass.

Something else that was super awesome this week was with Elder Harries. hahahahha this kid is so awesome. We get along really well. Well, we made brownies this morning and ate half a 9x13 pan and when we get back right now we are going to eat the other half. Well, thats about it here! There are obviously 1000 other amazing things that happen throughout the week here but I cant take up too much time (thats why I have a journal). 

I know Christ lives. I know that He knows me personally and knows each and every one of you. He loves you so much and wants us to return to live with Him again. May we make the changes in our lives to be able to live with Him again. I love you all

Elder Brophy

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Talagante... Brillante, Adelante, Elegante!

Starting with the Q´s. :)

-My new companion is Elder Harries.
-He has the exact same amount of time as me. (We were in the same district in the CCM). He is from Atlanta, Georgia.
-Its just us two in our apartment
-Sometimes we have to travel a good hour to 2 hours to get to places to do divisions with other missonaries etc.
-This yummy pizza place I like is called Blueys. Its an american based pizzeria. :)
-We get mail tomorrow! Woooohoooo. :)

Alrighty!!! :) So starting off. This week was amazingggg! Due to my sickness, I lost my voice for a couple days but we kept on working and were blessed! Working with Elder Harries is AWESOME. We are best buds! Hahaha knowing him a little bit before, then becomeing companions was a pretty funny experience.

The Lord was very merciful with us this week and prepared a TON of new people that we found this week. We found a ton of new people. :) We put a baptismal date with an 82 year old lady for the 21 of November and she wants to be baptized! Pretty incredible. :) 

This change, we as a companionship and zone have the goal of doing 3 things this change.

1. Develop more faith in our Savior Jesus Christ

2. Baptize every single month

3. Increase the attendance through working with the members of the Church.

I know Christ lives! He loves us SO MUCH. I know that we are blessed according to our OBEDIENCE to the commandments. May we obey with joy and a loving heart. I support and sustain our Priesthood leaders here on this earth. I know this is Christs church and communicates with us through His living prophet.

I love you all and pray for you daily!!


In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Brophy

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Last week of Changes. BUSY!

Alrighty Kiddos. We starting off with the Q´s. :)
-Elder Mendoza went home today! He is in his house now! Thats pretty crazy!:)
-He lives like 6 hours in car and 1 hour in plane
-I dont know who my companion is until tomorrow but i am staying in Talagante.
-We meet with President Barreiros i would say like 3-4 times every change.
-Madi wrote me a long email last week so I guess she doesnt need to change her wedding date. :(
-Sis. Barreiros takes out the trash mom. She is always teaching side by side with President!
-Hahahah that was the zone of Melipilla a long time ago. When I first received Elder Lozano!

Well, it sounds like the kids are doing well in school! Thats awesome that emma worked really hard to get a 4.0 and received a phone for it! Congrats Emmalou! :) Another huge S/O to mah boi Peebs for rocking a 4.0 as well. Now you just need to get a 4.0 in scripture study dood.

Well, everything has been great this week! It is the last week of changes so we were VERY VERY busy doing a lot of things and last minute check-ups. On thursday I was literally on the phone for like 3 hours straight checking up on things hahah! SO, you could say I am a little tired but SUPER EXCITED. I loveeee being here and serving the missionaries. I will receive my new companion tomorrow so I ask all to please pray that Pres. Barreiros can receive revelation for the mission on where the Lord wants His servants. 

We say a miracle this week with one of our investigators named Ivonne. We found her contacting in the street and we started teaching her about the Atonement of Christ. Well, using Alma 7 she really felt like that scripture really applied to her and felt the light of Christ very strongly. Sadly, she had already planned to be out of town for the weekend but on Friday night before she left, she came to an activity in the chapel! She absolutely lovedddd it and was constantly smiling. I know she felt the light of Christ in that moment. We are planning on putting a baptismal date with her for the 21 of November. Please keep her in your prayers that she may receive this essential ordinance in her life!

I freaking love the mission and preaching the gospel. I know Christ lives and suffered for each and every one of us. I know he knows each and every one of us and is always reaching his arm out towards us. May we use this sacrifice in our lives daily and help others apply it in their lives. SHARE THE GOSPEL! 

I love you all! 

Elder Brophy

Right before Elder Mendoza peaced out