Monday, March 2, 2015

Slayer....? Yes, Killer? :D

Alrighhhhhhhhty. This week was crazzzzzzzzy. Actually it was pretty freaking sweet. BUT, like always we finna start with the questions from my mom. :)
-I am good mom. :)
-Last week we got off really fast so we could go to the pension really fast to go to work. 
-The new area that we are in is awesome! So our sector is the city part of Melipilla (Meli-pee-ya) and it is pretty freaking huge for walking (so no we dont have bikes.)
-The missionaries havent been in this sector for like 4 changes.... like 6 months.
-My companion Elder Arriagada (Ar-e-a-gada) is pretty sick! We get along well and work really hard together which is always good. 
-I listened to the recordings in the USB and they are sooooo good and funny hahahah i loved them. :)

So it sounds like everything is plugging away at home which is awesome!:) I love to hear that. This last week has been pretty interesting but good. We showed up and didnt even know the limits of our sector and kinda just left for the street and starting talking to people. We loved it. I honestly love just talking to people about the gospel. We have seen A TON of miracles this week through our contacts... people who actually want to listen to this message that we are going to pass by for this week. SO TIGHT.

Also, this branch that I am in right now is SO different than my last one. Holy... the attendance every week is around 230 people. THAT IS A TON. One of the biggest in all of the mission. The members are like gringos and go ham in the paint. So i Loveeeeeeee the new branch that I am in.

We also live with the Zone Leaders Elder Cannon and Elder McLaws. They are literally the sickest missionaries on the planet and a huge example to me. We go hard in the paint. :)

This next week I promiseeeeeee there will be a funny moment, and a spiritual moment. This week i wasnt thinking and didnt write anything down but for the next week for sure. :)

Also, I cant go without leaving you guys some homework. STUDY 3 Nephi Chapter 11. Really pay attention to the details about Christ. :)

I love you ALL! BE SAFE!


And if I am not mistaken this picture was us today hitting up the city pulling the typical white girl selfie.... so much swag. 

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