Monday, March 16, 2015

Bap Squad


-I am doing good mom. How are you?:)
-I do have an AWESOME story this week for you guys. :)
-The Ecco shoes are awesome and I have been wearing them more.
-I do still have blisters.... and yes I feel like it is because I went from biking for so long to walking A TON every day.
-What happened with Jesus last week you ask? He got baptized. :) SWAG.
-I didnt hear about the Sister that died.... that is so sad. :(

Okay so this week was CRAZY! Hahaha it was awesome. :) So, something funny that happened was during the baptism of Jesus, the presidency called on me to lead the music....... and I CHOKED. Hahahahah i dont know why but I just like got up there and thought the song was in 2-4 time but it was really 3-4 time. ÑHahahahahah it was super funny and I got alot of people to laugh.... so call me funny. :)

Something AMAZING that happened this last week was Jesus obviously got baptized. Last PDay after we wrote, we went and visited him and just put a baptismal date for this Saturday. And EVERYTHING worked out. It was absolutely amazing. I am so happy for him and his family. They already have the plans to be sealed as a family in 1 year from now. Incredible right? So that was amazing and I will have pictures in this email. I just really quick wanted to say a couple things about baptism. 
1. Baptism is freaking awesome and essential in life.
2. It is the opportunity to be forgiven for all your sins.
3. Shortly after, you will recieve a guide (Holy Ghost), that will guide you throughout the rest of your life. 
Pretty freaking cool right?:) So, the invitation is... get baptized killas. Hahahahah :)

I love ALL you guys. Be safe okay? I will keep ya´ll updated from here in the Jungles of Chile.

Elder Brophy


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