Monday, March 23, 2015

All White Errywhere Killas

Holyyyyyyy flemmish wassup slayas. Alright. I finna hit the Q´s. 

-Everything is chill here in Melipilla and with Elder Arriagada. :)
-I try to remember to put on sunscreen everyday... but sometimes I forget as you can tell in my pictures hahah
-My feet a little better.... i still have blisters but what can ya do?

Yeah, so we are just going to hop right into this one. How the fetch is everybody? I hope everything is chill at home and everybody is happy. :) This week in Melipilla went by really fast! We had a lot of cool/spiritual/funny moments this week.

For example: Every morning we all wake up and try to do exercises really early in the morning... well this morning we all just wake up and instead of exercising we just start free-style rapping (missionary version). It was completely ill. That was random but ya know we have fun. :)

This week I have been studying alot in Preach my Gospel  about the attributes of Christ. It has been really interesting and fulfilling to be studying all these attributes that we should ALL develop as sinners here in this earth. I recommend to anybody who has a Preach my Gospel to study Chapter 6.

I also just wanted to throw a quick random shoutout everybody at home. I can definitely feel your prayers. This week especially. It hasnt even been a hard week but I could just feel the prayers and love from home. I dunno... its awesome. YOU GUYS ARE DA BEST. #DJKHALED

Sooooo... yeah. Pretty short email but its still sick. Here are a couple cool pictures from this week for you guys. Switch one and 2 hahaha

These are some awesome people that me and my companion take care of sometimes.

A HUGE 1 Kilo Empanada that I ate today..YUM!

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