Monday, April 13, 2015

Building Zion Slayers

Alright look killas. You know that I have almost 9 months in the mission when I dont have questions to answer this week... the fam is starting to forget hahahah just kiddin calm down mom. But seriously there arent any questions.
SO, I am going to hop right in to it. FIRST, this week has been pretty freaking awesome! We pretty much just went ham in the paint killas. this week me and my companion Elder Niquet have been working really hard. And we have seen a TON of miracles this week. For example, Saturday we didnt have a lesson planned so we decided to go to this ghetto part of our sector to contact. We contacted this house and a man invites us into his house without hesitation. We find out that about 3 years ago there had been missionaries in their house teaching them. They ALMOST got baptized, but they never did because they werent (arent) married. But as we found them Saturday, we put a baptismal date with them for May. Their son also is listening to us! Its amazing. They came with us to church on Sunday and loved it. SO awesome. So that was one of the many miracles we saw this week. 
Another miracle that happened this week was we had a meeting as a Stake, where all the leaders of the wards got together  and guess who I saw? One of the converts from Calera de Tango! He had a calling to be a leader in the Calera de Tango Branch. Yes, you heard that too, Calera de Tango is a BRANCH now! SO cool. So that was some cool news and miracles!
Well, just wanted to express my love for each and every one of you and bear my testimony that Christ lives and he is my savior. He loves us and will NEVER leave us behind. Always find his love, and together we can overcome challenges.

Pday today was SICK wrecking in soccer

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