Monday, April 27, 2015

Do it for the Vine

Heyyyyy peeps. Soooo this week has been pretty sick not gonna lie! But before that my mom came up CLUTCH with the questions.

-My area has been the same since the volcano erupted.... havent noticed much of a difference actually hahaha
-Bruno is good. We havent been able to visit him this week :(
-I am feeling good about my spanish now... pretty fun. :)
-I am STOKED for Mothers Day. It is going to be SUPER sick. 
-Miraclessss this week....... YES. Actually kinda a cool story. 
So we were walking around ALL day and all of our appointments fell through. everyone just had to decide to leave..... but sick. So we decided to start knocking on doors to finish out the day. At like 7:30 we decide to talk to a couple people that had just gotten out of their car (probably from work or something) and they just immediately told us to come inside! So we went inside and they are a family of 3 and they are freaking married which is awesome! We talked alot about the church and how everything works and what we share with everyone! We are going to pass by for them again this week to see how they are progressing. Pretty cool experience!:)
-I am nottttt using my sleeping bag yet because it is hotter than Satans armpit. But hopefully soon i will have to. :)

So this week was pretty cool like I said. :) We saw a lot of mini miracles and people that are awesome. A couple cool things that have happened this week are:

-We had a BBQ at the house of a lady that got baptized on Saturday. She got baptized Saturday and so to celebrate she invited all 10 missionaries to her house for a BBQ. It was soooooo good and kinda fun to eat with everybody and talk about the gospel. 

-Another thing that is cool is thanks to my brudda Elder McLaws I have a TON of hymns on my USB drive. They are hymns but like.... super cool hahaha its hard to explain but I will show them to the fam when I get home in like 3 years. :)

But YEAH! Before I go, i just want to share a couple words that I know are true! I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. There is NO other way to make it back to our Heavenly Father  besides through Jesus Christ. Something that I have learned in the mission, is when you dont have the spirit or cant feel it... just start testifying of Christ and the spirit will return real quick. 

Love you all!


Elder Brophy

Read it killas

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