Monday, May 25, 2015

Holy Flemmish the Day of the Mothers

Helllllllo Crew. Before I just go HAM in the PAINT.... we about to answer the bestttt questions from the sickest mom on the planet.

-YES MOM, I know that your day is coming up VERY SOON! I am STOKED:)))
-This week we did a lot of cool things... i will tell you after the questions.
-No it wasnt someone who I taught, but I have known this convert since I arrived here in Melipilla!
-I am eating very well, Elder Parker and I have started to work out a LOT and we have goals that we are just going to get SHREDDED. So this week we bought only healthy food to go along with our workouts.... we are about to get super toned killas.
-My feet feel fine.... the bottom of my right foot is pretty much one HUGE callace? Idk if I spelled that right. hahah
-The skype thing.... I would honestly prefer doing it this Sunday with you guys... but if you really prefer doing it a different week I can ask for permission.

Okayyyyy! So this week was SUPER sick. To be honest, a week of feeling the spirit ALOT. I loved it. This week I had the opportunity to go to the temple with my convert, Jesus. He went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. It was INCREDIBLE. I also got to do other things that were absolutely incredible that I will tell yall later! BUT, a quick experience that I had in the temple. As we were sitting waiting for all the converts to come into the baptismal font, I decided to read in the book of mormon. As doing so, I felt the greatest peace and happiness come over my body. I honestly couldnt and cant deny that that was the spirit. there is no other place on this earth that you can experience so much happiness and joy than in the temple of God. I testify that to all of you. Something else cool that happened is that I bought the sickessssst stuff this week. I got to buy a tie clip of La U and a jersey of La U. ALSO a CTR ring but with the flag of Chile.... ALSO, I bought a SICK new tie and cardigan..... sooooooo super swag. I honestly LOVE all of you so much. PLEASE be safe at home and know that I am single. #Swaggggg

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