Monday, May 25, 2015

Hittin that BapSquad Freeeee Throw

Awesomeeeeeeee. Whats up killas. Ya know the drill. Imma just straight drop right into the questions of the week from the one and only Mamma Brophy.

-My week has been pretty solid. Just getting to know my new sector and companion. Everything is chilllll.
-The weather is still sunny but it has definitely started to cool down which is AWESOME. I wear a sweater every night which is soooo much swag.
-I didnt get the granola bars or banana bread... I saw Hmo Ortega this sunday but I think he was suprised to see me at the church!
-My new house is with 2 other missionaries from a different ward. It is just on the other side of Melipilla. Pretty close to my old one!
-We have a ton of investigators in our new area. One of them just got baptized on Saturday.
-Things are going well with Elder Richards. He is a really funny kid! Its hard for him to speak in Spanish so I honestly do like 90% of the teaching but thats cool anyways!
-I AM in the same ward as before. They literally just changed me to the sector that was RIGHT next to my old one and a new pension and companion. Pretty funny!:)

So, at home it sounds like everyone is having a good time and the trip to Belgium and such was a success. I would have totally eaten a ton of waffles while I was there.... but maybe for another occasion. BUT, this week went by REALLY fast. It was weird going to another sector and not having it be white wash! So I kinda just followed Elder Richards around trying to figure out where the freak I was and stuff so I dont get lost. We were really busy this week and did alot which was awesome, but unfortunately I didnt write anything down for my big email! I promise I am gonna get better at that because I just sometimes forget the little, cool things that happen during the week!

BUT, I did want to just share something super sick with the straight slayers of the United States that I have been thinking about this week.
The word LOVE.
I have learned that love is the catalyst to everything that we do in the gospel. As a missionary, when I am walking through the streets, tired and hot, sometimes you think.... why am i doing this? I have come to know that we do all these things for love. Because 1. we love God. 2. We love our brothers and sisters who may be lost and looking for the shelter that the gospel provides us. May we be obedient to all that God commands us because we have love and understand love. I know that if we try to love a little bit more, To God and our neighbor, God will bless us with happiness.


Elder Brophy (The Boi..... aka Killa)

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