Monday, June 1, 2015

Goin Hard in the Paint

YOU GUYS. WHATS UP. I am so hypeddddd right now to write home and let you guys know what the heck is happening here in Chile.... but first the AWESOME questions from my mom. :)

-This week was sick mom. :)
-I got the banana bread and granola bars and I ate them all and they were freaking AMAZING. :)
-I havent gotten the postcards yet.... :(
-I saw Elder Brooks at the meeting of transfers.... but besides that no.
-I have no idea who dropped the photos of my mission off at the house... weird but cool!
-Nelson Spolmann is a freaking beast. He was my favorite teacher in the CCM. He is super hilarious! If you see him tell him hi for me.
-I heard about Elder Perry. Sad, but we know where he is and I am SURE that he is happy. :)

So yeah killas. This week was actually pretty tight. We found a couple new folks who are honestly superrrrr sick, but we really focused this week on the members that havent been to church in a very long time. So we straight went ham visiting people and really trying to figure out: Why they havent come to church in such a long time. We really tried to focus on them and their needs, and we ended up having a LOT of these members come back to church with us!:) One of them hadn´t come to church for 35 years..... wowzahs. :)

Sounds like from my family everybody is just straight growing up.... getting ready to get married.... destroying my old car..... killin it in dance. Weird but super cool.

But this email is gonna be pretty short. Christ lives and is our Savior. The Lord knows all and everything that he does. Callings in the church are inspired. We will come to accept that as we gradually become more and more humble. I testify that the priesthood authority is on the earth and gives us the opportunity to be sealed as a family for the eternities. I love you all and hope that you are all safe and living worthily to go to the temple.

Elder Brophy

The Killa Kid.

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