Monday, June 15, 2015


So, this week was pretty awesomeeeee but first we gonna straight hit up the questions from the bawwwws.

-I am really good mom. Happy. :)
-The investigators are doing really well. Our miracle couple sadly... relapsed. BUT, we are going to keep helping them so that they can receive what Heavenly Father has promised them since the beginning.
-I didnt get your package this wednesday! I got a lotttt of letters which was AWESOME so thanks for that. :) But hopefully this next pouch!รง
-I would choose thin mints and the ones that have peanut butter in them. Those things are amazingggggg.

Sounds like at my house right now everything is really quiet. Everybody traveling... growing up and doing their things. Super cool! Little vacation for my parents I would say hahaha. :)

So a quick funny story and a quick spiritual one! 

First. So the sector that i am in is actually kinda ghetttttto and so sometimes when we are walking in the road (hahahahaha all the time lets face it) people yell swear words in english at us or just funny things like that. Well, we were walking in the road and a couple gangsters were passing the ball in the street. Well, instead of letting them yell at us i ask them to pass me the ball really quick hahaha. I started juggling then pulled an around the world and back to juggling and a couple other things and everyone just started freaking and saying that a gringo can play soccer hahaha i laughed and we definitely earned points being gringos that day. :)

Something cool that happened this week was that one of our less active members is now active and thinking about serving a mission! He has been attending and been thinking alot about serving! So this next week he is going to talk to the bishop to see what can happen! So cooooool to see people progress.

This week I have been reading alot of the general conference talks and a couple of them have really hit me that I would invite everyone to read. I forget the names but one is by
Elder Holland ¨where mercy, justice, and love meet.¨something like that i believe.
And the Wait, Watch, and Love talk by a member of the seventy. 

i exhort all to read, ponder, and pray about these teachings. I know that our Savior lives and that he paid for our sins. I know that when we accept him, he will help us in everything that we do. I know that the Holy Ghost is our guide to the eternal life. We NEED to follow its promptings. I love you all and pray for you every day! BE SAFE and never be slow to repent!

Elder Brophy

This says..."This isn't a bathroom"

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