Monday, June 8, 2015

Hittin that Shot Clock Cheeeeese

WHATS UP DOODS. You know the drill. :)

- I have been pretty solid this week. Went by reallyyyy fast. Half way done with the transfer already. Wowzahs.
- Yes we saw many miracles this week. I will tell them in just a sec. haha
-I havent been taking very many pictures sadly enough.... but i will start taking a lot more i promise!
-I store my pictures in the SD cards that I have and I store them in a safe place. :) As a matter of fact... i might send a couple home to you guys so they are safe in the house and everything and you can look at them.
-It doesnt look like people open the packages but ya can never be sure but i dont think so.
-I think my Eccos will be perfect for the rain and all. Dont worry mom!:)
-I havent used my big coat yet. It is just the perfect temperature right now so I am enjoying it.
-I havent been taking daily vitamins cuz I ate them all but I think I am going to buy some more today!
-YES. MY PACKAGE SHOULD BE HERE THIS WEDNESDAY THEN. Yes, pouch is this wednesday then we get skipped a week.

SO. This week my companion and I have really been working really hard trying to be worthy enough to receive a miracle from God. And it DEFINITELY came. Wowzahs. This week we found Guillermo and Marlene. They are MARRIED (which never happens in Chile.... everyone just wants to freaking live together..... smh) and Marlene has a LOT of problems. When we found her, she was a little drunk but her husband Guillermo was chill. So we started talking to them and Marlene pretty much broke down and told us that she is addicted to alcohol, cigarretes, and drugs. She told us that she has been praying for help.... and BOOM. We arrived. #SoMuchSwag We have been visiting her for 5 days now and she hasnt drunk, smoked, or taken drugs. She came to church and LOVED it and she wants to be baptized the 28th of June. WOW. Hahahahah soooooo sick. And the coolest part? Is that we didnt do anything. God did everything and prepared Guillermo and Marlene for us. I know that when we are obedient, God blesses us. He knows us. He loves us. SO MUCH. I love you guys too. You guys are the bomb and I feel the prayers offered up for the missionaries of the world. Keep staying swaggy and having fun. Remember the Lord in all things that you do.

Elder Brophy


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