Monday, May 25, 2015

Holy Flemmish McSkyper

Wasssssup Peeps from the United States andddd thee family that is in Belgium..... You know it killas. I am going to straight start with the questions. :)

-I was pretty fine after we skyped to be honest! Everything was sick and such.
-I dont feel very homesick to be honest... feeling pretty solid as of now. :) How are you guys?
-After skype I talked with a couple other missionaries in the chapel because the sister´s couldnt skype alone in the chapel soooo yeah.
-Elder Parker is from Las Vegas.
-He is almost dead... he has 20 months in the mission but he watched me get ¨born¨ in Talagante.
-We are TRYING to do crossfit workouts type thingies.... its complicated. But we are going to run alot... :)
-I am good on garments right now and yes we can get garments here. :) 
-The church is like 15ish minutes from the house walking.

YEAH. Okay....... so this week was AWESOME. I had the opportunity to talk to my family for Mother´s Day which was honestly AWESOME. My mom tells me that I wear my feelings on my sleeve..... so yeah thats cool hahahaha. :) I LOVE talking with my family and seeing them and everything, it was super fun and I am VERY grateful for such an amazing family. :)

I am, going to keep this email nice and short but I just wanted to share something cool that happened this week... well, two things.

1. Talagante and Melipilla turned into a stake this Sunday! It was an awesome event, I got to see all the people all happy because they can see the growing of the church. There were 2 Seventies present and everyone was just sooo happy! SO SICK.

2. We got to go to the temple again as a district because President wants all the missionaries to be able to go to the temple... so we did!:) I just LOVE going to the temple and feeling the spirit. Going to the temple should be a goal for everyone. :) Its awesome!:)

Welll, I freaking love you guys so much. Be safe and home and be firm in the gospel of Jesus
Christ. He knows us and loves us so much. 

Elder Brophy

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