Monday, May 25, 2015

Weird Transfers........

Whats upppp everybodddy. I am just straighhhhhht chillin right now and I am gonna answer the Q´s from my mom real quick as usual. :)

-Your Elder is REALLY tired but REALLY good too. :)
-I got transferred... but in weird transfers. Hahaha so all that happened is that I got changed from one sector to a different one. I am still in the same ward, still in Melipilla, I just have a different sector and companion. His name is Elder Richards from Georgia USA.
-This last week we found some new awesome investigators in our sector... but now I am not going to be working with them very much sadly... but ya know!
-Last week I didnt win the soccer game which was pretty upsetting hahaha but its alright... next week for sure!
-We played with missionaries AND locals. It was pretty fun. :)
-It is only cold at night and in the morning... pretty lame because you have to wear or carry around a sweater during the day when it is hot then RAPIDLY drops in temperature.... awesome hahaha. :)

Yeahhhhh... so this last week was pretty weird and good. The last week of changes is always weird and VERY busy. Every single day there is something to do to finish up the change with your companion. So we didnt have a TON of time to go out and preach this week but when we did it was really fun. I just honestly LOVE talking to people in the street and going into houses to talk about the gospel. As a matter of fact, in this new sector that I just got to, there is an investigator that is getting married this Wednesday, then baptized Saturday so that will be awesome! But besides that... my companion told me that he doesnt know anything about his sector hahahaah.... so this will be interesting. Almost another white wash. :) Also, it was kinda sad to see a bunch of buddies leave to go home and leave the zone of Melipilla. Elder Cannon and McLaws and Elder Moffet left to go home and a BUNCH of other Elders left to go to another zone. But that happens and is always going to happen! But, for right now my focus is on the people here in Chile. Something that I have come to know about the mission is that whatever place that you go to, it is because the Lord wants you to be there. I know that I just got changed to this sector because it was convenient for the Lord to put me here. There IS somebody waiting for me to come teach and help save them. I know the Lord lives and he loves us. He is our Savior. And He is ALWAYS by our side. I promise that we are never alone. He is always searching for us and reaching out to us to come unto him. FIND him.

I love you all. You are all great examples to me. Please, pray for me and all the other missionaries in the world that they can help a soul come unto repentance.

With Love,

Elder Brophy

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