Monday, December 29, 2014

Call me the Bowling King

SUP KILLAS. Holy fletcher its ya boi Elder B in the Chile. First of course, answerin the questionssssss.
-Your Elder is doing splendid mother.
-I was alright after skyping hahaha :)
-After skyping we went and visited one other family and i have a story with that, that will come later in this email.
-The people who fed us gave us meat, rice, tomatoes. It was freaking delicious. I puked it was so good.
-Lots of people actually gave me presents! It was very nice of them.
-On new years eve we have to be in the house by 8 o clock... so we arent doing anything hahahah
-I am getting my final rabies shot tomorrow! Whoooohoooo

Awesome. So this last week was pretty crazy! It was really fun. :) We skyped and opened presents on Christmas which was amazing. After I felt a little trunky but Im good now hahah. After skyping, like I said, we visited one more family that lives far away from us to we had to take bus. Well, on the way back home there was a TON of traffic. It took us 1 hour to go 2 miles. Sooooo, with that people started to get frustrated in the bus and the next thing we know it EVERYBODY is chucking up combos and knocking people out. Literally a huge fight just randomly started in the bus. So the bus driver opens the door and everyone piles out fighting and such. Little kids crying on the sidewalk... it was pretty intense hahahahah but luckily me and my companion got out without getting hurt and such. :) Pretty fun. :) Besides that not much else so intense happened hahah.

Today we went bowling as a zone which was incredibly fun and I DESTROYED hahahah. I palmed this ball that was like the lightest they had and pretty much shot-put that trash into the pins hahahaha. :) I will attach a picture here soon. :)

But this week also was really difficult with some of our strongest less active members. This week we visited one of our less actives who was on point of reactivation. He has 17 years and is honestly a beast. Well, we started teaching one of the commandments to him and he pretty much freaked out at us randomly and kicked us out of his house. It was one of the hardest things to see from him.... But I know that through the Lord, through prayer and repentence that everyone can come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praying for him everyday and I ask of you all that you can keep Elson in your prayers. Thankyo. :)

But thats about it killas. Keep is swaggy as fetccccchhhhh and I am going to continue to just baptize the world.

Chao. :)

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