Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Freaking 2015 Slayers

Wasssssup killas. Its ya boi Elder Brophy coming atcha with some swaggy news. This week we did practically nothing hahahaha. So this email is going to be a little shorter (everybody breaths a sign of relief that they dont have to read another long email hahahah). But yeah... BUT FIRST. QUESTIONSSSS KILLAS.

-I cannot believe it is a new year hahah
-Elder Warrick and I didnt do really anything... we made milkshakes and after midnight we went to sleep hahhaha #Swag
-The Chileans to celebrate the new year do fireworks here and get drunk.... so thats fun.
-My dog bite is feeling good. I went to get my last rabies shot and the hospital didnt put in that I got my 4th one so I had to get my 4th one AGAIN and now I am getting my 5th (really my 6th) on Wednesday. SUPER IMMUNE!
-Pouch or letters. I love them both mom. :)
-I get mail this week on Wednesday so hopefully it is there. If not we have changes on Monday so I will check then too. :)

SO, this week. Last monday and Tuesday were normal days. THEN, E. Warrick just started feeling like trash (sick.) So it got worse on Wednesday until he couldnt feel like he could leave his bed. So, we stayed in the house since Wednesday until Sunday. Yeah... it was SO boring. Hahahahah I studied alot and studied the bible alot as a matter of fact. But yeah.... I also made a homeade red-card so when we play soccer I can kick people out for fun hahahaha. :) But thats really about it!

I do however have a spiritual moment of the week. I dont remember where I was reading but I read this quote. 
¨You cannot convert someone beyond your own conversion.¨ 
This phrase really hit me. First, I need to be converted to convert someone else. That is obvious. But I believe there are different levels of conversion. I want to be 100% converted just like the rest of you I hope. That is one of my goals of 2015. To study conversion, to become converted. I challenge the rest of you to do the same!


Elder Brophy

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