Monday, January 19, 2015

Sonnnn of a Hamster

Hahahahha i am going to start my email off with haha because I just like to laugh and be happy. WHAT IS UP KILLASSSSS. I cant even freaking believe we have technology to send a message anywhere in the world in -44 seconds. Wowzahs. Literally blows my noggin. As always, I am going to start with the questions from the lady who brought me to this world hahaha.

-Elder Leyva is from Peru!
-He has been out for 18 months too! Almost the same as E. Warrick.
-It is pronounced how it looks. Lay-va.
-He doesnt work out with me because I havent worked out this week hahahahaha.
-I dont eat very much bread anymore but yes, it is 20 times better than USA. :)
The strangest thing I have eaten...... I dunno it isnt strange but clams. I didnt like them much... I kept on accidentally eating parts of the shell. Hahahahaha
-We sometimes recieve the Ensign and it is in spanish and english. :)

Yeah, so for some odd reason I didnt write a single thing down in my little book of notes of things I did during the week... so I dont even know where to start. This week went by pretty fast! We really just worked out butts off which was awesome!:) It was hotter than Satan´s armpit here so that didnt help but we made it through no problem! We did set a new baptismal date AND she came to church with us which was sickkkkk as flemmish. I about puked. :) Also, today with like 16 Elders, we played Americans vs. Latinos in soccer. I am so grieved to say that we lost... us Americans... but we did it with swag. Not bragging but I did score all 4 goals for the team..... #StepOffKilla

So... yeah. :) Thats about it really! hahaha tonight I have divisions with the new Elders in our district which should be fun!

This week I have been studying A TON. And what I have noticed and read is that knowledge is power. Obviously there are other components which are equally or more important that you need, but what you know will give you power. Mainly, I have been focusing my studies within the Book of Mormon.. holy cow this book is SICK. I love the thing. If anyone has a doubt about any topic in this world, you can find the answer within this book. I challenge everyone to read the Book of Mormon. Not just read it, but STUDY it. Really focus. Try to read 5 minutes everyday for this week. If you do it, email me and tell me! :) I will give you a cookie through the computer.

ILYSM to everybody. Please stay safe and ridiculously swaggy. Cant wait to hear from all ya´ll next week. Chao killas.

Elder Brophy

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