Monday, December 1, 2014


Ha the title is really anti-climatic because neither I or my companion Elder Warrick have changes!!!!! Siiiiiccckkkkk I am just straight chillin in Calera until FEB. 23rd I am thinking. Because Presidente Barreiros pretty much told Elder Warrick that this is his last change with me here in Calera and he is leaving soooo... I am going to have 4 changes in Calera (6 months)! Pretty crazy! I am excitedddd.

-My week has been pretty solid. Not a ton happened this week... either I forgot what happened or I just didnt write anything down on my ¨email list¨ I make every week... Hmmm....
-I haven´t recieved any handwritten letters in pouch yet... Next Wednesday maybe!
-Every other week I get around 3-4 letters. :) Its the bomb.
-YES, I am so glad you finally got that letter!! I am going to send a big huge package to you guys this week so get ready!:)
-This Thursday me and Elder Warrick forgot it was thanksgiving so we literally didnt do anything... pretty lame right? hahahaha

Yeah, sooooo the few things that I DID write down are the following:

This week I witnessed the death of a dog. :( It was so sad. It didnt get run over or anything like that... just of old age. We went over to a menos-activa´s house (Gloria) and they were all outside surrounded their dog. It was breathing really heavy and couldnt stand up. They had the vet come over and she gave them a shot to give the dog... Well, long story short the dog started to bleed from the mouth and died. It was really sad and everybody was crying and I just kind of felt awkward. So that was interesting! It actually brought up a good question if we could give the dog a priesthood blessing but we came to the conclusion that we cant hahahahaha.

Something SICK that happened this week was that me and Elder Warrick met a flight attendant. She flies to the United States 4 different times in December and she told us to make her a list of things that they dont have here, that we want from the United States and she will bring it to us for free!!! HOW SICK IS THAT. YOU BETTER BELIEVE I ASKED FOR CAPTAIN CRUNCH. So, we will see if that works out or not hahaha. :)

Besides that, nothing else really happened!!! I am super excited to stay here in Calera with Elder Warrick and pass Christmas together!!! I cant freaking wait for Christmas. :)

I love you all. Everybody stay swaggy. My sister is trunky as fetch right now and coming home in a week so that makes me trunky. I love you all!




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