Monday, December 8, 2014

Que Trunky.

Well.... thats it ladies and gentlemen. My sister is dying in the mission field and I am here just a seasoned greenie.... hmmmmmmmmm. You could say it makes me a bit trunky hahahaha. Of course, the questions from my momma first. :)

-I am doing good mom. How are you?:)

Thats all of them for today folks. Hahahaahahah. :) Yeah, so this week was pretty tight I guess. Hahaha:) To be honest, it was a REALLY good week because of the diligence that me and Elder Warrick had. It was awesome. We found TONS of new investigators and put a fecha for this month. :) This week we also made 300 empanadas for an hermana for service. Hahahah it was crazy and she let us eat some after which was SO rico (good). (Carne and Queso y Shrimp y Queso). Also, since transfers were this last week the zone is completely new and everyone is honestly too sick.  I am excited to see all the stuff that goes down because supposedly we are ¨stacked.¨

Something super tight that happened this week was that a flight attendant that we know brought us Captain Crunch, Reeses Puffs, Pancakes, Syrup, AND MT DEW. HOLY FETCH MONKEY. You could say that when I drank the Mt. Dew I felt like I was with my besty Hayden up at Farmington Pond skipping rocks across the lake chilling.... (By the way he is in the CCM today hahaha woohoooo). It was a good feeling to say the least. We also recieved a Christmas Tree and decorations for it so we set that up downstairs and I have to say it looks swaggy as fetch. Giddy up kiillas. Oh, and I finished the New Testament the other day no biggie. :)

So in total. It was a pretty solid week. I am grateful for everyone that writes me andthat is in my life. Today I really wanted to focus on one thing.
Step One - Go to
Step Two - Type ¨He is the Gift¨
Step Three - Let the Holy Ghost punch you in the face.

I think it is called He is the Gift because I only know the title in spanish. But it is a video from about Christmas. No matter how many times I watch this video I can feel the spirit SO strong and it really reminds me WHY we have Christmas. Please go watch it. RIGHT NOW. Then email me about how you felt when you watched it. That is my challenge for the week. :)

Anyways, thats it today peeps. I love you all. My sister again is a walking suitcase right now just chillin in belgium getting ready to head out.

I seriously love you all. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and pray for you daily. Stay safe and swaggy. Its ya boi C Broph checkin out.


 Standing in front of their little church :)
 Homemade empanadas...yum!

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