Monday, December 15, 2014


Honestly... I dont know what the fetch to think right now hahahah. Looking at all the pictures of my incredible sister returning from her mission. My best friend chilling in my house..... Que trunky hahaha! (How homesick... something like that). From the pictures I saw from Madison returning home it looks to me like an overwhelmed missionary hahah! I am sure I am going to be the same... just with more style. :) Its a jokeeeeeeeeeeee. Chill madi I love you hahahaha. Wow, I almost forget, my Mothers questions! :)

-My week was really good actually. This week me and Elder Warrick went ham in the paint. We set 7 baptism fechas (dates) and found 13 more new investigators! You could say we took out the trash hahaha. :)
-I wasnt feeling trunky until today... but I still dont feel too trunky to be honest... its just weird to see my sister come home and my best friend go on a mission.....
-I did recieve one hand written pouch letter which I loved. :)

Okayyyyy. So this week Hayden freaking Smith went to the CCM... wait its the MTC in Estados Unidos right? Anyways, that is SO sick. I am so excited for the kid and he is in for a good time. :)

Hahahah something that REALLY sucked this week that I really didnt want to happen is I finally got bit by a dog... yes... it happened. I was contacting a house standing outside the gate... and out of NOWHERE a dog reaches through the gate and grabs my finger and starts yanking that trash. It finally let go and it just starts gushing blood. Hahaha when I first saw it I actually thought I might need stitches but I cleaned it up and it didnt look too deep so I let it be. Well, since it was a street dog I need my rabies shots so that wednesday I got my first one and this morning I got my second one (there are 5 in total), so I will be heading back to the hospital on Wednesday to get my third. HAhaha funny story, the first shot they gave me, the needle was literally bent a little bit.... AND THEY STILL USED IT! I laughed afterwards but it hurt while it was going in to say the least hahahaha. :) So yeah...

Something else that was cool was we had a baptism! Its a longggg story but pretty much Elder Warrick found this guy named Louis a month before I got to my sector with him and taught him pretty much everything (I think I helped teach 2 or 3 lessons with him too) and he told us that he wants to be baptized. Well, he doesnt live in our sector but his girlfriend does (that is how he found him) so he couldnt get baptized in our sector. Long story short, he got baptized in Santiago and we got permission to go and help with the service. It was pretty incredible. :)

That is about it this week folks. Keep staying ridiculous swaggy (Palmer you rockin all my clothes and such you cant help being swaggy) and I will talk to you all next week! I LOVE YOU.


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