Monday, September 22, 2014


If you haven´t noticed I literally have the most random words in the titles of my emails. It is because I usually just put the first thing that pops in my head or i ask my companion soooo... yeah hahaha. Bakan.

Yeah so this week was tight. Super freaking sick. Better than last week. The time is speeding up. Chile is SO amazing and I love it here. It is weird........ as fetch but its pretty cool. hahaha. Anyways... I have to start my email the right way off and say that this week i had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go to TACO BELL. Yes... I know I pee´d too. I spent 6 mil and got a shnickey ton of food. I taped the receipt in my journal... is that weird? Hahaha. I got Taco Bell because E. Warrick had to go into the center of Santiago because his foot is all jacked up and he had to see the Doctor... but I think everything is good. When I saw the Taco Bell we had to go and so we both divulged and ate 45 tacos.
This week we also had Chile`s Independence Day (More like a week). It is 9-18 and it is super sweet. Festivals and drunk people everywhere. It reminded me of The 4th of July (except the 4th of July is so much more swag) .... AMERICA. During the festivals I got to eat a Churro filled with caramel... I almost fainted. It was emaculate. My vocabulary is so on point right now. Anywayssss... Yeah super cool. My spanish is coming along... slowly but surely. I can definitely hold a conversation with someone when I can understand them (Chileans talk at the speed of Mach5).

I also finished the Pearl of Great Price today. I loved it. I am starting the New Testament tomorrow. Super stoked. Anyways, this last week me and E. Warrick have recieved aloooot of rejection. It has kind of been hard and kind of been funny because of the excuses some people come up with. E. Warrick gets pretty ticked but I laugh hahaha.

Anyways, I love all of you at home SO much and I pray for you all every day. Keep safe in Utah and continue to have an abundance of swag and steeze. I love this gospel with all my heart and I will continue to work and give people the opportunity to live with their families forever and be happy because they know their purpose in life. This gospel is incredible and I know Heavenly Father listens to our prayers.

C Brophy (Thug-Nasty) OUT.

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