Tuesday, September 2, 2014


ALRIGHT. WEEK FIVE LADIES AND GENTLEMENNNNNNN. I am no officially in a veteran in the CCM buuuuuut I am only a seasoned greenie. Hahaha it is awesome. So the next time you all hear from me I will be in el campo. Hahaha i did not just realize I typed that. (In the Field). The next P-day is actually going to be really weird and I dont know if I will even be able to write home so if you dont hear from me I am not dead I promise. Okay, so first things first, questions!!!!

-Idk if Pres. picks me up or not. I dont think so.
-I will probably be able to tell you who my companion is but I am not sure.
-I did recieve another letter from you mom on 8/30 (THANKYOU).
-It has been raining the past two days and today but besides that it is really nice here.
-I am like 85 pages away from finishing the Book of Mormon!
-I have been using the water bottle and the water in the city is perfectly fine, but in Oeste its not hahaha.
-E. Pedersen is from California and just made me stop writing my email to take a dump. Yay.

I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS THAT I COULDNT COME TO PC. I have been talking about it and thinking about it a lot this week. We need to go when I get home okay?
My prayers were answered and we got moved back into a room with Elder Brooks and Johnson and it is SUPER fun as always. We also had a mix up with Districts and Elder Harries who  was our district leader had to move to another district so Elder Brooks became District Leader.
I also recieved my first haircut in Chile!!...... from Elder Brooks. Hahahahah I was SOOO scared but it turned out pretty decent even though he cut it wayyyy too short for my liking... but its grown on me. I also taught a couple Brazilians some English this week for example: "Where is your chill?" and "You have swag."

MOM, I neeeeeeeeed pictures. Like of home and of the family and ANYTHING so I can look at them every night. PLEASE:) Mom will you tell palmer to check FaZe channel and tell me how they are doing?:) Thanks. :))

Okey dokey. Funny and Spiritual moments of the week. :)

First funny. So Elder Johnson had a RATCHET HUGE in-grown hair on his back and wanted us to pop it. None of us wanted to touch it with our hands so he gave us his leatherman and we popped it with that. It was awesome and I almost puked when it exploded everywhere hahahahaha. I also traded 10 ties in one night and ended up with the steeziest tie EVER. So i am a legit capitalist. Wassup Santiago, Im coming.

Not really spiritual but Palmer I opened a note that you wrote me and it got me SO jacked. It has been my motivation these last couple days/week. Its the best and I just wanted to say thankyou so much for it. I want to hear from you and Emma all about school and life and how much swag you both obtain.

Okay, so nothing huge spiritual but this week has just been a solid week. I have felt the spirit teaching my investigators and I can really see the language coming along. I can carry on a conversation with someone and teach a full lesson. It is pretty cool. :) I am going to hurry write a quick testimony in spanish for you all.

Yo sé qué la iglesia is verdadero.
y yo sé qué necisito aqui en Chile porqué me investigadores necisita mi.
Estoy agredecido por mi familia y por la oportunidad a servir en Chile.
Yo sé qué Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial.

Short but sweet. Too lazy to write out a lesson. Maybe another time. 




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