Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ladieeeeeeeeeeees and Gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnn,

Elder Brophy has made it through his first week of the Mission Field. Hahaha if you all didn´t know. I got called to the sector La Islita 2. It is cool because me and my companion (Elder Warrick) are the first Elders to ever live in this sector. Pretty cool... the reason that no Elders have lived here before because it is soooooo far away from everything. So yeah, I am in the CAMPO ladies and gents. Wassssssup slaya. Also, what comes with the campo is a driveby that happened by our house. Pretty sketchy.

Okay, so... it is really hard to wrap my mind around this whole week and recall all the things that have happened but pretty much what has happened is-
-I got my second companion, Elder Warrick. He is SUPER chill and I love him to death. Bakan (bakan is equal to swag here in Chile)
-I pretend to understand the people and laugh and smile sometimes but really I dont know ANYTHING and I kinda feel alone haha.
-We haven´t had a house this whole week also because the pensionistas haven´t bought our house yet and so we have been living with two other Elders in the smallest house on the planet. Woohoo. BUT, we moved into our new house this morning and it is BAKAN. SUCH A NICE HOUSE. It is honestly too big for us hahaha.
-We have had a lot of investigadores and one of them told us that he is ready to be baptized so that is cool!
-Hmmm... Not sure really what else. Alot of lessons and a lot of taking the bus and a lot of hard work definitely.
-I guess I will just describe where I live. 
1. Mostly dirt roads. Some paved here and there.
2. Super super poor. But really amazing people.
3. DOGS EVERYWHERE that want to eat me alive.
4. Our sector is like the biggest in the mission so we have bikes which is cool.
5. Anddddd yeah. So it is pretty much ratchet in a good way.

Yes, this week has been a very hard week for me and I have felt really homesick. It is hard not to feel discouraged and to think about home when you walk around all day, not knowing where you are and not being able to talk to anyone except your comp. SWEET. Haha BUT, it has also been an amazing week. I just try to take it day by day and make the best out of every moment. I feel the spirit a lot and me and my companion get along really well. I love the people here already. They are amazing and I can´t wait until I can really talk and connect with them. I NEED THE GIFT OF TONGUES. Hahaha, I know it will come. :)

Well, I love you all, and I cant wait to email all of you next week. It will probably be around the same time as today, maybe a bit earlier.

Stay safe in Utah and I will stay safe in Chile. #BAPSQUAD

Peebles, keep up with the Seniors and you will be aight. Don´t do anything tooooo stupid unless you have my permission (that means you have to email me).

Emmalou, keep having fun at home and dance your cute freaking little heart out. Make lots of friends and keep emailing me. I love you:)

Dad and Mom, continue to have so much swag. Also, go have some Cafe Rio for me. I AM CRAVING THAT ALWAYS. Please send me pictures as well. :)))) I REALLY want pics.


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