Tuesday, August 26, 2014


WHAT IS UP PEOPLE OF THE 801 and possibly other places of the world like Belgium. ANYWAYS. This week was actually superrrrr sweet. hahaha in really small ways but it was fun. The old guys just left and now new ones are coming in tomorrow and I can't wait to haze them... KIDDING. Hahah anyways, just got back from P-Day and you guessed it, I bought some sick socks. 

First things first, I am going to answer my mommas questions. :)
-Yes, I felt that earthquake (6.6) and it was SO weird. Hahah i was in the basement of the CCM and it just felt like the whole world was shaking and it was soooooo weird and I got way jacked after that because it was so sick.
-The language is coming. We will say that. I have learned ALOT since i have gotten here but it will be difficult out in the field for sure. But, I can get by for sure.
-My schedule is: Wake up, Exercise, Classes, Sleep. Hahah thats about it.
-They literally eat mexican food but the meat looks like dog. Haha freaking weird and they have this caramel stuff on EVERYTHING.
-They had chicken alfredo once since i have been here and that has been my favorite.
-Yes, I really gained 8 lbs but since my bowels have started working I am back to normal. :)
-I play soccer everrrrrrry morning and Pedersen plays frisbee. Speaking of the kiddo, funny story for the day:
So I was trying to throw a pamphlet over to Elder Brooks and I accidentally skimmed his head when I threw it so he grabbed one and threw it at my eye out of rage. Never have I ever wanted to punch someone in the face so bad before. But yeah ahahaha it was funny too.

Alrighty now I will throw down what I did this week. :)

I traded 3 ties in one night and ended up with a dopeeeee tie at the end. It is DHS colors. :) I also got two teachers to follow me on instagram on twitter hahahaha so success. I have also been trippin while I sleep and have been having THE WEIRDEST DREAMS. Like with the most random people too hahah. I wrestled with Elder Brooks one night and he shoved me into the bunk bed and I knocked a wheel off the bottom of one corner so the bed is lop-sided now. It is also getting close to Chile's independence day soon (which I have heard is CRAZY) and so on the way to class one night there was a crazy naked guy dancing around in the street smashing bottles hahaha it was awesome. So, really not a whole lot happened but it was fun. LAST THING AND THE MOST IMPORTANT MOM. I NEEEEEED MORE MUSIC. (Total i told you so moment) But our mission president allows like instrumental music sooooo you should send me popular instrumental (only piano) music like Already Home -A Great Big World and (ask palmer about this) but Minecraft night time music. I NEED THE MINECRAFT MUSIC.

WARNING: Spiritual moment of the day. ;)
Alright so I actually had a couple thoughts/things happen to me this week spiritually.
First, I felt the spirit the first time speaking in spanish to an investigator. It was the best feeling ever and the investigator told us she could feel it too. :))))) Also, on Sunday we watched a devotional from Elder Oaks about missionary work and a couple things really stood out to me and I would like to share them with you guys.
(This is where some people might shake their head and say "He is only a month in and has already gone crazy" hahaha) But Elder Oaks wife said "You as missionaries promised your investigators in the pre-existence that you would find them" and that hit me like a ton of bricks and got me soooo motivated. I know that I am here to find and teach people who need this gospel. I am not here for a thank you. I am here to give everything to these people so that hopefully some day they can be happy and live with there families forever. It reminds me of a quote, "If I have to leave my family for 2 years, it is worth it if I can give a family the opportunity to live with each other for eternity." So, I thought that was kind of cool and I can't wait to further the work!

Last but not least, I love you all SO much and think about you a ton. I look forward to hearing from ALL of you every week. Be safe at home and I am praying for you. With SO much love,

Elder Brophy
The Chilean Slaya
PS- I finna hit something

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