Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I don´t know where I come up with these names for the title but I love them. Hahahah. ANOTHER WEEK DOWN. It has been yet again, another busy and crazy week. I have learned so much and my brain no longer works after 7:00 pm. Legit it is fried every night. BUT, I am somehow having fun and keeping extremely busy and definitely coming closer to the Lord.
I finna am going to start off with something that is going to scare the classical music out of my parents nose that I have learned about the Oeste [West] Mission.
1. I have heard my mission is tied for the most ghetto part of Santiago. HAHAH YES.
2. Me and Elder Brooks were talking to a missionary who was about to return home from his mission and was telling Elder Brooks that there are a lot of gangsters in the West Mission. Haha i guess they flash their guns and knives at all the missionaries and give them a hard time. BUT DONT WORRY YALL. I have devised a plan to keep myself safe. When they come riding past on there bikes [Cause there is no way they have a car haha] I am finna gonna chuck a wrench in there spokes and I will have to bust a couple caps in a knee. No biggie though. So dont worry hahahaha.
3. There are a TON of wild dogs with rabies. But that isnt the worst part at all. My teacher said that 75% of them are German Shepards. Pretty much a small horse... I am going to have to carry around a sock full of soap or something to defend myself haha I am hyped.

But besides that, Oeste is SICKKKKKK. Hahaha, also another stupid/funny thing that happened this week is I traded my first tie wooooohoooooo. It was funny because I traded it with one of my teachers. I call him Spoder.
For everyone asking how the food is... It really isnt that bad, but it is really bad for you. I have gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks hahaha. But I do have some defense that the bread here does something to your body that makes it impossible to relieve yourself if you are catching my drift. Hahah so no more bread for me and lots of running. 
This last week we went through the temple which was absolutely amazing and an incredible experience. The temple here is truly beautiful.
So I have 2 more stories. One scary, one cool.
First scary, so after lunch one day me and my companion went outside of the CCM. All of a sudden this weird looking guy is staring at us and legit casting spells on us hahaha it was soooooooooo weird and creepy, then immediately after that i started feeling sick and was sick the rest of the next day. So weird. Cool story, me and my companion Elder Pedersen have a progressive investigator in the CCM and we had a lesson with her. Both of us being completely new to spanish obviously cannot understand her very well. So before we went into her house we decided to pray and ask for the gift of tongues. Long story short, we got in there and KILLED the lesson and could talk [in broken spanish] to her and understand 90% of what she said! It was amazing and really cool.

Spiritual Message of the Day:
I know that after reading this my mom is going to say, i told you so. But trying to learn spanish and being here in Chile away from friends, family, home, and everything else I was used to in my life has definitely humbled me [disregard my earlier comments about beating gangsters up hahaha]. I have now realized how much I had at home and how EASY it was at home. Holy cow. It sucks I didnt realize how much I had until I lost it. But, thankyou mom, dad, madi, palmer, emma, extended family, friends for everything because you have all blessed my life and been incredible.

Also, this last night my district [District 6] had a testimony meeting of why we all came out here to Chile on a mission. Well, there is this kid who shared why and at the end he was telling us that his mom had died 3 years before and that he knows this is what she wanted him to do and that she is with him right now and it legit got punched in the face by not only the spirit but how much you did Mom. Haha I would have forgotten to pack if it werent for you. But it was a real eye opener and the spirit was definitely felt in that room. Also, thankyou for the packages I get to open every week. THEY ARE THE BEST and get me through every week:]

I have made a goal to read the Book of Mormon before I get out of the CCM and I am already on page 200! So, that has been really good and I love reading it.

This email is running kind of long so I am gonna end with some funny/stupid stuff hahaha.
So first, I was sitting at lunch one day and I heard Katy Perry come on from the kitchen and I legit started singing in the middle of the lunch room hahaha. I freaking miss music. Also, Elder Pedersen [my opposite] is ALWAYS serious and doesnt seem to know what fun is so me and Elder Brooks every night turn on piano music and dance around him like ballerinas while he is writing in his journal. He doesnt show it but I know he is laughing so hard on the inside and he is loosening up a little bit. 

Well, stay freakkkkyyyyyy fresh people in the UT. Palmer, rep my clothes with much swag and stay out of trouble. Emma, I almost cried reading your cute letter to me and I miss you 200%. Madi, do some freaking work in the Dutch. Mom and Dad, I love you guys so much. See everyone next week!

Connor with Elder Pedersen...making the Distric 6 sign. Haha

Connor loves being a roommate with Elder Brooks...biggest comfort ever to him. He is just like Connors best friend back at home!

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