Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hello everybody!!!! Holy this is like a big moment... my first email home from my mission. I only have an hour so I gotta type fast mainly because so much has happened here at the CCM/MTC. Actually, we do the same thing every single day so not a lot has really happened but we are always busy so I guess a lot kinda has happened... It is hard to explain. Anyways, the CCM is... amazing... kinda. Haha it has been a week and I already want to get out of here in the Santiago. Not because I hate it here but because I want to teach the beautiful people of Santiago. There is only one problem. I don't know the language hahaha. Spanish is actually freaking hard. I got here day one and everyone is speaking 65043 miles per hour and I am just like Donde esta el banyo? [Where is the bathroom?] because I dont know how to say anything else hahaha. But even though it has only been a week I have learned a decent amount of spanish. Not enough to really get me around the city yet [Learned that today trying to buy a bag of chocolate] but I can say a couple phrases that are important. The food here at the CCM is actually pretty good... BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS DOUSED IN BUTTER AND SERVED WITH BREAD. Hahahaha seriously I can see why missionaries get fat here. But don't worry, I am working out every night and morning hahahaha. My companion is, Elder Pedersen, and I will say it has definitely been a challenge being his companion and room mate. Think about me, then imagine the EXACT opposite of me and there you will find Elder Pedersen. He is really shy and doesn't talk much. But there is obviously something I need to learn from him [How to shut up;] Hahahah. I am really happy here but it has been extremely difficult. I really miss everybody at home SO much. Its hard after dinner in class and in my room not to think about everyone at home. I love all of you so much and can't WAIT to see you guys Christmas. Hahahah mom, I am not going through PS3 withdrawals... YET. Hahaha I am just kidding but luckily enough I havent really thought about it much but it would be nice to dong a billcam right about now. Anyways, here is my motivation/spiritual message for the day so Steven, Grandma, and Grandpa here is your warning to stop reading now. [Hahaha I am totally kidding]
I have been thinking about the name tag I have been wearing here at the CCM all week.
Elder Brophy
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias
I have thought, I am not just serving for myself or representing myself. I am representing my entire family down here in Chile. And I cannot wait to come home and look at my entire family [But especially my mom and dad] in the eye, and say, I have served a full-time, successful, 110% obedient, hard, and life lesson learning mission. But more important than my name, is the name of Jesus Christ. And I cannot wait to be able to look HIM in the eye and say, Lord I have served thou 100% for 2 years and been completely obedient. The final days are definitely here and it is a privelege to serve here in Chile.

Anyways, thats the thought for today I would share with you all. When I first got to Chile I had the weirdest thought I was in Russia. Hahaha it looks like RUSSIA here hahaha. ALWAYS CLOUDY in the winter. Except for today. Today is the first day I have seen the sun. Also, it is extremelyyyyyyyyyy poor here. You havent seen poor until you come to South America. Wowzahs. The mountains are very big and beautiful with snow on the top and oh boy do I wish I could hit the slopes and throw a backside rodeo [Good joke Connor]. 
Another reason I have had motivation to stay here is because of my roommate Elder Brooks. He is Hayden Smith but shorter. BIGGEST COMFORT EVER. I really miss you Hayden by the way and CONGRATS ON YOUR MISSION CALL TO ITALY. HOLY NECKAR. But he is absolutely amazing and we get along perfect. He will be going to UVU when we get home so me and him are gonna hit it up once we are back:]
So first a cool/scary/sad story then a funny story.
Cool one. So in Chile there are 456 dogs every two feet from you. And they are all wild and scary and have rabies and fleas and are psycopathic. One day on the way back to the CCM we encounter two dogs squaring off to each other. One was black, about the size of Gracie and the other one was a German Shepard the size of a small horse. Anyway, the german shepard WRECKED/SLAYED/SCOOPED this dog on the back and the poor black little pup like barely got away with its life. I almost petted it but I would have gotten fleas and that is NO GOOD.
Funny story. Im going to keep this one short but I pretty much accidentally said a bad word in spanish on accident in front of everyone in my class yesterday. [When a dude gets excited]. Yeah, it was fun. Hahahahaha.
Also, I literally kill everyone at soccer here. They call me daddy. Less go. 

It has been Elder Brophy [Leans forward and shoves nametag into face of investigator] READ IT. Can't wait to hear from all of you next week. It will be the same time next week. Tuesday 12-1. I LOVE YOU ALL. And yes, my emails will be more entertaining than Madis [Im playin Madi you are the best and I love you so much, you are a slayer]

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