Tuesday, August 19, 2014


HOLA EVERYBODYYYYY. If you can´t tell, my PDAY time changed from 2-5 o clock for the next two weeks. I figured this out yesterday so sorry I couldn't tell you guys. ANYWAYS, today has been pretty good and a lot has happened in a small way because I literally do the same thing every single day so there isnt a lot of variety hahhaha.
First things first, I am going to answer my questions from my momma. :]
-Pato has not come to see me yet.
-I haven't met my mission president yet either haha.
-I have been using my cinch sack but I am buying a shoulder bag today.
-I havent been using my sleeping bag BUT I will in the field.
-I am going to bring the little duffel bag because it could come in handy.
-My spanish is definitely coming along okay. I can keep a conversation about the gospel fairly well and I can understand my teachers 90% of the time.
-My companion is definitely loosening up. Hahaha I love it so much. He has kind of opened up to me and sometimes even smiles. Hahahahah just kidding he smiles a lot... kinda. Haha but it is good!!!!

Okey Dokey. Now time for the weekly recap. First, I freaking knew this would happen and now it makes me sad. Hahaha but dumbest thoughts ever while I am in the shower. But mom and dad and palmer and emma and madi. Remember when me and Palm would sleep together alllllll the time and Emma would come down on weekends and sleep with us? Yeah, I miss that. SO stupid I know but I was just thinking about it and I really just miss you guys a lot. Haha. I also would literally give up anything right now to just cook some White Chicken Chili with my mom right now. Funny how things change huh mom? ;] But I know I am supposed to be here and I am having fun.

So, this past week has been really good but hard at the same time. So the CCM just got more kids this last Wednesday. WELL PRESIDENTE SWITCHED OUR ROOMS. So I got moved out of Elder Brooks and Johnsons room. I was legit ticked at the beginning but everything has worked out. So now I have 2 new room mates. Elder Rice and Elder Allsop. Elder Rice is pretty cool and Elder Allsop is a Pedersen Jr. Hahahah. District 6 also got all new teachers! WHICH I LOVE. Our night teacher is a legend among men. This dude is crazy and scares me into learning and focusing. Hahahah he is awesome. He made is go out on temple grounds and teach natives about the sacrament. It actually went better than I thought but Chileans literally have no chill and talk at a speed of 435464 mph. Me and the District are all SO CLOSE. I love my District so much. I will send a picture at the end of a selfie i just took hahaha.

Before the spiritual comment[s] of the day I just wanted to talk about some funny things that have happened and some things I am grateful for from my parents.
MOM, thankyouuuuuuuuuu for the missionary reminders book. ITS THE BEST. There are a couple more books I want to get when I get out in the mission field.
DAD, thankyouuuuuuuuu for making me laugh every week with your emails and for the pictures. I love you both so much. Also, I am grateful for the watch you guys got me but the face is plastic and all scratched up now hahah so thats good.
Something funny that happened this week was I gave Elder Pedersen a haircut in our room. It turned out good and it was WAY fun hahah. Also, Elder Brooks spilled chocolate milk allll over his suit on Sunday and I just about died on the ground laughing. [I know at this point this isnt even funny but you just had to be there okay haters] I also got called an old grandpa because my outfit one day had too much swag.

WARNING: Spiritual thought of the Day.
On Thursday night I think, I got the opportunity to give a blessing to a girl in my District. She was having a really rough day and not feeling very good and just looked at me and asked if I would give her a blessing. So I did! Haha it went really well and I was literally shaking from the spirit I could feel. It was awesome. Later that night I was reading my patriarchal blessing and there is a whole paragraph about me giving blessings. So cool. The priesthood is definitely a powerful thing and I know that at that moment in time, I was speaking what the Lord wanted me to say. 

Anyways, I am going to wrap up here real quick so I can live chat with the peeps of the UT. But Mom, I got your letter today that you sent!! SOOOOO COOL! I was smiling so big when I heard about that. Also, thankyou again for all your packages. They get me through the week and I loved the hearts you gave me in this one. They are on the ceiling of me bed! :]


Oh, and the title is weird because me and E. Brooks have the dumbest jokes about Bear Grylls because he eats all the dumbest things.
For example: My name is Bear Grylls, and even though I am only 2 miles from home, I am going to sleep inside this dead camel. Super dumb I know but we keep each other entertained. 

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