Monday, October 27, 2014


E. Warrick wanted me to put Colt (A small horse) as the title today. SICK! What is up my killa´s in the UT. Yeah, this week was pretty solid. It flewwwww by. Holy monkey. Naw but we are going to hop straighhhhht into this week with my momma´s questions. :)

1. My week was pretty good. Me and E Warrick are working really hard. :) The family of 6 is superrrrr awesome.... but they didnt assist church this week... :( But its okay. NEXT week. :)
2. Yes we have 8 new investigators. :) (Fanny, Waldo, Mari, Maria and others:) )
3. I did what you told me and went and bought myself something good. :) hahahaha you are seriously the best mom. :) I went and got Black Shoe Shining stuff because I am almost out, a bag of these little cookies, ice cream, and nutella. :) WOOHOOOOO NUTELLA. Literally nutella gives me life. I also found duct tape which is awesome:)
4. I havent tried the doughnuts here.... but they dont have homeade doughnuts here.... sooooooo prettty much they havent lived.
5. The language is slow but coming along. E. Warrick says I talk in my sleep every single night in spanish so yes I am dreaming in spanish ahahaha:)
6. I use my sleeping bag like every other week so yes I am storing it properly hahaha:)
7. I am so jealous that you made caramels last night.... I want some:)
8. I havent gotten a scripture cover yet, I am going to buy one right before the end of my mission so it stays nice. :) Because they are really expensive.
9. I havent gone on splits with ma boi E Brady yet but today was his birthday so we celebrated with pizza!!!:)

Y ESO. :) (Thats it)

But this week was pretty solid. Some of the cool things that happened areeee:
During a lesson with Gloria, a menos activo (less active), she invited her kids down to come listen... well, they arent members so we were teaching them and after, Gloria testified of the truthfulness of the gospel WITH us to her kids. It was so awesome. So pretty much we are gonna get wet.
Also, our amazing investigator Pohl told us that he wants to get baptized. :) So cool. Soooo he just needs to come to church now. It is so hard for us to get investigators to church because it is 45 minutes away! But its all goooooood killas. :) So we are going to continue to teach him. He is such a good friend to us. he feeds us lunch all the time and next pday we are going mt. biking with him hahaha he is the bees knees. :)

Not a lot really happened this week... hahahah the days blend so its hard to remember plus everything was just normal this week so I am going to kind of just give everyone a run down of the schedule so you know what normal is.

6:30 Wake up
8 Personal Study
9 Companion study
11 Idioma Study (Language)
12 Leave the House
2ish Almuerzo with a Family (Lunch)
3-9:30 Teach and Preach and Freaking Do Work :) It is super bakan.

Anyways... kind of a slow week. Mainly because Friday and Saturday and Sunday ALL of our appointments fell through so we just walked around and contacted people... Sorry peeps!:) But keep in tuned because I about ready to bust a baptism cap. :)

Well, since it is really close to Halloween... (which i am so jealous I am not in the states for this because it is such a freaking sweet holiday) I am going to leave ya´ll with a sweet picture of what me and E. Warrick are this year (Yes E Warrick wore that mask on the way home on his bike and scared people... yes it was awesome) HAHAHAHA JK because I just looked and the computer I have doesnt have a port for my camera.... all the suspense for nothing.... Next week chicos!:) 


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