Monday, October 13, 2014


Yeah. I just did that in the title. Try to translate it. YA CAN´T. Welcome to CHILE where words dont mean anything.

Yeah, so anyways. This week was wicked fetching fast but it felt like last P-Day was 45 years ago. Weird. Hahahah.

As always, my Mom´s Questions first because she is the bomb.

-My week was psyco as fetch. It was pretty solid week. Hard and busy but good. :) I didnt get to go on divisions with E. Brady this week because he is literally dying of Bronchitis and Pnuemonia:/ Entonces please pray for him! But, I did stay at his house for a night and got to talk to him alot. He is sooooooo sick hahahaha i freaking love that kid. We both like the same music and he even plays some CoD hahahaha. We joked around a lot and I am definitely glad to have met him. Hopefully this next week I will go on splits with him! Also, besides that me and E. Warrick made some chanta (literally means false, or doesnt work but it also means bad or ratchet) cookies. Hahaha we had a ward activity ¨Noche de Postres¨ (The night of deserts) and so we had to make cookies. Hahahahah we burnt those cookies. I was almost tempted to scratch them off and make a crumble for a yogurt parfè. Hahaha i dunno.
E. Warrick and I also made friends with the flightays (Gangsters) here in Calera de Tango. hahaha they are so ratchet but they love us because we played them in soccer. Me and E. Warrick literally stayed on the court (yes a court because its on cement) for an hour straight because they couldnt run because everyone was as high as a kite smoking. Soooooo... I am pretty sure I am safe here because Titi (Yes that is a name.... I shook my head too) knows everyone around here and loves us. Hahaha.
-Yes, I am aware that transfer week is this next week. I almost have 2 changes under my belt. You could pretty much call my a seasoned greenie. Or a Chilean. Either or. A Chilean that still can´t speak fluent Spanish. SICK. hahahah

So, yeah, this week was pretty normal.... as usual ya know.... hahah


So, me and E. Warrick found a Menos Activo (Less Active Member... REALLY less active) that hasn´t been to church in over 20 years. She got baptized and went for 3 weeks then stopped. And we visited her on Saturday and taught her a lesson and asked her to come to church... and she said YES. Booyahhhh. So, she came to church with us and in church we had a lesson about being sealed as a family for eternity. Well, Pilar (the name of the menos activo) had lost her husband 2 years back and during this lesson the spirit obviously really touched her heart because afterwards she set up an interview with the Bishop to ask him the requirements to go to the temple and be sealed. HOLY COW MONKEY. I was/am SO happy. So, she says that she wants to continue to come to church and many other things. Pretty awesome and I cant wait to continue to teach her and help her towards the temple. :) We will see what happens!

So yeah, thats this week ladies and gents. Before I finna dip I am just going to throw out a wicked shout out to my family. I seriously have the greatest family on this earth. I couldnt ask for anything more. I am faulta (short) 21 1/2 months, but I can´t wait to hangout with my family when I get home. Especially the swagiest kid on the entire planet, my brother Palmer (Hahaha he is probably reading this and thinking ¨nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo¨ hahahahaha). Brutha, we are going to go snowboarding together when I get home and this time I wont yell at you hahahahaha. :) Naw but seriously, I seriously cant wait to hangout with my older sister madi and tell mission stories, take my little brother and sister out to lunch every week while they are in school. :) And, I cant wait to give my parents the BIGGEST freaking hug on the planet when I get back and help my dad mow the lawn some more and cook dinner for my mom. (Save this email mom.... its your receipt:))) ) But yeah. I just love them hahaha. :)


I love you all. Literally. You are all so amazing. Stay swaggy. Karate Chop a freaking mosquito.

Oh speaking of... I guess there is a spider in Chile that if you get bit, it causes death or necrosis to your limbs............................... What the flem.

CHAO! :)

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