Monday, October 20, 2014


YO WASSUP ALL YOU KILLAS AROUND THE FETCHING WORLDDDDD.... Just kidding more like Utah... hahaha but sick! Yeah this week was pretty normal but super sick! This week was changes soooooo......... I stayed in Calera de Tango with E. Warrick!:) SICKKKKKKK. AND, we didnt lose E. Brady either which is sick as all fetch because the kid is a legend. Yeah, as always, I am going to start with my mommies questions because she is the bee´s knee´s.

1. I am good Mom. How are you?:) Hahahaha
2. I didnt get on divisions with E. Brady this week... hopefully soon. :)
3. The next time I meet with Pres. Barreiros... I dont know... I was with him today so I couldnt tell yaaa. Why?:)

This week was pretty interesting actually... It kind of went like this.

First.... Last monday night we went to our vecino house (neighbor) because we had contacted them and they said we could come over. Well, it is 3 people. The mom, and 2 boys. One of them is 8 and the other is 11. The 11 year olds name is Niko! Well...... Niko is awesome hahahah he has more energy than a 468 volt battery. Well, after having juice and teaching Niko decides to plant a big fat kiss on my cheek..... I was straight like ¨What the fetch was that?!¨ I was straight gonna punch a churo. Hahahah so yeah that was straight ratchet...

Also, this week E. Warrick biffed twice on his bike. Hahahah and HARD. The first time he ran into a cement pole going 235 mph and the second time his front wheel came off so he did a front flip into gravel..... I didnt laugh............ Hahahaha just kidding I was dying afterwards.

This week we also went on a hike up a pretty decent sized mountain for a youth activity and taught a lesson. It was AWESOME. I will attach pictures at the bottom. :)

I also was extremely inspired by the words of E. Brady this week the night before a baptism at the church. Hahahahahaha this kid man tells me ¨Yeahhhh buddy we finna get wet.¨ ¨White errrrywhere.¨ ¨Doin it wit no handssss.¨ Hahahahahaha i diedddddd. Those are my new slogans.

Probably the most interesting thing I have done in my lifetime is deliver the sacrament to a contracting women... Yes... This happened. We walk in this house to give a Hermana the sacrament and she be straight sweatin bullets errywhere and was in a lot of pain. I told E. Warrick I was about to strap on the helmet and just take the baby like a snap if I had to. Hahahahahha it was awesome. Luckily she didnt give birth right at that moment but I am pretty sure she had the baby last night. :)


Yeah. So during our lesson with Niko and his mom, a random man (like 22 years old) named Pohl walks in the house and in English says ¨Hey, why havent you come to my house to talk in english and teach me about Jesus?¨ Me and E. Warrick kind of just looked at each other for a second hahahaha. So, we set up a cita with him the next day. Well, long story short we have gone to his house 4 days in a row and he is progressing super fast and really well. We are going to his house tonight after writing! He just keeps on inviting us back!!! Its SO cool and I get to teach in English so that is sick as fetch.

Soooooooo, yeah. Thats about it for this week. But look forward to this next week because it is gonna get real awesome here soon I can feel it. I am going to have a RATCHET SICK story next week for all the slayas in the UT.

Hopefully I will have some news with Pohl and our other progressing family of 6 about baptismal dates. ¨We finna get wet.¨

Stay swaaggy. Dont eat clams (Yes i had to choke down clams this week... It was like trying to eat battery acid).
I love you all. Seriously stay safe at home!:)


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