Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween was Pretty Awesome

What is up killaaaaaaaa´s of the best country in the world. This week was freakinggggg normal hahahaha but still super sick. :) As always, starting with the most beautiful women in the world´s questions. (My mom dummy)

My week was good. :) This is how it kind of went:
I went on divisions with a different Elder (E. Walker) and he has the same amount of time as me. He is awesome and definitely one of my really good friends. :) And to say the least... we got freaking blasted hahahaha. We contacted like 3 Jehova Witnesses and they yelled at us and said some really mean things hahahah. Then we went to a Less Active members house thinking we were just going to teach the ordinary, easy lesson and we ended up teaching that we dont believe in reincarnation and other really complicated things... in spanish hahahah. 
My bike tire broke twice this week so it has been a real pain to try to buy new tires with literally zero money hahaha. :) It was pretty funny but everything worked out. :)
We also did a family night with two menos activo families and when it came for the lesson E Warrick straight looked over at me and said, ¨My companion has the lesson for tonight.¨ I had no freaking clue what to do hahahah it was pretty great and I got pretty nervous but I taught a nice little mini lesson and everything worked out. :)
For Halloween we did the same thing we always do BUT when some kids came to the door to ask for candy we gave out books of mormon. Hahahaha we placed 3. :) There will be a picture at the end of this email about halloween. :) Its not the same here...... United States just does everything a little (lot) better hahaha. :)

Yes, it is gettting really hot here. Our house needs a fan to keep us cool in the mornings and I put on sunscreen everyday. :)

I drink a lot of water and I think it is safe here..... hahahahah i actually dont know

I didnt get ANY mail in pouch this week. :( So I am hoping not this wednesday, but next wednesday. :)))))) I really hope. :) 

The mission office is like 2 hours from me and E Warricks house. :)

Theres all the qeustions. :) i am doing really good here. :) I dont know where else I would be really... Getting alot of work done here. This week me and E Warrick found like 20 menos activos!!! So pretty much we are gonna reactivate like crazy. :) Its pretty ghetto here, I get alot of people who try to speak english to me but all they really know is ¨hello¨ ¨very good¨ and yes hahaahahah. :) I laugh alot to say the least.

Spiritual Moment of the Weeeeeeeek:
We have an investigator named Pohl. He is absolutley amazing. Right now he is looking for his answer. He is reading and praying every day. :) He told me that he feels closer to god when he is with us. :) I am really hoping to set a baptismal date with him so please keep Pohl in your prayers!:)

Anyways, I hope everything is good at home! I have heard alooooot about the Howl. Sounds pretty cool......... but being in Chile is that much cooler. :) Hahaha just kiddin but legit.

Love you all. Special shout out to my dude Hayden Smith because I miss the kid.

Please enjoy this photo of me and E Warrick on Halloween :)

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