Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Bruh

Thisssssss weeeeeeek ladies and gentlemen was freaking crazy and awesome hahahah. :) It went by superrrrr fast and I loved it. :) BUT FIRST, my freaking amazing mom´s questions. :)
-I did do something a little diferrent this week. The whole mission Oeste and Sur had the opportunity to listen to Elder Nelson from the quorem of the Doce Apostoles. It was literally the most mind-blowing spiritual thing on this planet. More of this at the end. :)
-Hmmmmm... my favorite thing I have eaten here so far has got to be Chorillana. It is the most un healthy thing on the planet... and thats why it is good. It is french fries on the bottom, onions and meat on top, then on top of that cheese (alot), then on top of that a bunch of eggs. Yeah it was freaking good and I felt like trash after. :)
-I got my haircut by someone who actually knows whats good. :) I think it looks okay.... i dunno. I dont need one for a while because she cut it way too short but I aint trying to impress anyone right now hahahah. :)
-Pohl is absolutely amazing. Buuuuut, this week we havent passed by because school here is on the downhill so he has SO many tests... but next wweek. :)
-We havent gotten a fan for our house yet, but this wednesday we should recieve one. :) I am hoping because it is hotter than the devils bum right now.
-I have a scripture cover now. :) But not nice scriptures because we havent gone to the temple yet. Hopefully soon. :)

Yeah, but another thing that was reallyyyyyy weird this week was something our neighbor Niko did. Hahahah every morning he comes to our windows and tells us that he wants to play soccer or just talk with us.... well, we are studying so we always have to tell him no we can´t. This time, it was almost time to end studying so we decided that we could practice teaching him the Law of Chastity. We taught it, everything went well, but then we had to tell him to leave (because we have a little gate in front of our house that locks so we told him to go home). And he said no. So we kept telling him to leave because we needed to finish studying and he FLIPPED A FISH. No joke, he ran home and got eggs and starting throwing them at us, and our house. Luckily E. Warrick dodged the fetch out of an egg but our house wasnt so lucky. So we were trying to tell him to calm down and clean our windows or we are going to tell his mom.... and he SPIT in our faces. Literally I got a lugey in my face........ You could say my patience was tested hahaha. :) All is well though. So yeah, in the end we figured out that he is bi-polar and forgot to take his medications.. he cleaned our windows and even said sorry. And you wont even believe what happened next. He accompanied us the rest of the day. hahahahah he was literally a missionary for a day with us. :) He is an investigator too and he told us ¨This has been the best day ever, and I want to be a missionary someday too.¨ HOW SICK IS THAT? He listened throughout all of the lessons and even learned how to pray. Wassssssup clutch? Turning a bad situation to a REALLY good one. :))))) So that was awesome. :)

ALSO, this week at the Meeting of Elder Nelson I sawwwww..... wait for it..... JOE WHITING... Elder Whiting I guess. Hahahahh he is in the Mision Sur and I saw him and we both freaked out. Talked a little about home and then had to part our ways. But he is doing amazing and it was cool to see him. :)


So, I shook Elder Nelsons hand. At 9:07 in the morning of November 8th. It was an amazing experience. After he gave a talk about the Abrahamic Covenant that literally blew my mind. It was amazing. When that man walked into the room, there was no doubt in my mind that he is a man of God. The power I felt when he came in the room and gave his talk is undescribable. Through his talk... he literally explained to me my patriarchal blessing. He pieced everything together for me and I look at my blessing a WHOLE different way. Talk about some personal revelation. One of the coolest things that happened also was at the end Elder Nelson literally just randomly recieved the gift of tongues and starting speaking in spanish for his testimony. It was amazing. :) I just want to say that I know that Elder Nelson and all the apostoles and councilors and our President Thomas S. Monson are men of God and bring happiness to our lives because they guide us in the way we should be living. 

That is all. :)

Also, if anyone is reading this who is thinking of going on a mission think about this:
Missionaries are the link to eternal life. We are the people who bring the gospel to other people so they can bring it to their posterity. And through the temple they can bring it to their worthy ancestors. I know this is true. I know that this work is hastening and without the temple... none of it is possible. :)


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