Monday, November 17, 2014


AYEEEE DUGGGGGIE WASSUP KILLAS. This week was pretty freaking crazy and good. :) Hahahha mom you hoooooooked me up with packages. Wowzahs. But legit not a TON happened this week becauses we had a lot of meetings in Maipu and Talagante so I wasnt in Calera de Tango (our sector) very much. BUT, I finna answer my moms questions first. :)

-My week was good. :)
-We finally got the fetching fan so we arent roasting as bad anymore.
-I opened my packages.... but not the presents inside (as instructed because swag)
-We have SICK plans for Thanksgiving this Friday. We organized a huge ward party at this members house (its higante (huge)) and we are teaching the meaning behind thanksgiving and then eating a lot of american thanksgiving food.... and guess what? 4 Gringos (Elders) are cooking ALL the food for over 60 people... it is going to get messy ladies and gentlemen ahhahaha:)
-Pohl is doing reallyyyy well but it is almost the end of school here so he has had a lot of tests so we havent been able to visit him very much. :/
-I havent recieved any handwriting pouch letters...
-I did recieve several letters this last week which was really nice. :) Thankyou. :)
-Laundry is good hahaha. :)
-My shoes are still looking almost new because I shine them alot. :)
-I told Elder Bartagna that you wanted to be friends so yeah. :) It is pronounced like lasagna but Bartagna. :)
-He is from Atlanta, Georgia and doenst speak any spanish. :)

YEAH. So for this week I had a couple funny experiences. 
1. I HUGE German Shepard (probably the biggest I have seen here) started chasing me on my bike... Never have they ever tried to bite me... they just bark alot and chase. But this guy was out for freaking blood and it was like running away from a horse. So it starts to like nip at my ankle and so I am kicking the duggie in the face multiple times. Hahahha after kicking it for a good 10 seconds it stopped and I didnt get bit luckily but I will honestly say I was kind of scared for my life hahahah. :) But it was a cool experience.

-Also this week I ran over a cat on my bike hahahaha. We were riding home for the day because it was like 9:20 and a little kitten runs out of an almacen (a small store that are little houses that sell various items) and I ran it over with my back wheel while going no-handed... So I look back and it is literally having a seizure on the ground and it head is all crooked... then the next thing I know I am on the fetching ground because I wasnt paying attention to where the fetch I was going hahahha. So yeah... it ran away after that but its head was still crooked so I hope it died but I dunno exactly hahaha.

And thats about it really....

BUT, spiritual moment of the week really quick.

Yes, a mission is hard. I realized that once I got here. But during one of the reunions in Maipu we watched a quick video about the Expiacion (Atonement). And Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, ¨Why would it be easy to preach the gospel for you, if it wasnt easy for Jesus Christ, our Redeemer? To be a disciple of Christ and try to walk in his path we will feel at least something of what he felt (to a very small degree). But when we are yelled at, and spit upon is when we are shoulder to shoulder with Jesus Christ.¨ I dunno, I just really liked that and it really put alot into perspective. To be a Latter-Day Saint is NOT easy. Yeah, there are restrictions, but to follow the footsteps of Christ and to qualify for eternal life, it shouldnt be easy.

Just thought I would leave that with you all. :) EVERYBODY be safe. Hahah dont forget ya boy C Broph. :)





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